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The Woman's College 
University of North Carolina 





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Directors pages 8-19 


The Stage pages 20-25 

Act I 

Act II 

pages 1^-57 

pages 57-73 

Intermission pages 74-101 


pages 102-117 


Act III pages 118-137 

Act IV _ pages 138-167 



es 168-206 

Preceding quotation from AS YOU LIKE IT by William Shakespeare. 

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-■'¥^-- A--. ^ ■ ^■**'t. 


1 ,*^. -^.f lU - - ' , 


Miss Elvira Prondecki 


"Miss Pron, " the battery of 

Elliott Hall, has been responsible 

for the many delightful 

activities planned for us since 

her arrival on the W.C. scene. 

To her, we give our heartfelt 

thanks and common desire to see 

her with her zest for her 

work, competency, quiet dignity 

and friendly greeting on our 

campus for many years to come. 


Mr. Albert A. Wilkinson 


"Wilkie," our beloved little 

Director of the W.C. News 

Bureau, is the typical "man 

behind the scenes.' Though we 

may not always be aware of it, 

he is constantly around the 

campus snapping his camera, 

and looking for news. This is a 

small token of the gratitude 

we feel for the wonderful 

work that he has been 

doing since his arrival here. 




Page 9 




BOARDOFTRUSTEES. Fro;;/ Rozr.- Frank Taylor, Wade Barber, Mrs. Virginia Lathrop, Mrs. Rosa Parker. 
Second Row: John Umstead. Reid Maynard, Rudolpli Mintz, John Clark, Watts Hills, Sr., Arch T. Allen. 


11 m^ ^i^ 




Dean of the College 


College Business /Manager 


Director of Public Relations 

Dean of the Graduate School 

Director of Residence Halls 


Director of Neics Bureau 

Page 12 


Supey'nitendeiJt of BuJ/d/>/gs and Grounds 









Mr. Gregory D. Ivy 
Dr. Victor M. Cutter, Jr. 
Dr. Vance T. Littlejohn 
Miss Florence Schaefer 
Dr. Francis A. Lalne 


Dr. Foscoe J. Allen 
Dr. Herman D. MIddleton 
Dr. John W. Kennedy 
Dr. Kenneth E. Howe 
Dr. Leonard B. Hurley 

Dr. Edna Arundel 
Dr. Ernst Brelsacher 
Dr. RuthCollings 
Dr. Richard N. Current 
Dr. Naomi G. Albanese 

#^ ^'' 



Dr. Helen Barton 
Dr. Lee RIgsby 
Miss D. Mansfield 
Miss Ethel L. Martus 
Dr. Warren Ashby 


X ^ 

Dr. Anna Reardon 
Dr. Kendon Smith 
Dr. Meta H.Miller 
Dr. Lyda Gordon Shivers 
Dr. Junius A. Davis 


MR. GREGORY D. IVY Art Departmeni 

B.A., 1928, Central Missouri State; M.A., 1936, Columbia. 

.Member of Nortli Carolina Education -Association; Soutlieastern Arts -As- 
.sociation, Soutlieastern College Art Conference. National .\rts Education 
.Association; President .Art Section. N.C.E..A.. 1938-40; President. S.E.A.A.. 
1938-39; Member. Executive Board. S.E.A.A.. 193942; Chairman, Program 
Committee. 1942; President, S.C.A.C. 1949-50. 

DR. VICTOR M. CUTTER, JR. Biology Department 

B.A., 1938, Dartmouth; Ph.D., 1942, Cornell. 

Member of Yale Faculty; Research in Cancer and Mycholofry; Sigma Psi ; 
Phi Kappa Pi. 

DR. VANCE T. LITTLEJOHN Business Education and 

Secretarial Administration 
B.A., 1931, Bowling Green College of Commerce; M.Ed., 1935, 
Ph.D., 1948, Pittsburgh. 

Memlier of Nortli Carolina Eduiatiiin .Association; Southern Business 
Education Association; I'nited Business Education Association; Delta Pi 
Epsilon. Spon.sor UNC Chapter; National Office Management -Association; 
Secretary. Greensboro Cliapter; Special Appointment as Consultant. Fourth 
International Program Planning Committee. 1950-31; W.S. Office of Educa- 
tion Care Information Committee. 1952. 

MISS FLORENCE SCHAEFER Chemistry Department 

B.A., 1920, Barnard; M.A., 1922, Mt. Holyoke; University of Chicago; Yale. 

Member of Curriculum Committee. Honors Worli Committee; Contributions 
to the Journal of the Steering Committee of the -American Chemical Society. 

DR. FRANCIS A. LAINE Classical Civilization Department 

B.S., Memphis State; Ph.D., Vanderbilt; Sorbonne, University of Paris, 1946. 

Member. Classical -Asosciation. Phi Sigma Iota. Eta Sigma Phi; Instructor. 
Memphis Board of Education. 19:i9-42; Translator. U. S. War Department. 
1942-43; U.S. -Army Strategic Bombing Survey. 1943-46; Instructor Vander- 
bilt University, 1946-49. 

DR. ROSCOE J. ALLEN Commercial Department 

B.S., Concord College; M.S., University of Tennessee. 

United Business Education Association, Southern Business Education Asso- 
ciation. Member of the Executive Board — North Carolina Business 
Education Council. 

DR. HERMAN D. MIDDLETON Drama Department 

B.S., Columbia University; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University. 

Speech -Association of America. 
I Aipna Phi. 

DR. JOHN W. KENNEDY Economics Department 

B.A., B.M., Duke University; Ph.D., North Carolina. 

Delta Sigma Phi: -American -Arbitration -Association. -Member on -Arbitra- 


Panel of Federal Mediation and C<: 
nomic -Association. 



DR. KENNETH E. HOWE School of Education 

A.B., Eastern Michigan College; M.A., University of Michigan; 

Ph.D., Northwestern University. 

North Carolina Education As.sociation. National Education -Association, 
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. John De\\ey 
Society. National Aviation Education Council. Kappa Delta Pi. Phi Delta 
Kappa; Vice-President. Representing Intermediate. .Association for Child- 
lioocl Education International. 

DR. LEONARD B. HURLEY English Department 

B.A., 1913, M.A., 1916, Duke; Ph.D., 1932, North Carolina. 

Member of Central Committee of North Carolina Eni.'li~li leachers -Asso- 
ciation; President Regional Division of College Enuli-li -XssiKJaticjn. 1950; 
Member of Executive Committee. 1951; Former President. Nortli Carolina 
Council of Teachers; Former Secretarv, .American Literature Di- 
vision of South Atlantic MLA ; Former President, Local Chapter of Phi Beta 
Kappa; Central Committee of North Caiciliiia KIl^li^h Teachers' -Association. 

DR. EDNA ARUNDEL Geography Department 

B.A., 1921, Ohio University; M.A., 1929, Columbia; Ph.D., 1942, Yale. 

Member of -American Geographers; National Council of Geography Teach- 
ers; State Chairman. International Relations Committee. American Associa- 
tion of University Women; Geographical Publication. 


Ph.D., University of Strasbourg. 

German Department 

an Historical Association. Foreigi. Policy Association. American 
As.sociation of Teachers of German. Honorary Research Fellow. Depart- 

ment of International Relations. Yale University. 1940-41. 


Health Department 

B.A., 1919, Pomona; M.D., 1923, Pennsylvania. 

Member of Council of -American College Health -Association, 19:15-37; Vice- 
President, -American College Health Association. 195(i-52; Committee 
Guilford County Medical Society. 

DR. RICHARD N. CURRENT History Department 

B.A., Oberlin College; M.A., Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy; 

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. 

.American Historical Association. Mississippi Valley Historical Association, 
Southern Historical .Association. Wisconsin Historical Scxiety. 1955 Winner 
of Bancroft Prize for Distinguished Writings in .American History. 

DR. NAOMI G. ALBANESE Home Economics Department 

B.A., Muskingum College; M.A., Ohio State University; 

Ph.D., Ohio State University. 

-American Home Economics -Association. -American Association of L'niver- 
sity Women. N. C. Home Economics Association. Ohio State -Alumnae 
Home Economics Association. American Vocational Association. Home 
Economics Section NE.A. Omicron Nu. Phi Upsilon Omicron. Phi Delta 
Gamma. Sigma Kappa Chi. Sigma Kappa Phi. Chimes. Pi Gamma Mu. 

DR. HELEN BARTON Mathematics Department 

B.A., 1913, Goucher; M.A., 1922, Ph.D., 1926, Johns Hopkins. 

Chairman. Mathematics Section North Carolina Academy of Science; Vice- 
President of North Carolina Academy of Science; President. Woman's 
College Section. Phi Beta Kappa; Special Appointment to Standards and 
Recognition of Colleges. 1949; Delegate to International Congress of 
.Mathematicians. 1950. 

MISS MARY D. MANSFIELD Nursing Education Department 

B.S., Catholic University of America; M.A., Teachers College, 

Columbia University. 

National League of Nursing Education. State League of Nursing Educa- 
tion, American Nurses Association. Sigma Theta Tau. 

DR. LEE RIGSBY School of Music 

B.M., 1942, University of Texas; M.M., 1947, University of Texas; 

Ph.D., 1955, University of Michigan. 

Phi Mu Alpha. Pi Kappa Lambda. -American Musicological Association. 
National Association of Music Teachers. Fulbright Research Grant. 

MISS ETHEL L. MARTUS Physical Education Department 

B.A., 1929, Pembroke; Brown University; M.S., 1931, Wellesley. 

Vice President. Southern Assoc-iatioii of Health. Physical Education and 
Recreation. 1949; National Section of Women's Athletics. 1942-4S; Athletic 
Federation for College Women. 1945; N. C. As.sociation for Health. 
Physical Education and Recreation; Chairman, Committee on Standards 
and Evaluation. North Carolina College Conference; Regional Director. 
Mary Hemenway -Alumnae Association; State Chairman. Softball. Volley 
Ball. Basketball; Representative National Association of Physical Educa- 
tion for College Women on National Program Planning Committee. 

DR. WARREN ASHBY Philosophy 

B.A., Maryville; B.D., Ph.D., Yale. 

Member. American Philosophical Society. Southern Society for I'hilosopliy 
and Psychology. -American Association of University Professors. Special 
Appointment to Ford Fellowship at Princeton, 1952-53. 

DR. ANNA REARDON Physics Department 

B.A., 1930, College of W. Teresa; M.S., 1933, Ph.D., 1937, 

University of St. Louis. 

Member. Delta Kappa Gamma. Sigma Psi. New Orleans and Kansas 
-Academies of Science. American Museum of National History. National 
Geographic Society. Symposium of Modern Physics. Oak Ridge. Tennessee; 
Ciiiitritnitioiis to Science Journals. 

DR. KENDON SMITH Psychology Department 

A.B., 1941, University of Minnesota; M.A., 1942, Ph.D., 1943. 

Princeton University. 

Research Psychologist. Office of Scientific Research and Development. U.S. 
Government. 1943-46; Research and Teaching. University of Princeton. 
1946-48; -Associate Professor of Psychology. Pennsylvania State University. 
1948-54; Publications in Fields of Physiological Experimental and Theoreti- 
cal Psychology. 

DR. META H. MILLER Romance Languages Department 

B.A., Goucher; M.A., Ph.D., Johns Hopkins. 

-Modern Language- Association. .Archaeological Institute of American. Luth- 
eran Academy for Scholarship. Sigma Delta Pi. Tau Psi Omega. American 
Association of Teachers of French. American Association of Teachers of 

DR. LYDA GORDON SHIVERS Sociology Department 

B.A., LL.B., M.A., Mississippi; Ph.D, North Carolina. 

Chairman. Harriet Elliott Social Science Forum Committee. 195.)-36; Chair- 
man. Planning Committee. State of the University Conference 1955-56; 
President. North Carolina Conference for Social Service, 1955-56; Contribu- 
tions to Professional Journals. 

DR. JUNIUS A. DAVIS Graduate School 

A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A.. Teachers College, 

Columbia University; Ph.D., Columbia University. 

American Psychological Association : American Personnel and Guidance 
Association: National Council on Measurements Used in Education; South- 
eastern Psycholo^cal Association: Southern Society for Philosophy and 
Psychology: Southern College Personnel Association: Xorth Carolina Psy- 
chological Association; National Vocational Guidance Association; Phi 
Delta Kappa: Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Xi. 

A pack of paper can't be that interesting! 

Coffee tastes good on ttiese cold days. 

Between-class breaks must be fun. 

Wonder if phone calls and mail are as 
exciting to teachers as to students. 

Page 17 



Susan Barksdale . 
Noma Hardin . . 
Gregory D. Ivy , 
Elisabeth Jastrow 
John D. Kehoe 
Edward Loewenstein 
Walter J. Moran. Jr. 
Robert Partin 
Helen A. Thrush 


Laura Anderton . 
Inez Coldwell - 
Victor M. Cutter. Jr. 
Charlotte Dawley 
Virginia Gangstad 
Hilda T. Harpster 
Helen Ingraliam 
.Martin Roeder 
Hollis J. Rogers 
Sarali Sands 
Archie D. Shaftesbury 
Maude Williams 

B.A., M.A. 

B.A.. B.S.. M.A. 

B.S.. M.A. 


B.F.A.. M.A. 
B.S.. B.F.A. 
B.A.. M.F.A. 
B.F.A.. M.A. 

B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D. 


B.A.. Ph.D. 

B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D. 

B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

B.S.. M.S. 

B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. 

B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. 

B.S.. M.T.. M.S. 

B.A., Ph.D. 

B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D. 


Matliilde Hardaway 
Sarali Wilson Jones 
Vance T. Littlejohn 
James E. Orange , . 
Jeanette Sievers 
Tommie Lou Smith 

B.B.A.. M.B.A.. Ph.D. 

B.S., M.S. 

B.A.. B.S.. M.Ed.. Ph.D. 

B.S.. M.Ed. 

A.B., M.S. 

B.A., M.A. 

V. Louise Whitlock B.S.. M.S. 


Marguerite Felton 
Janice L. Greene 
Guita Marble 
Florence SchaeflFer 
Gertrude Vermillioi 

B.S., M.A. 

B.A., Ph.D. 

B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 

B.A., M.A. 

.A.. B.S.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

Harriet Mehaffie 
Barbara C. Miller 
Jane Tucker Mitchell 
Sadie M. Moser 
Herbert W. Park 
Jessie Peden 
.\nna Reger - 
Da\id Rigsby 
Beverly C. Rollins 
Diinald W. Russell 
Clarenie (). Shipton 
Herbert E. Vaugban. Jr. 
Blunia B. Weiner 
Josie Nance White 

Ph.B.. M.A. 


. B.A.. M.A. 

B.S.. M.Ed. 

B.A.. M.A. 

B.A., B.S. in L.S. 

B.S., M.S. 


i.A., M.Ed.. Ed.D. 

B.A.. M.Ed. 

B.S.. M.A. 

S.Ed.. M.A., Ph.D. 

B.A.. M.A. 



Reta Anderson B.A.. M.A. 

John E. Bridgers B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

Jean Buchert B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

May D. Bush B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. 

Amy Charles B.A.. M.A.. Pli.D. 

Arthur W. Dixon U.A.. Pli.D. 

Kathryn England B.A.. M.A. 

Harry Finestone B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. 

John Frederick Frank B.S.. M..^. 

Jean Gagen B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. 

Leonard B. Hurley B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 

Randall Jarrell B.A.. M.A. 

Katherine Millett B.A. 

George M. Nauss. Jr. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 

James W. Painter B.A.. M..\. 

Kathleen Painter B..\ 

Edwin N. Perrin B..\.. M.A.. M.Litt 

W. R. Taylor B.A.. M.A 

Robert W. Watson B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 


Helen Barton 
Whitfield Cobb 
Anne Lewis 

B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. 
B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 
B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D. 


Carl J. Alexius B.M.. M.M. 

Claire H. Atkisson . B.M. 

Elizabeth Cowling B.A.. M.A.. M.M. 

Robert A. Darnell B.M.. M.M. 

William C. DeVeny B..^., B.M. 

George Dickieson B.M.. M.M. 

Birdie H. Holloway B.S.M.. M.S.M. 

Sara L. Holroyn B S.. M..\. 

Inga B. Morgan B.M.. M.M. 

Phillip Morgan B.M.. M.M. 

Robert B. Morris B.S.M.. M.S.M.. D.M.Ed. 

Hans-Karl Piltz B.A.. M.M. 

Frank Starbuck B.M.F.. 

George Thompson B.M.. M.M. 


Warren Ashby 

11. A.. B.D., Ph.D. 


Dorothy Davis 
Frances E. Falck 
Margaret Greene 
Ellen Griffin 
Dorothy Harris 
Gail M. Hennis 

Ethel L 

Nancy A. Porter , . 
Celeste Ulrich 
Elizabeth Umstead 


, M.A. 



, M A 


. M.A. 






. M.A. 

K A 





. M.A. 


M ErI 




. M.A. 

^t Breisacher 



Roscoe J. .Allen B.S.. M.S. 

.Margaret C. DeVinny B.S.. M.S. 

Marj- Harrell ' B.A., B.S.. M.A. 

Ernest E. Miller B.S.. M.S. 

Lenore Pierce B..\.. M.A., Ed.S. 

Dorothy S. Sills B.S.S.A., M.Ed. 

Louise Weyl B.A. . M.S. 



Maynard G. French 
Herman Middleton 
Raymond A. Smith 

B.A.. M.A.. M.F.A. 

B.S.. M.A. 

B.A.. M.A.. M.F.A. 


John H. Brashear 
John W. Kennedy 
V. E. Lindsey 

B.A.. B.S., M.A. 

B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. 

B.A., M.A. 


Mary Elizabeth .Avent B.A.. M.A. 

Frances Erleene Best B.A. 

Elizabeth Ann Bo\yles B.A., M.A. 

Monnye S. Brown B.A.. M.Ed. 

Billie G. Cooke B.S. 

Janet Frederick Decker B.A. 

Mildred English B.S., M.A., D.Ed, 

lone H. Grogan B.A., M.A. 

Ruth Gunter B..A.. M.A. 

Kenneth E. Howe M.A.. Ed.D. 

Eugenia Hunter B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

Mary A. Hunter B.A., M.A. 

Eula Mae Jarrett B.A. 

Anna M. Kreimeier Ph.B., M.A. 

Gay G. Manchester B.A., M.Ed. 

Margaret J. Martin B.S. 

Barbara Blackwel 
Ruth .M. Collings 
Alice Schriver 
.Anne Shamburger 
Esther B. White 

M.S.. M.P.H. 

B.A.. M.D. 

.. M.A.. Ed.D. 

Alice Boehret 
Krancise L. Bowman 
Eleanor Carlson 
Mary 1). Mansfield 

B.A.. M.S. 

B.S.. M.Litt.. M.A. 

B.S., M.A. 

B.S.. M.A. 



Robert C. Hudson 
Anna .loyce Reard 



. M..S., 

. M.A. 

Richard Bardolph 


. M.A., Ph.D. 

John H. Beeler 


, M.A., Ph.D. 


. M.A.. Ph.D. 

Richard \. Current 


. M.A.. Ph.D. 


Bernice Draper 

B.A.. M.A. 

Josephine Hege 

B.A.. M.A. 

Irenaes A. Bunh 




Jordan Kurland 

B.A.. M.A. 

William .1. Cliristv 


.. M.S. 

Vera Largent 

B.A., M.A. 

F,lizal>cfli Dufty 


, M.A.. 


Franklin D. Parker 


. M.A.. Ph.D. 

.luli.i 11. lleiiileiM 

11 '^ 

, M.A.. 


Eugene PfafT 


. M.A.. Ph.D. 

Willi.uii .\U(ii-liee 


, M.A.. 

IMi D 

Blackwell P. Robinson 


, M.A.. Ph.D. 

Robeit Kadluw 


,. M.S.. 


Lenoir Wright 


, M.A.. 

LL.B.. Ph.D. 

Keiulon R. Sniitli 
.Adrian Solomon 


. M.A.. 
. M.A.. 





Naomi G. Albanese 


. M.A., Ph.D. 

Mary .Andrews 

B.S.. M.S. 

Aliie Al)l>utt 

Helen Canaday 

Sayannah Day 

B.S.. M.S. 

Marian Deininger 


Helen V. Cutting' 
N'irginia Farinholt 
Annie B. Funderbi 
Mortimer M. Guim 
JosefiTia Hardre 
Eleanore M. Maxw 
Meta H. Miller 
Janine R. 
Ruth A. Shaver 

, M.A., 




, M.A.. 


. M.A. 

. M.A. 
. M.A. 
, M.A. 
. M.A. 


. M.A. 

Rose Mills Freedman 
Joyce Lee Harris 
Elizabeth Hathaway 
Betty Austin Hunter 
Alice Dixon Jackson 
Pauline Keeney 
M. Josephine Kremer - 
Louise Lowe 
Winston Osborn 


B.A.. M.S. 
B.S.. M.S. 
B.S.. M.A. 
B.S.. M.S. 
B.S.. M.S. 
.. M.S.. Ph.D. 
B.A.. Ph.D. 
B.S.. M.S. 
B.S.. M.A. 

s-y. Jr. 



Ellen Penn 

B.S., M.A. 

Rebecca M. Smith 

B.S.. M.S. 

Irwin V. Sperry 


M.Ed.. Ed.D. 


Helen K. Staley 

B.I.. B.S., M.A. 

Madeline B. Street 

B.S., M.A. 

Clara B. Bell 

B.A.. M.S.W. 

Virgie Lee Stringer 

B.S.. M.S. 

George Grace 


Helen K. Surratt 


Robert W. Greenfield 


Comfort Tate 

B.S.. M.S. 

Mereb E. Mossmai 


. M.A. 

Mary E. Taylor 

B.A.. M.Rd. 

l.yda Gordon .Shiv 

ers . 








Over 24,000 graduates and former students of the 
Woman's College comprise the membership of the 
Alumnae Association, which was organized and is 
maintained to advance the interests of the college 
and its members. 


Miss Julia Barrett President 

Miss Marjorie Hood First Vice-President 

Miss Dacia Lewis Second Vice-President 

Mrs. George Dickieson Recording Secretary 

Miss Barbara Parrish Executive Secretary 

Miss Susan Borden 
Mrs. Frank C. Lauten, Jr. 
Mrs. John R. Maness 
Mrs. Paul R. Maulden 
Mrs. Cuyler Poor 
Miss Julie Shore 
Miss Annie Lee Singletary 
Miss Jane Summerell 
Mrs. C. Harper Thayer 
Miss Betsy Umstead 

A I l^ M N A K 

fl ( ) I' S I 

\ i^ 



Soda Shop 

Catch a late breakfast 
and the campus ueiis. 

,if»«*«»W" «. 1- 


"Take a letter please!" 


A place to rest! 

Page 22 

^'wWRBI ji' f^sSH 

Peabody Park 

W^Cs own Central Park. 

Elliott Hall 

Elliott Hall — "The Lady. 


Our ticket to the best in entertainment. 

Page 23 


"We' re dissecliiig Frogs next semester." 


The best place to catch up an y<j/(r sleep 
after the iveekeiui. 


Cash a check, stand ni Hue. see the Dea. 



i ■ 

t ■ 


Mf^i^Mk ^^H 

Home Economics 

Ilou to cook. St If and cdtch a man! 


If we haven't got it, then you don't need it! 

Coleman Gym 

Anyone for tennis? Golf? 

Page 25 


PAT HARDY, Vice-President 




\L. ■-.= 




.>« ■ 





"We're majoring in no-trump.' 

"We are rats, lowly rats.' 

We are strangers on the stage 
We know not what's ahead — 
Experiences we'll ne'er forget 
And some we'll often dread. 
Going to classes in the rain 
Taking notes like mad 
Writing papers, learning rules 
Oh. to be a gradi 

"There are other things besides bridge and knitting.' 

Freshman Fashions by Rosenthal. 

"Battle of the Bulge.' 

"Who said three's a crowd?" 

"Oh, for the power 
of concentration 

Page 30 

' ■'^ ■—■5- '^ ♦ 

<. * ^ *• J^ _^. "PS., I love you." 

"No red tape, just permission slips!" 

"And tiow many miles did you cover today? 

Page 3/ 

g^QO" 2 "n 

** !• V • *• '• *l 

First row, left to right: Karen Abernathy, iVlarian Acrey. Carol Adams. Laurie Adams. Susan Adams. Peggy Alderman Sandra Aldndge, Frances 
Alexander. Second row: Flora Allen, Judy Allen. Sonja Alligood. Kathy Allmond, Myra Altman. Ruth Anderson. Toby Andrews Sandra Annms 
Tliird row: Pamela Apple. Elizabeth Anne Apple. Karlee Arey. Sandra Ashford. Lyn Ashkenage, Betty Atkins, Lois Ann Autry, Priscilla Aycock. 
Pat Ayscue. Fourth row: Lorrame Backlin. Carol Badenhoop. Mary Ann Baker, Mary Bannerman, Elizabeth Barbour, Jane Barker, Mary Ann 
Bartling, Ronnie Bates. Barbara Batts. 


First row, left to right: Gail Beaver. Joann Beck. Nancy Bell, Evelyn Benedeck, Gail Bennett. Judith Ann Bernath, Bonnie Billings, Phyllis Ann 
Birch. Second row: Peggy Black. Betty Glenn Blackard, Annette Blackmore. Judy Blackwood. Betty Jane Blake. Brenda Kay Blake, Mildred Blake. 
Jane Blue. Judy BIythe. Third row: Judith Bock, Jane Ellen Boone. Pat Borden. Susan Bost. Brenda Bostian, Margaret Bostian. Phyllis Bostic. 
Peggy Bowen, Molly Box, Linda Brackett. Fourth row: Linda Bradshaw, Linda Brady, Phebe Bragg. Virginia Brantley. Betsy Brausa. 

First row, left to right: Neil Brazelton, Aliene Breazeale, Jean Brewer, Dot Bridges, Joyce Brincefield, Carol Broadwell, Jean Broadwell, Sarah 
Brock. Second row: Wanda Brookshire, Barbara Brown, Brenda Brown. Dee Brown, Dorothy Brown. Sandra Brown, Jan Bryant, Judity Buchanan, 
Mary Bullock. Third row: Brenda Bumgarner, Elizabeth Bunch, Lynda Bunch, Sara Burke, Bonnie Burrell, Brenda Butner, Augusta Burwell, Gail 
Byrd, Maybelle Cannady, Joyce Canterbury. Fourth row: Mattie Frank Carraway, Jannette Carringer, Linda Carter, Marilyn Carter, Mary Lea 
Carter, Margaret Cartin, Rebecca Cash, Suzy Cato, Lou Chalk. 


First row, left to right: Anne Chandler, Jane Chandler, Ann Chaney, Susan Chappelear. Nancy Chew. Martha Clardy, Anne Clark, Arlene Clark. 
Second row: Jane Clark. Judy Clayman. Diane Clinton, Pat CIcnty, Judy Coates, Harriet Coble, Nellie Coble, Dottie Cochrane, Jean Cochrane. 
Third row: Dee Coleman, Mildred Coleman, Emily Cohn, Camilla Collins, Camille Collins, Ann Cook, Eleanor Cooke, Lyn Cooper. Fourth row: Lyn 
Coppley, Brenda Cottingham, Bobby Coulter, Sallie Covington, Esther Coward, Betty Cox. 

I f -t f 

i fi n I 

First row, left to right: Kit Culbreth, Linda Curlee. Barbara Currin. Diane Cuthbertson, Chris Dailey. Deanna Daktor. Nancy Dance. Mollie 
Daughtridge. Second row: Ellen Dave. Gloria Jean Davenport, Mary Alice Davenport. Diane David. Bonnie Davis. Dorottiy Davis. Edith Davis. 
Elizabeth Davis. Third row: Janice Dawson, Judy Deagle, Mary Lee Deans. Donna Denning, Sara Derr, Jean Desmond, Mary Deyoung. Sharon Dial. 
Fourth row: Betty Lou Dixon. Barbara Dobbins. Margaret Donohue, Margaret Drummond, Carol Duncan, Nancy Dunn, Carolyn Durham, Brenda 


First row, left to right: Rosemary Edgar. Clara Edinger, Elizabeth Edwards. Ida Edwards. Mary Elizabeth Efird, Mary Egerton, Jeanette Elekes, 
Judy Ellenburg. Second row: Jo Ellis, Sandy Engleman, Jeanie Evans, Ann Everetty, Becky Lou Everhart, Leslie Faulk. Emily Faulk. Joanne Feld. 
Third row: Diane Ferikas. Nancy Ferrell. Harriet Finestone. Gertrude Finman. Marie Fisher, Jean Flanagan. Joan Fleming. Ann Flournay. Martha 
Fortner. Fourth row: Anne Fountain. Faye Fouskee. Sylvia Fowler. Ann Franklin. Judy Franklin. Mary Ann Freudendorf. Jane Froarath. Tish Frye. 

First row, left to right: Betty Gail Fuller, Jean Fullerton, Carol Furey, Linda Gardner, Brenda Garrand, Gaily Gay, Susan Gayle, Daphne Gentry. 
Second row: Sheila Gertner, Diane Gibson, Annette Glanckopf, Lou Godwin, Linda Gomes, Jeannie Gooden, Rebecca Gowens, Pamela Graham. 
Third row: Jeanette Gray, Elaine Gregory, Ann Gresham, Betty Griffin, Becky Griffin, Becky S. Griffin, Dottie Griffin, Patsy Griffin, Marion Griffith. 
Fourth row: Claris Grogan, Sandra Gudger, Gwendolyn Guffy, Nancy Gunn, Harriet Gurley, Carol Guy. 


First row, left to right: Gretchen Gwin. Louise Habicht, Carol Hall, Anne Hardison, Belinda Hardy, Pat Hardy, Beverly Harrelson, Judy Harring- 
ton. Second row: Janice Harris, Diane Hartsfield. Brenda Harward, Charlotte Haskell, Keith Haskell. Millie Hatley. Judy Hauser. Lollie Hawkins. 
Lynda Hawley. Third row: Carole Hayes. Annette Hedgepeth. Madeline Heeden. Caroline Heffner. Linda Heffner, Nancy Hefner, Mollie Heilig. 
Penny Heinz. Brenda Hemphill, Wanda Henderson. Fourth row: Mary Ros3 Henley. Sharon Herring. Lois Hertzler. Lois Hewitt, Gayle Hicks, Nancy 

Higgms, Lura High, Carolyn Hildebrand, 


■^^^^C^^^^^^^Hk '- j^k^-^^^L, -^^^^I' ^I 

_ ^ .^^^ 

*• *tlm 

t 1^ 


ffi r 

n . •' 

•**»-^ ,, 

Ik- J 

{' mJ 


First row, left to right: Elaine Hill, Anne Hmnant. Donna Hmnant, Minta Hobbs. Imogene Hodge. Mary Ida Hodge, Eleanor Hodges. Sammy 
Hodges. Second row: Lorra Lee Holshouser. Betsy Hood, Catherine Hopkins. Becky Horn. Harriet Home, Kay Home, Clara Horner. Erta Houck, 
Anne Howard. Becky Howell. Third row: Sallie Howie, Gail Hudgins, Betty Hunt, Barbara Hurley, Sara Jane Ison, Kaye Ivester, Linda Jarrell. 
Betsy Jeffreys, Carolyn Johnson. 


First row, left to right: Kitty Johnson. Lucy Johnson. Rita Johnson, Annette Jones, Barbara Jones, Carolyn Jones, Charlotte Jones, Gwendolyn 
Jones. Second row: Gwendolyn Faye Jones. Joanna Jones, Juanita Jones, Nancy Sue Jones, Patsy Jones. Susan Jones. Monkey Joyner. Ann 
Justice. Third row: Claire Kalin, Rachel Kanipe. Jeanne Kausch. Patsy Keel. Brenda Keeter. Cecilia Keist. Dorothy Keller. Linda Keller. Emily 
Kelly. Fourth row: Virginia Kelly, Hilda Kemp, Catherine Kimball. Katherine Kimrey. Laurie King, Emily Kirby, Sarah Kittered 

iL A^^^ 





First row, left to right: Jeannie Kleitman, Carol Klose, Marilyn Knox, Carolyn Kohler, Virginia Koonce. Mimi Kraft, Glenda Lackey. Second row: 
Hilda Lambert, Mary Martha Lander, Janice Lane, Frances Lang, JoAnn Lander, Claudette Leatherman, Becky Lee. Third row: Phyllis Lein- 
bach, Claire Lennard, Brenda Leonard, Linda Lester, Dawn Lester, Ellen Levin, Joan Levis, Betty Lewis, Jean Lewis. Fourth row: Mollie Lewis, 
Jane Liles, Betsy Liftman, Anne Lobdell, Elaine Loun, Rebecca Lowe, Gwyn Lowry. 


First row, left to right: Ruth Luck, Linda Lyies, Ruth Lytle, Ellen Maness, Scott Manning, Sandy Marshall, Francey Martin, Marilou Martin. 
Second row: Mary Martin, Susan Marvin. Louise Mathis, Judy Matkins, Betty Matthews, Jo Anne Matthews, Mary Man May, Ellen Mays, Rebekah 
McBane. Third row: Harriet McCallum, Patricia McCallum. Janet McCormick, Maxine McCraney, Sybil McCullen, Linda McDaniel, Kathy McEwen, 
Carolyn McFalls, Elizabeth McGee. Fourth row: Gloria Mclntyre. Brenda McKinney. Doris Jean McKinney. Phyllis McKnight. Gwendolyn 
McLaurin. Marion McLeod. Nancy McLeod, Laura McMeans. 




1 fj«tii^!( 


i( 1. / 




First row, left to right: Martha Jo McSwain, Marian McVey. Suian Meacham, Carol Meadows. Frances Meed, Mary Louise Meed. Gail Memory, 
Charmion Miller. Second row: Diane Miller, Judy Miller, Patricia Mishoe. Beverly Mitchell, Judith Mondy. Catherine Moore. Connie Moore, 
Mary Jane Moore, Peggy Moore. Third row: Elaine Morgan, Patricia Moring, Madge Morns, Frances Morrison. Sarah Moseley, Catherine Motsmger, 
Kitty Motsinger, Lynn Mull, Kay Mull, Carol Murphy. Fourth row; Lois Ain Myers, Martha Meyers, Jean Neville, Alice Newton, Geraldine Newton, 
Nancy King Newton, Carolyn Nichols, Chloe Nicholson. 


First row, left to right: Mary Elizabeth Noe, Kemp Norman. Bernadette Nouel. Lynda Nye. Kathryn Oakes, Patricia Odom, Ann Ogden. Second 
row: Temple Outlaw. Marie Overby, Denise Owens, Monta Owings. Melita Paberzs. Drucilla Page. Peggy Pardee, Betty Park. Third row: Mary 
Lou Parkee, Leona Paschal, Wilma Patrick, Betsy Perdue, Carolyn Perkins. Dorothy Perry. Daisy Peterson, Sue Peterson, Virginia Petkas. 
Fourth row: June Petru. Diane Pfaff, Alice Phillips, Nancy Phillips, Patricia Phillips, Mary Linda Pinkham. 

First row, left to right: Linda Pitts, Joyce Pobby, Sandra Poliakoff, Margaret Poteat, Brenda Potter, Joanna Poulakos, Kitti Powers, Peetie 
Prakke. Second row: Jane Preston, Elizabeth Prevatte, Linda Price, Barbara Prince, Jane Pritchard, Nancy Proctor, Sarah Ellen Proffitt, 
Marsha Rita Proser. Third row: Patricia Quinn, Stephenine Ralbousky, Chris Rankin, Jill Rashkis, Judy Ann Ray, Martha Ray, Jo Raymer, Kath- 
erine Raynor, Jane Redmon. Fourth row: Sara Redmon, Carolyn Reese, Mary Regan, Linda Reynolds, Joan Rice, Sue Rice, Sandra Ridge, Libet 


First row, left to right: Jean Roach, Donna Roberts, Nancy Roberts, Catherine Roberts, Gail Robertson, Frances Robinson, Janette Roderick, 
Mary Roess. Second row: Anna Rogers, Helen Rogers, Patricia Rogers, Betty Anne Rogerson, Jo Ross, Frances Roth, Nancy Roth, Sandy Rufty. 
Third row: Susan Rush. Sandra Rushing, Patricia Russell, Doris Russman, Rea Rutledge, Judith Saiko, Sylvia Sampson, Lois Sandlin. Ann 
Sarratt. Fourth row: Barbara Scott, Margaret Scott. Pamela Schroeder, Marilyn Sellars, Kathryn Senter, Rebecca Anne Sharpe. 

First row, left to right: Anne Shotwell, Susan Siegel, Diane Sigmon, Ginger Sikes, Susan Sklar, Penelope Lynn Slacum, Carole Slaughter, 
Nancy Small. Second row: Alma Ellen Smith, Ann Smith. Carolyn Smith, Helen Smith, Henrietta Smith, Joyce Smith, Lois Smith, Martha Smith. 
Melba Donnell Smith. Third row: Patricia Smith, Sandra Smith, Joyce Snipes, Rebecca Southerland, Elaine Sowers, Judy Spence, Dorothy Spoon. 
Jane Springs, Erin Spruill, Peggy Stanley. Fourth row: Justine Stansbury, Gwen Starling, Joan Stass, Judy Steinberg. Harriet Stern, Linda 


First row, left to right: Becky Stiles. Barbara Jean Stone. Anne Straughan. Mary Rebecca Strown. Berta Stroud. Carol Stutts, Anne Sullivan, 
Katherine Sursavage. Second row: Mary Sutherland. Marilyn Sutton. Mary Sutton, Revonda Ann Sutton. Margaret Sv»art, Joan Sylvester, Angela 
Talton, Mary Elizabeth Tandy. Betsy Sue Tart. Third row: Faye Tart, Rena Terrell, Patsy Thaxton, Becky Thomas, Janet Thomas, Janice Thomas, 
Barbara Thompson, Geneva Sue Thompson. Annette Tilley, June Todd. Fourth row: Sylvia Tucker, Ruth Turner, Sarah Turner, Kay Tuttle, Ridley 

Tyler. Wilma Ussery, Ina Van Cleeff. 

First row, left to right: Carolyn Vaughn. Dale Vaughn, Brenda Veasey, Mary Jane Vereen, Denise Vick, Gail Vincent. Susan Vogel. Second 
row: Elizabeth Wagstaff. Kay Walden. Carolyn Walker, Marylin Walters, Judith Ward, Sarah Webb, Linda Webster. Third row: Carol Eugenia Weir. 
Nelda Welborn. Barbara Welch. Gayle West, Jeanne Westbrook. Elizabeth Wetzler. Pollyanna White, Nancy Whitener. Fourth row: Jimmie Lee 
Whitley, Virginia Whitson, lla Jean Widenhouse, Judith Wiggens, Janice Wilcox. 


First row, left to right; Ann Williams, Cecilia Williams, Charlotte Williams, Elva Williams, Glenda Williams. Jeaneane Williams. June Williams, 
Lois Williams. Second row: Patricia Anne Williams, Virginia Williams, Miriam Willis, Beth Wilson. Brenda Wilson, Connie Wilson. Elaine Wil- 
son, Brenda Winstead. Mary Lee Winstead. Third row: Dee Wise. Gayle Wiseman. Elizabeth Withers. Mary Womble. Brooks Woodard. Stephanie 
Woodson. Gail Woodward. Patricia Woodward, Sue Woodard, Becky Wooten. Fourth row: Judy Wrape, Phyllis Wright, Sylvia Wright, Judy Wurst, 
Libby Wyche, Frances Yost, Ann Young, Jane Young, Shirley Young, Carol Zeldon. 



Page 42 


studying vs. Gossip. 

The days the rains came. 

Page 43 

Where does she sleep? 

H rt 

First row, left to right: Claudia Adams, Betsy Adams, Treasure Allen, Mary Anne Andres. Second row: Penny Angley, Shelia Argo, Susanne 
Armstrong, Judy Arrington, Becky Atkisson, Patricia Anne Baker. Third row: Johnnie Ballantine, Linda Ballard, Julia Berrier, Billie Jo Barrier, 
Sandra Beaver. 


First row, left to right: Linda Dixon Beland, Sharon Eilleen Belk, Linda Lee Bell, Jean Carol Berrymen. Second row: Barbara Carol Blake, 
Jeanice Blakely, Peggy Bodenhamer, Jean Bedford, Kay Bolick, Sylvia Ann Bowers. Third row: Barbara Louise Boviding, Faye Leigh Brandt, 
Diane Lee Browdsky, Brenda Bryan, Linda Bryant. 

Mi::..fti i«;.>ii.iiKti|»|i&:«i?|i«fv!^i#i4ii I ii:fiit »« l^t ■ H§ 

OIL n n 

First row, left to right: Barbara Burr, Rebecca Burroughs, Juanita Ann Burwell, Barbara Ann Bushnell. Second row: Kathryn Bussey, Jean 
Butler. Kay Cammer, Dorothy Capps, Patricia Cardwell, Annette Caruso. Third row: Patricia Carty, Sylvia Caudill, Marilyn Church, Kathleen 

Clark, Linda Sue Cody, Gayle Coker. 


First row, left to right: Pat Cole, Winn Coley, Anne Craig, Anne Crowe. Second row: Margaret Cullom, Barbara Davis, Mildred Elizabeth 
Davis, Betsy Denny, Mary Dimos, Hilda Dodson. Third row: Wilcdae Dodson. Toni Douglas. Carolyn Durner. Kitty Early. Anne Edwards, Cynthia 
Efird, Kendra Evans. 

n n f) n o 

First row, left to right: Bonnie Evarhart, Gloria Farvis, Jo Aim fubiei. Linda bdiwuuu. Second row: Eleanor Gillespie, Becky Godfrey, Jane 
Goode, Helen Grinos, Kathy Gay Gunter. Third row: Mary Carol Hampton, Harriet Hamrick, Sandra Lee Hardesty, Rose Ann Harris, Keith Ann 


First row, left to right: Diana Haynes. Patricia Henderson, Sandra Henderson, Janet Hester. Second row: Laura Hetzler, Christine Hicks, 
Katie Howard. Martha Hunter. Martha Hutchins, Frances Hyatt. Third row: Nancy Lee Inman, Gienda Jackson, Barbara Johnson, Dorothy John- 
son. Nancy Johnson. 

First row, left to right: Becky Jones, Mary Ann Jones, Stella Joyner, Judith Keene. Second row: Kay Keisler, Emily Kearns, Elizabeth Kesler, 
Lucy Lancaster, Diane Carol Lassiter, Margaret Lee, Third row; Jane Lemons, Joan Leonard, Margaret Anne Lester, Barbara Lindner, Linda Lohr, 
Bunny Long, Brenda Long, Pat Long. 


First row, left to right: Betty Jo Loudermilk, Alice Faye Mabe, Sylvia McDaniel, Linda Sue McDonald. Second roW: Norma Jean McGehee, Mary 
Lee McGinnis, Linda Mclver, Judy Ann McMillan, Jacquelyn Merrill, Josephine Mewborn. Third row: Carolyn Marie Miller. Freida Jo Miller, 
Nancy Lee Mills. Gloria Misenheimer. Bobbie Mitchell. Linda Caroline Moore. Treva Joyce Morton. 





First row, left to right; Patty Murphy, Sarah Charlott Newby. Camellia Olesen, Sylvia Kaye Pace. Second row: Lena Belle Parks, Doris Kay 
Peoples, Judy Gail Phifer, Linda Lee Polk, Stariene Pope. Third row; Gail Poplin, Anna Lenora Price, Cynthia Pugh, Pat Query, Nancy Louise 


first row, left to right: Sandra Alice Reitzel, Mary Elizabeth Riley. Sarah Janette Roark. Steva Lee Roark. Second row: Merilyn Robertson, 
Barbara Dean Roebuck, Paula Jeanet Sasser, Sandra Kay Schrum, Patsey Simmons, Third row: Starlyn Kaye Sisk, Lmda Slate, Barbara Lee 
Smith, Margaret Bradley Smith, Sylvia Jane Smith. 

First row, left to right: Gloria W. Stallings, Bessie Stassinos, Mary Jo Summerlin, Pamela Ann Swing. Second row: Judith Ann Taylor, Sharon 
Lee Taylor, Martha Ann Teague, Shelby Jean Thomas, Bunny Jane Thompson, Rachel Neal Trogdon. Third row: Norma Ann Troxler, Sue Ellen 
Tucker, Joyce Mae Tunstall, Rose Marie Turnage, Mary Cecilia Waddell, Evelyn Faye Walker. 


First row, left to right: Jean Dale Watson, Barbara Dean Wescott, Sarah Ellen White, Becky Widenhouse. Second row: Patricia Walsh, Judy 
Wiles, Linda F. Williams, Mary Ann Williams, Mary Melton Wildon. Third row: Pauline Woodward, Joan Sharon Woodward, Lola Frances Woolard, 
Carol Frances York, Patty Leigh Young, Maureen Zimmerman. 

NANCY WOOD, President 



PEGGY CAMPBELL. Vice-President 

Page 52 

Miss Mansfield, head of tfie Department of 
Nursing Education. 

A staff meeting of the Nursing Education Department. Left to right: Miss Mary 
Mansfield, Director; Ellen Selipsor, Peg O'Brien, Mrs. Bernice Deal, Department 
Secretary; Miss Alice Boehret and Miss Thresa Horton, not pictured. 


Judy Lomax, Jennie Marley, Marge Fulp, Freshman Class Representatives. 

Senior students find Pathology interesting. 

The study of nursing begins here 

and continues here. 

A lesson in anatomy 
for Jo Anna Andrews and 
Margaret Underwood 

Freshmen Jennie Marley and 
Judy Lomax try their new uniforms. 



Charlotte, North Carolina 

Greensboro, North Carolina 


Greensboro, North Carolina 


Siler City, North Carolina 


Charlotte, North Carolina 

Raleigh, North Carolina 


Washington, North Carolina 


Greensboro, North Carolina 


Charlotte, North Carolina 


Lenoir, North Carolina 

Hickory, North Carolina 


Wilmington, North Carolina 


Greensboro, North Carolina 


Greensboro, North Carolina 


Lexington, North Carolina 

Greensboro, North Carolina 


Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina 




Freshmen learn to 
give a bed bath. 

First row, left to right: Nancy Allred, Jo Anna Andrews, Belvin Thompson, Rose Marie Brewer, Dorothy Luck, Marge Fulp, Linda Garner, IVIargot Golding, 
Judy Lomax. Second row: Carolyn Anne Pruitt, Judy Shelton, Sue Clapp. Lucy Metzger. Margaret Underwood, Jennie Marley. Third row: Betty Apple. Jane 
Hedgecock, Carolyn Pelletier. Jean Borders, Betty Turner. 



We have a special part to play; 
We are no longer neiv 
We realize there's more to life, 
And t)i!ich that we must do. 


j^ f 




^ . 













"Oh, Jerrie, you say the funniest things!' 


Studying 'til the early morn — 
We have to pull a "C," 
Class jackets have arrived at last, 
"Freshman, bote to me!" 

A new emblem — for a new jacket. 

"Outside reading keeps a sophomore busy.' 

Saturday morning departure for "that" big game. 

W.C. Tradition — knitting for that certain someone. 

"Can it really be so bad? 

Who studies on those Sunday afternoons. 

Page 62 

Someone must have stolen their attention ■ 
couldn't have been a professor either. 

Hairdryer helps prepare 
for quick date. 

Time changes everything. 

It's part of 
the Rat Day 
committee — 
watch out Freshmen. 

Page 63 

First row, left to right: Caroline Abernethy, Mary Lee Adams, Willa Daniel Alexander, Mary Allen, Nancy Allen, Jean Copeland Allre. Katherine Almond. 
Second row: Judith Carter Amick, Jewel Leigh Anthony, Mary Inez Arnold, Jean Arthur, Elizabeth Lawson Askew, Mary Lou Aycock, Betty Leigh Babson, 
Anne Cromartie Baldwin. Third row: Betty Lou Barefoot, Lucy Glenn Barnes, Justine Barnes, Emmie Barr, Judith Carol Bason, Kathleen Beakley, Judith 
Carol Beale, Katherine Beann, Judith Kay Beamer. 



t V f •' ^'} f f 


First row, left to right: Sara Nan Beck, Helen Jane Bell, Priscilla Ann Bellamy, Joyce Mildred Bestgen, Annette Bivens, Janette Bivens, Joan 
Clyde. Second row: Mancy Lea Blackhard, Gladys Sissoms Blanford, Billie Ann Boatright, Ethel Celeste Boehret, Mahala Embree Booher, Helyn 
Elizabeth Bost. Third row: Mary O'Neal Bourne, Katherine Anne Bowling, Malinda Jane Bradley, Carolyn Morgan Brassier, Evelyn Susan Brauer, 
Alice Faye Brown, Mary Joe Brown. 

n 0. 

:•*' > 

> » 7 > • 

First row, left to right: Millicent Carol Browne, Nancy Jean Bruntcn, Pat Bryant, Sandra Lynn Buff, Marsha Heath Bumpass, Carolyn Sue Burch, Teresa 
Bryan Burchette. Second row: Babs Burleson, Helen Marie Burnette, Gladys Olivia Burnham, Joyce Wanda Burris, Barbara Sue Busic, Betty Lou Basic, 
Evelyn Byrd, Janice Dawn Cain. Third row: Betsy Ann Caison, Patricia Dean Caldwell, Blanca Estella Calvo, Janet Marie Campbell, Wilma Sue Canter, 
Betty Freeman Capps, Patricia Ann Carmines, Talley Carpenter, Martha Elizabeth Carroll, Dorothea Jane Cass, Marian Frances Caton. 


First row, left to right: Lnida Ann Caudle, Helen Cecil, Anne Elizabeth Chagaris, Rosa Jean Chance. Maxine Thomas Christmas, Margaret 
Alice Clare, Patricia Ann Clark. Second row: Rosemary Ann Clark, Linda Cleaver, Colon Rebecca Coble, Alice Barbara Cole, Carolyn Cecelia 
Cole, Judith Elizabeth Cole, Anna Christine Collier. Third row: Susan Temple Collins, Cornelia Annette Coltrane, Jeanette Gail Comer, Sarah 
Ragna Cooke, Sue Anne Cooke, Roslyn Faye Cooley, Patricia Gail Cooper, Phyllis Freeze Cooper, Caroline Beatrice Corpening, Greta Gayle 

First row, left to right: Gloria Rosa Cox, Patricia Jane Creath, Mary Ann Creech, Carol Ann Culbretli, Gwendolyn Estelle Currin, Dukette Daniels. Sec- 
ond row: Margaret Jane Davenport, Brenda Gayle Day. Dapiine Dixon, Marcia Jean Dodd, Sarah Elizabeth Doherr, Martha Rebecca Doughton, Carolyn Hall 
Dowdle. Third row: Charia Florence Duncan, Dorothy Elizabeth Duncan, Elizabeth Rosalyn Dupree, Marvene Rebecca Earley, Sarah Elizabeth Ebert, Mar- 
guerite Doreen Edwards, Mary Louise Efird, Martha Lee Elam, Barbara Liane Ellis. 


First row, left to right: Judith Ann Ellis, Linda Louise Ely, Karen Marcia Ent, Shirley Ann Eppo, Sabia Leigh Eubanks, Sharlie Mae Farrington, 
Frances Virginia Ferrell. Second row: June Elizabeth Fitts, Peggy Sue Flatt. Kay Elizabeth Fletcher, Judith Juanita Floyd, Dianne Lee Fodel, 
Jane Folger, Joyce Ann Forbis, Ann Elizabeth Ford. Third row: Nancy Catherine Foster, Virginia Caldwell Fowie, Evelyn Lindsay Frank, Nancy 
Edwards Franklin, Jean Freeman, Martha Ann Fuller, Gall Young Funderbunk, Linda Louise Funderbunk, Peggy Funston, Betty Francine Fusco. 

Page 66 

First row, left to right: Betty Jean Gardner. Bonnie Frances Gardner, Jane Ingram Garrett, Alice Mae Garrison, Carolyn Phyllis Garriss, Frances Eliz 
Gery. Bobbie Ann Gibson, Libby Giles. Second row: Martha Mayo Gillikin, Rebecca Gail Gilreath, Jann Cameron Graham, Alice Louise Grant, Margaret 
Elizabeth Graves, Myra Deon Gray. Third row: Alethia Lea Johnson Green, Myra Alyce Greer, Roberta Faye Greeson, Barbara Jean Gregory, Wilma Jane 
Greller, Rita Kay Griffin, Mary Jane Griffin, Ollie Esther Griffin. 


First row, left to right: Linda Gail Gurley, Jeanine Haase, June Ann Hall, Sandra Graham Hamilton, Bit Harley, Penny Harper, Melinda Carole 
Harrington. Second row; Patricia Anne Harris, Martha Faye Harrison, Judith Elaine Hartsook, Margaret Elizabeth Harwell, Elisabeth Ingrid 
Haun, Janet Elizabeth Hawkins. Third row: Elizabeth Susan Hayes, Laura Gladys Hayes, Barbara Kay Heatner, Delores Carol Heath, Elizabeth 
Louise Hedden, Flora Faye Helms. 

First row, left to right: Jane Carol Hester, Patricia Carole High, Helen Patricia Hoffman, Julia Hutchins Holmes. Betty Ruth Holt, Clara Ann Home. Sec- 
ond row: Lucy Virginia Horton, Judith Jean Hubbard, Chitquita Faye Hudson, Diane Hullinger, Julia Gorham Humphreys, Nancy Ann Hunnings, Sara 
Ellen Hunter. Tliird row: Mary Diana Jackson, Rebecca Joyce Jackson, Frances Carol Jarman, Mabel Elizabeth Jefferson, Carolyn Biddle Jenkins, Virginia 
Carol Jenkins, Agnes Annie Johnson, Ann Rouse Johnson. 


First row, left to right: Ruby Carolyn Johnson, Lorace Olivia Jones, Patricia Elinor Jones, Sandra Kay Jones, Karen Anne Jorgensen, Rose 
Marie Joseph, Alice Toby Kapner. Second row: Patricia Jane Karro, Carolyn Keith, Betty Louise Kennedy, Hilda Mary Kenner, Beverly Lynn 
Keough, Marilyn Ann Kimball. Third row: Suzanne Elizabeth Kincheloe, Carolyn Virginia King, Rachel Levina King, Joan Hannah Kirby, Georgia 
Jane Kirkman, Sandra lone Kling, Judith Ann Knepper, Teddy Lloyd Knight, Kaja Koppel, Stephanie Ann Kroboth. 

Page iS 

First row, left to right: Mary Frances Leak, June Leggett, Betty Jean Leonard, Mary Charlotte Liles. Cathy Heath Little, Barbara Elizabeth Long, Lillian 
Lovings. Second row: Janice Faye Lowman. Yvonne Lowry, Betsy Lucas. Ellen Marie Luce. Sandra Allie MacDonald, Agnes Patterson MacRae, Carina 
Ann McCall. Third row: Janet McConnell. Frances McCormick. Alma Jo McCullen. Jo Carole McDaniel. Susan McDevitt, Kitty Waltina McDonald, Mary 
Louise McDonald, Linda McFarland. Linda Rae McGee. Patricia McGee. 


il aj 




^^^^^IHL ' ^_f^^^ 



^H|^^^^HE.; .'^Sl 


V ™ 



^^ ■^ 




First row, left to right: Priscilla McGee, Lynn McGregor, Lee McKeithan, Jo Anne McKinney, Rebecca McQueen. Second row: Sue Mable, Linda 
Karen Malmtos, Gail Gordon Maltbie, Carol Mann, Cynthia Mantiply, Jo Ann Marsh. Third row: Vicky Martin, Linda Mae Matthews, Edith L. 
Mayfield, Nancy Catherine Meadows, Penny Mecca, Martha Alice Miles, Emmy Mills, Martha Mills. 

Page 69 

First row, left to right: Jean Mitchell, Nancy Doris Mitchell, Mary Lou Moffitt, Linda Jeanette Moore. Mary Moore. Second row: Nancy B. Moore, Jane 
Carolyn Morgan. Jane Dimling Morris. Marilyn Jane Myers. Martha Ann Myers. Mildred Lee Myers. Frau Newton. Third row: Deana Lee Newton. Rebecca 
Nichols. Irina Nekitin, Martha Adelle Noble, Margaret Norwood, Rebecca Joan Overby, Nina Elizabeth Overton, Anna Pack, Brenda Joyce Page. 


First row, left to right: Ann Pardee, Elizabeth Tetlow Parham, Beth Parker, Sally Parkins, Serena Parks, Lynn Parnell. Second row: Ida Anne 
Paul. Sarah Jane Payne, Mina Philipps, Barbara Ann Phillips, Doris Evelyn Philyaw, Betsy Pierce, Sandra Pinkston. Third row: Patricia Plaxico, 
Madaleine Polhemus, Wanda Sarah Presnell, Evelyn Elizabeth Price, Hazel Marie Price, Sarah Jane Price, Patricia Jane Provins, Linda Trafton 
Pulty, Harriette Putnam. 

First row, left to right: Peggy Queen, Helen Faye Rabenhorst, Maggie Rand, Kermit Ratledge, Carol Raye, Jane Reavis. Second row: Barbara Lane Reid, 
Mary Jo Reid, Marcia Beth Reynders. Judith Rhodes, Nancy Carol Rhyne, Beth Richardson, Milly Richardson, Third row: Paula Anne Richardson, Margaret 
Faye Rivenbark, Brenda Byrd Roberts, Laura Ryvers Rodgers, Shelby Jean Rogers, Nancy Katheryn Rorie, Anita Moise Rosefield, Louise Constance Rouse, 
Catherine Ann Royster, Arlene Rutkin, 


First row, left to right: Ann Sanders, Linda Sanders, Lillie Dare Sasser, Sue Schell, Harriet Sandra Schiffley, Shirley Scott. Karen Jeannette 
Seals. Second row: Frances Eugenia Seaman, Jukie Marie Seaton, Virginia Ella Seaver, Glenda Kate Settlemyre, Janis Shaw, Madeline B. 
Shaw, Ann Sherrill, Margaret Pauline Shipp. Third row: Cynthia Ann Shirley. Sarah Moore Shoffner, Helen Cordelia Shore, Mary Wallace Shot- 
well. Jane Shriver, Harrie Sidenberg, Florence Anne Simmons, Janet Steele Simpson, Margaret Mayer Sink, Anita Elizabeth Slater. 

Page 7 I 


^^iuuLi : 

First row, left to right: Sistie Smith, Edna Marie Smith, Joyce Key Smith, Rudeen Smith, Lynette Smith, Linda Faye Smith, Peggy Smith. Second row: 
Patsy Fae Smith, Carole Smither, Karen Spangler, Joyce Spake, Judy Sparkman, Susan Sparrell, Joan Speer. Third row: Elizabeth Harrison Spivey, Nancy 
Jane Stanford, Edna Staton, Myra Lynn Steele, Alice Stevens, Nancy Jo Stevens, Nancy Carolyn Stilwell, Lynda Jane Stonestreet, Brenda Louise Strada. 


First row, left to right: Betty Gayle Strickland, Millicent Clarke Stubley, Judith Lee Stuhl, Nancy Louise Swicegood, Miriam Kay Swindell, 
Carol Ann Tesi, Rosahne Tharpe. Second row: Deanna Sue Thomas, Nancy Evelyn Thomas, Kay Rebecca Thompson, Mary Frances Thompson, 
Lea Ashley Tiller, Laura Gaynelle Tilly. Third row: Mary Hat Tipton, Beverly Gay Todd, Katie Jo Torrence, Terry Ann Tracy, Jane Travis, Nancy 
Trivette, Nancy Jean Turney. 

First row, left to right: Auvilla Anne Trotter, Berta Sue Tunstall, Evelyn Underwood, Rae Walker, Carolyn Wall, Cynthia Kay Wallace, Sarah Ann Wallace. 
Second row: Sally Jane Ware, Lynne Warner, Ann Warren, Carolyn Watkins, Brenda Jean Watts, Karol Kay Watts. Third row: Anne Whitaker, Janet 
Marie Whitfield. Nellie Love Whitfield, Beth Whitman, Judy Wilkie, Mary Vann Wilkins, Betty Williams, Judith Williams. 


First row, left to right: Mary Lou Williams, Sue Williams, Bronna Willis, Anne Wright Wilson, Jane Hancock Wilson, Linda Clarice Wilson, 
Margaret Linda Wilson. Second row: Sue Frances Winn, Clara Alberta Withers, Mary Katherine Witherspoon, Sara Jane Wolfe, Bette Anne Wood, 
Carol Rose Wood, Third row: Diane Alyce Woodward, Pollyanna Woodward, Linda Wright, Sara Beverly Wright, Sarah Rebecca Yarborough, 
Sally Jo Young, Nancy Zelley. 







•J. 1. ^' "^ A* ' f ■ • > "»< 

Hi ^ t^ *&r>«»" t. -^M 


* -'A 

; *../4^4*«C *■ 




-iW WIH l l UlittH ^^ 


Even Beauties must study. 

Our Queen is always on the go! 





















































First row, left to right: Pattie Taylor, Lucia Fisher, Sue Haney, Jerri Foil. Second row: Betty Taylor, Phylis Phelps, Sandy Margolis, Betty Ballard. Third 
row: Sarah Sharp, Joy Daughty, Midgie E, Spreight, Mary Lou Ward, Peggy Lenhardt, Marrilee Davis. Not pictured: Carolyn Hefner and Paula Lenderman. 

senior marshals 
junior marshals 

First row, left to right: Ardith Hay, Joan Wilder, Becky Marley, Sandra Green, Robin Wight, Second row: Punt Brant, Dot Sizemore, Maureen Turner, Ann 
L. Smith, Alicia Conrad. Carolyn Jones. Not Pictured: Emily Joyner. 

Page 87 



Director of Aycock 

The Grande Fmaie from the 
production of "The Boy Friend.' 

First row, left to right: Mimi Needles. Carolyn Settle, Betsy Toth, Peggy Faircloth, Jo Ann Davis, Dottie Gordy, Jane Parkins. Second row-. Frances Gay, 
Lee Bellaver, Charlene Moskal. Katherine Wright. Maryanne Pinkemell. Jam Graham, 

Mr. Ray Smith of the Drama Department, 
Not pictured: Mr. Herman Middleton. 

Linda Wright, Pierre Schlosser, and Marcy Wilson in "The Im- 
portance of Being Earnest." 

Cooperation is the key to a successful production. 
Lending helping hands are Mimi Needles, Charlene 
Moskal, Betsy Toth, and Maryanne Pinkernell. 

Page 89 




'■-■ -V 







The W.C. Theater, Herman Middleton direct- 
ing, opened its International Season this past 
summer with its production of THE WOMEN 
which was prepared for the Department of De- 

Frances Gay and Susan Meyer in the tour production of "The Women." 

PACIFIC TOUR GROUP. Clockwise: Jo Ann Davis, Katharine Wright. Mary Lea Aldridge, Mary Tyndaii, Claudia Walsh, Susan Meyer, Laura Lingle, Charlene 
Moskal, Frances Gay, Carolyn Settle, Mimi Needles 

Page 90 

fense under the sponsorship of the USO and 
the American Educational Theatre Association. 
The troop toured American Defense Installa- 
tions in the Pacific Area. 

Other plays on this year's calendar included: 
OF BEING EARNEST from Great Britain, 
TAKE TWO FROM ONE from Spain and 
from Arabia. 

Kai Winding Septet. 

Presentation of Jose Limon Dance Company. 




Nicholas Bedessem (left), Barbara Krajenka and Rudolph Caringi (right) contribute 
to the merry confusion in the Players Incorporated production of Shakespeare's 
"The Comedy of Errors." 

Outstanding Art Critic 

Page 92 

Well-known author and panelist 

Noted novelist and short story writer 

Outstanding poet and English instructor at Woman's College 

Talented organist 

Page 93 




Social Science Forum 
Student Chairman 


One of the many informal discussions held 
during the Social Science Forum. 





The Forum idea on the Woman's College campus 
originated in the 1920's and the first two Social 
Science Forums were sponsored jointly by the 
Alumnae Association and the College. In I960, a 
committee of faculty and students with Betsy Stark 
as student head, planned and administered the 
Forum programs. The Harriet Elliott Social Science 
Forum brings to the campus the opinion of experts 
in matters of international importance and issues 
pertinent to the American public. It has served an 
invaluable purpose in the intellectual life of the 
campus and has been enjoyed by faculty, students, 
and alumnae who responded to its wide-ranged 

FORUM PRINCIPLES. Left to right: Hans Kohn, Miss Vera Largent, 
Anthony Nutting, David E. Apter. 

SOCIAL SCIENCE FORUM COMMITTEE. Left to right: Betsy Stark, Lynn Mahaffey, Maria Lamprinal(os, Jacqueline Hendrix, Maureen Turner, Coleen McCorkle, 
Barbara Bush, Mary Alice Carson, Kay La Ferney, Vera Galligher. Not pictured: Catherine Haynes, Betty Nash Mclver Jacqueline Walker, Sue Williams. 

North Carolina State 

University of North Carolina 

CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY REPRESENTATIVES FROM W. C. Left to right: Margaret Carter, Becky Jackson, Johnnie Balentine. 

Page 96 


First row, left to right: Toni Brady, Peggy Lenhardt, Phyllis Phelps, Jane Cochrane, Richard Currie, Secretary-Treasurer; Lad Daniels, President; Nancy 
James, Alice Cole, Jane Bradley, Lucy Barnes, Carol Carson, Sally Haney. Second row: Swag Grimsley, Chris Bell, Otto Funderburk, Ashe Exum, Erwin 
Fuller, David Grigg, Robert Cooke, Eddie Knox, Nina Globus, Ed Elam, Charlie Russell, Philip Nanzetta, Jim Caldwell, Charlie Shackleford, Bill Snipp, 
Bob Murray. 


TV in Action; From the production 
of "IVIusic in the Air." 

Production Manager 

Page 98 

"On the outside looking in." Ttiis is what the man in the control booth sees. 

WUNC-TV, in its sixth year of operation, offers many pro- 
fessional-level programs. Always a difficult job, occasionally a 
pain to those behind the scenes, WUNC-TV has become rapidly 
a source of pride to Woman's College in 1939-1960. 


It takes a lot of time to get everything ready 
before program time. 

Nestus Gurley, Woodie McDougald, Mike Sherlen. Patsy Morton, Martha Harrison, Gordon tavers, Bill Young. 

Page 99 

.* • ^ 

Bl iiiii 

Willa Alexander, Fay Batts, Bonnie Bean, Lee Bellaver, Judy BIythe, Rachel Brett Joyce Boone, Sandra Buff, Linda Caudle, Emily Chalk, Sandra Coe, 
Marilyn Conner, Jeanne Davant, Eleanor Early, Judy Franklin, Jane Folger, Katie George, Lynn Gettys, Sandra Green, Barbara Gregory, Sandra Hamilton, 
Mary Hancock, Lollie Hawkins, Carolyn Heafner. Lois Hertzler, Joyce Hitchcock, Mary Ida Hodge, Anna Hughes, Catherine Jenrette, Joan Kirby, Patricia 
McCallum, Sally McCotter, Sybil McCullen, Linda McGee, Elaine Morgan, Beth Newton. Joy Noah, Patricia Odom. Danny Sue Outlaw, Jean Wall Penland, 
Betsy Pierce, Sarah Profitt, Carolyn Reid, Shelby Rogers, Mary Russ, Gay Sandlin. Elizabeth Sikes, Betty Jane Smith, Elizabeth Strain, Becky Strawn, 
Carolyn Todd, Sarah Turner, Gail Vincent, Carolyn Watkins, June Williams, Sue Williams, Sarah Willis, Frankie Wolfe, Sarah Yarborough. 

woman's college choir 
woman's college chorus 

Sally Rone Ardrey, Linda Jo Askew, Betty Jeanne Atkins, Alice Pamela Apple, Lorraine Backen, Priscilla Bellamy, Mary Eugenia Biddy, Brenda Kay Blake, 
Jane Ellen Boone, Martha Ann Box, Linda Irene Brackett, Phebe Anstrus Bragg, Rose Marie Brewer, Brenda Sue Brown, Helen Marie Burnette, Janet 
Marie Campbell, Margaret Louis Carter, Suzanne Lynn E. Cato, Mollie Sims Cheek, Jeanette Gail Comer, Hilda Lynn Coppley, Esther Hill Coward, Patricia 
Reyno Crotts, Carol Ann Culbreath, Patsy Carroll Draper, Rosemary Ethel Edgar. Judy Ann Ellenburg. Leslie Faulk. Nancy Ferrell. Judy Kathryn Franklin. 
Mary Anne Freudendorf. Myra Alyce Greer. Elaine Marie Gregory, Mary Jane Griffin. Carrie Susan Griffith. Martha Jane Grose. Nancy Claudia Haynes, 
Martha Ellis Heilig. Martha Penelope Heinz. Linda Joyce Hallon, Barbara Ann Hurley, Betsy Jewel Jeffries, Jeanne C. Kausch. Florence Pat Keel. Emily 
Baxter Kelly, Barbara Elizabeth Long, Elaine Rita Loren, Catherine Jane Lowe, Edith C. Nicholson, Lynda Alfreida Nye, Nina Elizabeth Overton, Leona 
Irene Patrick, Dorothy Perry, Paulette Phillips, Doris Evelyn Philyaw, Patricia Lynn Plaxico. Betty Jane Pritchard, Sandra Katherine Ridge, Mary Eliza- 
beth Riley. Gail P. Robertson, Betty Anne Rogerson, Nancy Josephine Ross. Elizabeth Ann Smith. Berta Albright Stroud. Anne V. Sullivan, Patricia Ann 
Thaxton. Janice Kate Thomas, Patricia Ann Walsh, Roberta Lee Weddle, Jeanne M. Westbrook, Dorothy May Wilder, Priscilla G. Wiseman. Elizabeth F. 
Wyche, Judy Leigh Yates. 

M )l 



^^ ^ 

rr ' ^ 1 



First row, left to right: Serena Parks, Dale Gadd, Nita Jones, Dorothy Keller, Brenda Aaronson, Maggie Shell, Betty Whitesell, Pat Ayscue, Mary Regan. 
Second row: Dr. Luce, Frances Morrison. Jan Simpson, Carolyn Jones, Katie George. Rachel Brett, Dot Johnson, Ginger Sikes, Sylvia Fowler, Nancy 
Higgins. Not pictured: Elizabeth Ford, Margaret Patterson, 

woman's college band 

greensboro symphony orchestra 

GEORGE DICKIESON, Conductor: J. KIMBALL HARRIMAN, Associate Conductor 

Violins: Don Hansen, Charlene Maydwell, Terry Battle, Mary Bourne, 
Diane Charles. Stedman Clifton, Brenda Coltrane, Linda Ely. Kay Easter- 
ling, Jack Gooch, David Helberg, Sarah Kinsinger, David McAdams, A. J. 
Moncur, Henrietta Nance, Taylor Owens, Jerry Peele, Eugenia Perkins, 
June Petree, Lyn Rankin, Daniel Richman, Henry Rohde, Dixie Ann Ross. 
Eugene Shaw. Betty Jo Smith, Mary Charles Speight, Herbert Unwin, 
Mary Alice Watson, Martha Yates. Violas: J. Kimball Harriman. Ann 
Coggeshall. Robert Fredrickson, Jo Plum Hansen, Jane Heirich, Patricia 
Pope, Arthur Springer, Lucy Still. Violoncelli: Elizabeth Cowling, Ann 
Ayers, Paul Frick, Martha Leonard. John Monroe. Rosemary Troxler, Sue 
Williams, Sonja Willingers, W. S. Vincent. Basses; Carl Alexius. Rachel 

Brett, Joan Kirby, Louis LaBella, Linda Mann, Ann Miller, Samuel Sox. 
Flutes: Dorothy Keller. Marlene Stewart, Jeanie Littlejohn, Camille 
Lawrence. Piccolo: Jeanie Littlejohn. Oboes: Sue Gettys, Nancy Chew, 
Harold Luce. English Horn: Harold Luce. Clarinets: Sara Toenes. Brenda 
Aaronson. Bass Clarinet: Sharon Kennerly. Bassoons: Frank Starbuck, 
Maurice Weinstein. Trumpets: Ann Hudnell, Ginger Sikes, Joseph Still, 
Horns: Patrick Johnson, Paul Pittenger, Richard Lawrence. George Perrett. 
Jean Erdody. Trombones: Rollin Godfrey, William Oden, S. Thomas Wood- 
son, Tuba: Rachel Brett. Timpani: Anna Dickieson. Percussion: Carolyn 
F. Jones, Marianne Mock, Sue Wray, Piano: Carolyn F. Jones. 

r ^ O/ 

■^ o--- 


r ■'^l.' *.>::; 


Service League Chairman 

The Service League strives to aid those who are 
less fortunate in this country and abroad. The 
Purse Drive, a combination Care, Cancer, Heart, 
Foreign Student, World University Service Con- 
tribution fund, is conducted each year. Other 
campaigns are conducted for clothing drives and 
the Bloodmobile in co-operation with the Ameri- 
can Red Cross. 

First row, left to right: Jo IVlewborn, Linda Pultz, Alice Stewart, 
Betty Ballard, Helen Rogers, Gayle West, Patsy Kelly. Second 
row: Beth Clinkscales, Suzanne Kent, Marian Acrey, Susan Marvin, 
Jo Summerlin, Emily Joyner, Becky Morrison, Shirley Holton, Etta 
Burke, Mrs. Ruth Johnson, Advisor. Third row: Evelyn Byrd, Caro- 
lyn Arnold, Barbara Barger, Priscilla Wheless, Ana Reyes, Patsy 
Draper, Sims Cheek. 









golden chain officers 

Margery Davis President 

Angela Brown Vice-President 

Ann Phillips Recording Secretary 

Sandy Margolis Corresponding Secretary 

Margie Acton Treasurer 

Sally Haney and Faye Bates Co-Social Chairmen 

golden chain members 

Margie Acton Sudie Duncan Mary Ann Hoover 

Faye Bates Lucia Fisher Kay La Ferney 

Angela Brown P^ggY Hall Sandy Margolis 

Rita Caudle Sally Haney Ann Phillips 

Margery Davis Emily Herring Mary Lou Ward 

Ann Hogan 



First row, left to right: Emily Herring, Sandy Margolis, Rita Caudle, Margery Davis, Faye Bates, Angela Brown, Margie Acton, Sally Haney. Second row: 
Ann Hogan, Sudie Duncan, Lucia Fisher. Ann Phillips. 












Dr. Ruth Collings President 

Dr. Jean Buchert Vice-President 

Dr. John E. Bridgers, Jr Secretary-Treasurer 

Dr. Whitfield Cobb Recording Secretary 


Margaret Faye Fuquay 

Mary Ann Hancock 

Martha Ann Helms 

Shirley Holton 

Marian Dean Jones 

Maria Palierous Lamprinakos 

Mary Ann McNeely 

Sandra Lee Margolis 

Sara Jane Toenes 

Carol Marcus 

Carolyn Settle 

Mary Moore LIpchurch 

Patricia Ann Stephenson 

Mary Patricia Rose 

Patricia Barbee 

Lelia Rose Evans 

CLASS OF 1961 
Janice Marie Powell 


interfaith council 

With Mrs. Frances Hine, advisor, and Marlene Stewart head- 
ing the council, the enthusiastic members of the 1959-1960 
Interfaith Council have worked to co-ordinate the representa- 
tion of religion on the Woman's College campus and to 
sponsor activities of a campus-wide nature. 

INTERFAITH COUNCIL MEMBERS. Left to right: Marlene Stewart, Hannah Abernathy, 
Jean league, Patsy Barbee. 

INTERFAITH COUNCIL. First row, left to right: Mary Russ, Gwen Currin, Mary Alice Morris, Carolyn Todd. Second row: Cornelia Burch, Patsy Barbee, 
Hannah Abernathy, Marlene Stewart. Jean league, Phyllis Cole. Third row: Margaret Hambright, Judy Yates. Mrs. Frances Hine, Co-ordinator; Martha 
Rouse, Jeanne Plouk, Brownie Harrington. 

interfaith forum 

The I960 Interfaith Forum with its theme of "Rehgion for Our 
Times" focused on questions that have arisen in the minds of 
students and thinking people through the ages. The principal 
speakers were Chaplain Robert S. Hall, the Reverend John M. 
Breunig, Dr. Israel J. Gerber, and Dr. W. Wesley Shraeder, 
whose inspiring, thought-provoking messages were made possi- 
ble through the cooperative eilorts of all the religious groups 
on campus. 

Chairman of Interfaith Forum Hannah Abernathy. 

Speakers Shraeder, Gerber, Breunig, and Hall discussing their views. 

INTERFAITH FORUM COIVIMITTEE. Left to right: Dr. Richard Bardolph, IVIarsha Grienberg, Marlene Stewart, Jean league Sanders, Martha Helms, Louise 
Efrid, Mrs. Cecil Hine. 


Canterbury Club 

Lutheran Student Association 

Baptist Student Union 




Westminster Fellowship 

Newman Club 

Moravian Student Group 

Wesley Foundation 

Page IW 


Omicron Nu 


Alpha Kappa Delta 

Beta Beta Beta 

Page //! 



Business Manager 

Editor. Standing, left to right: Jane Liles. Perle Fu, Lynn Ashkeage, Betsy Roth, Mary 
Meekins Gilbert, Nancy Rufty, Art Editor; Katie George, Becky Lee, Diana Evans, 
Margaret Patterson, Diane Lee Brodsky. 

Page U2 


The Carolinian, by means of unbiased news coverage and 
timely comments, attempts to give the student an accurate 
picture of daily happenings. This year the pubUcation of 
the paper was placed on a biweekly basis, thus enabling 
the staff to execute quicker coverage. The additions to the 
paper of such things as articles from other college news- 
papers and comments on the world news furthered the 
interest of the students in their college newspaper. The 
reduced size and altered masthead which first attracted 
widespread attention, have since become a familiar sight in 
students' hands all over campus. 

NEWS STAFF. Seated, left to right: Jan Pittman, Lucy Stewart, Margaret Donahue. 
Standing: Glenda Lackey, Gwyn Lowry, Elizabeth Ford, June Todd, Betsy Toth. 

^■fl ^1 


m jM 



^^^^^^^^B .r '^W JHHH^^^^hr 





-^H ^■■,.^- 

Standing, left to right: COLUMNISTS, Peggy Graves and 
Katherine Hinson; CARTOONIST, Jane Cochran, Seated: Kay 
Wallace, columnist. 

MAKE-UP EDITOR, Nancy Oakley 

Page n3 


LITERARY STAFF. Left to right: Heather Ross, Literary Editor. STAFF MEMBERS: Hilda 
Kenner. Kay Wallace, Barbara Little, Stella Jefferson. 

Coraddi. published quarterly, is the College's Fine 
Art Magazine which contains the best student writ- 
ings and graphic art submitted to the staff. 

Each year the Coraddi staff pays special attention 
to the Arts Forum Issue. The Arts Forum enables the 
Woman's College students to compare their work 
with that of students from other schools. 


e cora 


The staff takes a break after a busy night. 





Deanna Guffey 

Gwen Neiman, Ann Duncan, Ann Dearsley. 

Rain, sleet, or snow, the Corradi will still be delivered. 

Christina Bennett, Circulation Manager 

ART STAFF. Left to right: Jo Thompson, Gwen Neiman, Zora Benson, Art Editor Ann Duncan. 

pine needles 

After much long and hard work, the editor and staff 
of the i960 edition of the Pine Needles are happy to 
present the final copy here in these pages. Since last 
May, we've been contemplating, writing, taking pic- 
tures, making appointments, having interviews, typ- 
ing, smoking and even tearing a little hair out of our 
heads, but we made it and hope you enjoy it. 

Seated, left to right: Janet Schnable, Betty Taylor, Art 
Editor; Julia Ann Gardner. Standing: Betty Jane Gard- 
ner, Octavia Phillips, Dotty Sandrone, Typing Editor-, 
Harriet Smithdeal, Ana Reyes. 

Associate Editor 

Managing Editor 

For the seniors, this is one of the last items for their 
memory books; for the juniors, a bright reminder of 
the fun to come; for the sophomores, a token of the 
fact that the year has been well spent; and for the 
freshmen, the end product of the first good year in 

The i960 Pine Needles — a pictorial essay of life 
at Woman's College. 

CLASS EDITORS. Seated, left to right: Judy Floyd, Louise Stephens, Libby 
Wyche, Jenny McPherson. Standing: Judy Wrape, Shirley Bernau, Doris league. 

EDITORS. First row, left to right: Betty Taylor, Art Editor; 
Elsie Bryson, Literary Editor. Second row: Brenda Watts, 
Feature Editor; Carolyn White, Clubs Editor. Third row: Mar- 
garet Beamon, Organization Editor. 

EDITORIAL STAFF. First row, left to right: Ida Edwards, Pollyanna White, Beth 
Jarrett, Kay Swaim. Second row: Carolyn Smith, Sharon Herring, Henrietta 
Smith, Betty Ann Wood. Third row: Caria Duncan, Carolyn Brassier, Sue Haney. 
Fourth row: Lee McKeithan. Merrilie Davis. Fifth row: Marian. 

Business Manager 

Left to right: Janice Thomas, Diane 
Cuthbertson, Hazel Price, Becky Jackson, 
Lib Leggette, Clara Spencer, 
Barbara Kistler. 

^ct 333 





Page ]20 


The Executive Cabinet is composed of all the 
girls who hold elective offices on the campus. 
The Cabinet brings these elective officers to- 
gether in order to co-ordinate their efforts to 
represent and serve the student body. 

The Cabinet, presided over by Sally Haney, 
the President of the Student Government 
Association, meets regularly to discuss vari- 
ous problems and topics pertinent to the 
college. The Cabinet also acts as host to 
distinguished visitors on the campus. 

Nina Globus President of Elliott Hall 

Peggy Sink Treasurer of Student Government 

Crawford Steele Cheerleader of Student Government 

Sally Haney President of Student Government 

Doris Ann McGill Chairman of judicial Board 

Carol Carson Vice-President of Student Government 

Louise Mathews President of Town Students 

Daphne Wingate Secretary of Student Government 

Jill Game President of N.S.A. 

Hester Greene President of R.A. 

Sandy Margolis President of Senior Class 

Marilyn Conner President of C.U. Council 

Ann Ross Abbey President of the Junior Class 

Jane Bradley President of the Sophomore Class 

EXECUTIVE BOARD. Seated: Nina Globus, Peggy Sink, Crawford Steele, Sally Haney, Doris Ann McGill, Carol Carson, Louise Mathews. Standing: Daphne 
Wingate, Jill Game. Hester Greene, Sandy Margolis, Marilyn Conner, Ann Ross Abbey, Ann Phillips, Jane Bradley. Not pictured: Patsy Draper, Marlene 
Stewart, Eileen Mooney. 




Judicial Board, that branch of student government which 
handles all major social offenses, is composed of an elected 
chairman and eight associate members. The membership of 
the Board is made up of five students from the senior class, 
two from the junior class and one from the sophomore class. 
Judicial Board endeavors to function in an understanding 
and constructive manner, and strives to create in the Woman's 
College student an awareness of the importance of "responsi- 
ble freedom." 


Left to right: Elaine Elden, Betsy Karsnak, Betty Le Conte, Miss Nancy Porter. Daphne Wingate. Secretary; Doris Ann McGill, Chairman; Lorraine 
Garrison, Jane Folger, Margie Acton, Johanna Raper, Anne Martiner. 


Honor Board, in its first year as a separate functioning 
body, is that branch of the Student Government Associa- 
tion which handles all major honor offenses. Its member- 
ship is a parallel with that of Judicial Board, consisting of 
seniors, juniors and a sophomore. 

The endeavor of Honor Board is to offer firm justice 
tempered with sympathetic understanding, and the chair- 
man and its members strive to perpetuate in the Woman's 
College student the ideals of the Honor Policy. 

Chairman Ann Phillips, Secretary Peggy Sink, Peggy Smith, Carolyn West, Ann Craig, Ann Hogan, Fay Fuquay, Mary Hope, Peggy Richardson, Jean Spruil 
Miss Rosemary McGee. 

*> 'l_a 

First row, left to right: Annette Schneider, Lynn Cooper, Lynn Ashkenaze, Joyce, Bestgen. Judy Chostner. Second row: Ann Sarratt, Sandy Engelman, 
Sandy Rufty, Ellen Levin, Marcia Reynders, Stephanie Kroboth, Beth Parker, Sue Peterson. Third row: Virginia Seaver, Diane Pfaff, Gayle Hicks, Judy 




The NSA Council functions as the connecting Hnk between 
the Woman's College Student Government Association and 
the regional and national organizations of NSA. The NSA 
Council of the Woman's College meets with regional and 
national groups to share ideas that will improve educa- 
tional opportunities, international affairs, student govern- 
ment, and student welfare on our campus and other mem- 
ber campuses. This Association has become a vital element 
in the constant effort to join the students of colleges all 
over the world in common aims and purposes. 

- -i wJitiiil ir 11 1 ' • I • • fi ■ > til ^liitirtliiiilMiiM laaifc ikmtt i t'll 
Dorm representatives at Legislature. 

fciiiiiifYt iiiiiifi 


Legislature is the representative voice of students in their own 
government. Elected representatives from each residence hall 
voice student opinion and make decisions according to the 
wishes of the majority. 

"The Legislature shall have the power to make all rules 
and regulations which shall be necessary and proper for the 
government and for the best interest of the Student Govern- 
ment Association and all subdivisions thereof." 

Page I2S 


First row, left to right: Lillian Lovings. Becky Rhodes, 
Chairman; Ann Hood. Second row: Brenda Snow, Patsy 
Thoxton, Lucy Stewart, Linda Flynn, Jane Cochrane, Ann 
Robinson. Not pictured: Dee Coleman, Mrs. Melvin, Advisor. 


Left to right: Becky Dixon, Sue Williams. Martha Yates, 
Chairman; Pat Stephenson, Eleanor Brondt. 


First row, left to right: Phyllis Cooper, Sara Cook, Louella 
Kidd. Second row: Coleen McCorkle, Miss Cunningham, 
Lou Black, Chairman; Miss Faulk, Ginny Lou Uzzle. 

student faculty 

First row, left to right: Ellen Rucker, Jackie Hendrix, 
Chairman; Sally Robinson. Second row: Miss Josephine 
Hege, Miss Mathilde Hardaway, Dr. Amy Charles, Dr. 
William Feet, Miss Dorothy Harris. 

Page 126 



German Club 

Sociology Club 

Square Circle Club 

Student Education Association 

Gamma Alpha 

W 'y:! 

President of Dolphin-Seal 

L :'>'♦••*•♦***»♦'*• **1 

Le Circle Francais 


Home Economics Club 



Medical Technician Club 





Margorie Davis 
History Club 



Young Democrats Club 

Junior House Presidents compare notes! 



Jim and Lucy Lancaster and their sons. 


All the comforts of home plus being a member of a 
college community constitute the lives of the Town 
Students. The Town Students' Lounge in Elliott Hall 
provides for them the luxury of relaxation and recrea- 
tion while on the campus. The Town Students par- 
ticipate in all the activities of the college and are an 
integral part of campus life. 

RECREATION ASSOCIATION OFFICERS. First row, left to right: Marilyn 
Colby. Treasurer; Ann Pickel, Vice-President. Second row: Hester Greene, 
President; Linda Funderburk, Secretary. Standing: Miss Ellen Griffin, 



The Recreation Association co-ordinates the recrea- 
tional sports on the campus. They sponsor the intra- 
dormitory basketball and volley ball tournaments, 
dancing lessons in Elliott Hall, and the Saturday 

afternoon sports in Coleman Gym. Many clubs are 
included in the R.A.: golf, tennis, tap dancing, mod- 
ern dance, Scottish dancing, Camp Counselors' Club, 
Dolphin-Seal, and Co-Of Club. 

DORM REPRESENTATIVES: First row, left to right: Nancy Russell, Betty Bunch, Julie Holmes, Ruth Anderson, Carol Arey, Lois Williams, Ann Pickel. Sec- 
ond row: Carolyn Arnold, lla Jean Widenhouse, Mabel Jefferson, Mary Lou Meed, Betty Brown, Charlotte Wfilliams. Third row: Lois Bowman, Ann 
Williams. Barbara Holigood, Treva Daniels. 

COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN. First row, left to right: Peggy Richardson, Sally 
Robinson. Cece Moses. Second row: Lou Black, Betty Mines. Peggy 
Coleman, Phyllis Cooper. 

SPORTS HEADS. Left to right: Lynn Keough. Linda Malnuos. 
Lynn Rankin, Martha Yates, Delores Leonard, Susan Collins, 
Betty Brown, Patty Provins, Linda Stonestreet. 


Standing: Sarah Ebert. Becky Dixon. 
Seated: Diane Williams, Jan Stanton. 

The many facets of R.A. 





^^^^^^^^^Km^i^—^ ;■,■ ^H . "^^^^^^^^^^^H 


Elliott Hall houses the many varied social functions 
which take place on our campus. From informal 
coffee hours to elegant dances, Elliott Hall provides 
a well-balanced and many-faceted program to suit the 
needs of every student. Elliott Hall has become the 
art center of the campus with painting exhibits that 
line its walls. Eager feet pound its hall endeavoring 
to seek its many opportunities for culture, social life, 
and "just plain fun." 

ELLIOTT HALL COUNCIL. Seated: Sylvia Smith, Mildred Beam. Sheila Wall, Bonnie Currie, Joanne Best, Deppe Barker, Carolyn Brown, Midgie Speight, 
Linda McGee. Marie Moore, Nina Globus, President. Standing: Kit Lowe. Jean Stone, Helen Brewer, Jane Liles, Betty Jane Smith, Eleanor Zwicky, Tommie 
Ann Lancaster, Lois Bradley, Beverly Wright, Kathryn Oakes. 



There seems to be more pleasure than business in this meeting at Eihott Hall. 

It seems that the information 
desk always has customers! 

These girls even make 
studying look like fun! 

Directorof Elliott Hall 

Page (3 7 

y:-& 'kiy^>&-ii 






"There, that's perfect.' 


study or Study Break' 

A wishful student. 

Junior Show Chairman, Marilynn Conner, 
shows the girls the ropes. 

Page 141 

Juniors leave after serenading freshmen 
in traditional ring ceremony. 


Anything interesting, Carolyn? 

The Junior Class Council listens attentively as President Ann Ross Abbey 
outlines Class Events. 

Time out from a busy schedule. 

Our role is known to us at last; 

We're in our major field. 

Only study and hard work, 

Therefore, determine yield. 

We're known by rings and Junior show 

And all the work we've done 

We're proud that we're among the best — 

This class of '61 . 

Looks like more pleasure than work. 

Page /43 





House President 


House Counselor 


House President 


House Counselor 


HDuse President 
House Counselor 


House President 


House Counselor 









|H 1 






^ ^^^ 







■»— JIB 


House President 


House Counselor 


v:y)iii«!L- 4riif AiV5 ■.■>*5!iSl 


House President 


House Counselor 


House President 

House Counselor 

House President 


House Counselor 



Ann Ross Abbey 
Hannah Crowell Abernethy 
Nancy Eloise Alford 
Judy Effie Allen 

Maryann Allen 

Patricia Ann Allen 

Zelma Amey 

Florence Scheirich Anderson 

Joyce Marie Anderson 
Judith Ann Angley 
Margaret Carol Appleyard 
Linda Jo Askew 

Virginia Hill Atcheson 
Sally Lynn Atkinson 
Annabelle Elizabeth Austin 
Mildred Martin Avery 

Nancy Lewiston Avis 
Delila Ruth Barefoot 
Betsy Jane Barnhill 
Linda Ann Barry 

Margaret Ann Beamon 
Judith Ann Bedell 
Susan Beery 
D. Maria Bellaver 

Sara Shirley Bernau 
Margaret Evelyn Berryhill 
Gladys Joanne Best 
Lynda Louise Biddy 

Annie Faye Binkley 
Ruby Mac Binkley 
Sara Elizabeth Blackman 
Judy Dare Blackwelder 


Doris Elaine Bowden 
Loretta Lee Bounds 
Norma Louise Boyd 

Amelia Ann Brandon 

Elinor Jane Brandt 

Beverly Jonn Brannock 

Nancy Carolyn Branson 

Margaret Elizabeth Brindle 

Shirley Louise Brinson 

Iris Pearl Britt 

Nancy Holliday Britton 

Nancy Fay Broda 

Amy Eloise Brown 

Helen Mae Brown 

Anne Milton Bryant 

Cornelia St. Clair Burch 

Judith Forester Burke 

Ann Campbell 

Estelle Carabateas 

Mary Charlotte Carmichael 

Mary Alice Carson 

Barbara Josephine Cauble 

Diane Chambers 

Shirley Jo Chandler 

Carol Ellen Christopher 

Victoria Thomas Chronister 

Peggy Sharon Cline 

Ellen Jane Cochran 

Phyllis Eugenia Cole 

Allie Elizabeth Colvard 

Marilynn Davis Conner 

Frances Alicia Conrad 


Saundra Ann Cordell 
Cortlandt Preston Creech 
Mary Caroline Cridlebaugh 
Betty Grace Crump 

Carol Jean Culp 
Barbara Jean Curl 
Thelnia Marie Dagenhart 
Mary Sue Dalrymple 

Linda Faye Daniel 

Jo Ann Davis 

Joan Blair Degenaar 

Elizabeth Keller DeJarnette 

Clara Jean Dodson 
Anne Rogers Dowdy 
Carole Valeria Dunagan 
Joyce Marie Dunagin 

Sudie Elizabeth Duncan 
Iris Anne Durham 
Eleanor Douthot Early 
Joyce Laura Edson 

Helen Smith Edwards 
Mary Patricia Elig 
Elizabeth Hayes Ellinwood 
Polly Lawrence Elliott 

Sybil Jane Ellis 
Joy English 
Jean Erdody 
Rachel Louise Estes 

Mamie Kirk Eubank 
Peggy Joyce Faircloth 
Margie Lee Farrington 
Kathryn Sina Ferebee 


Elizabeth Constance Fisher 

Jo Fisher 

Linda Amelia Flowers 

Martha Ann Fountain 

Cynthia Lou Fowler 

Julia Leach Fowler 

Paula Ann Franklin 

Sondra Annette Frazier 

Margaret Friedman 

Mar)' Ann Gabriel 

Vera Collene Galligher 

Nancy Jill Game 

Josephine Glenn Gardner 

Julia Ann Gardner 

Constance Mather Garrenton 

Dorothy Lorene Garriss 

Mary Ann Gaskin 

Anna Darden Gatling 

Sue Foster Gettys 

Laura Lackey Goldein 

Jane Gooch 

Dorothy Berryman Graham 

Jon Nelson Graham 

Claudette Graves 

Dolores Ann Grayson 

Sandra Moore Green 

Marsha Annette Greenberg 

Betty Ruth Greene 

Deanna Janie Guffey 

Doris Dawn Guill 

Ann Howell Hardy 

Judith Love Harrell 

f^ ^1 s ^ 


Brownie Zelota Harrington 
ArdithElspeth Hay 
Nancy Claudia Haynes 
Patricia Ann Heath 

Mary Bea Heeden 
Amelia Jane Heilig 
Sara Eason Heitkamp 
Emma Jean Hemphill 

Barbara Jane Hensley 
Marcia Bradlee Herr 
Emily Louise Herring 
Emily Carolyn Higgins 

Lilla Joyce Hitchcock 
Barbara Ann Hobgood 
Wilma Lee Howard 
Dorothy Marie Hull 

Glenda Moore Humphries 
Midgie Karol Huneycutt 
Judith Inez Hussey 
Elizabeth Jacobson 

loan Frances Jarman 
Margaret Elizabeth Jarrett 
Barbara Jeanne Jenkins 
Catherine Oliver Jennette 

Dorothea Scharlotte Johnson 
Elizabeth Anne Johnson 
Lea Joy Johnson 
Wilma Anne Johnson 

Carolyn Jane Jones 
Margaret Estelle Jones 
Emily Shelburne Joyner 
Mar)' Katsikas 


Shirley Ann Kelley 
Nancy Catherine Kelly 
Rita Mildred Kertzman 
Mildred Allene Ketner 

Louella Dabbs Kidd 

Beverly Klaff 

Mary Theresa Knudson 

Barbara Lee Kunsman 

Anita Kay LaFerney 

Carol Dorothy Landmesser 

Betty Palmer Langston 

Hilda Wright Lee 

Linda Mariam Lee 

Linda Mozelle Lee 

Geneva Leona Leek 

Harriette June Lefler 

B. Elizabeth Leggette 

Rosaline Dee Legum 

Emily Ann Leigh 

Mary Frances Liles 

Barbara Rose Little 

Linda Rebecca Logan 

Sarah Ann Lons 

Mary Elizabeth Lynn 

Ruth Elizabeth Mc Arthur 

Sarah Richardson McAulay 

Donna Phyllis McCaiii 

Lynda Coleen McCorkle 

Candace Lydia McDonald 

Betty Nash Mclver 

Linda Cash McKenzie 

Mary Jane McLean 


Bobbie Jean McNair 
Sandra Madren 
June Carolyn Mann 
Mary Elizabeth Manning 

Rebecca Rose Mariey 
Melinda Marshall 
Anne Martiner 
Flora May Memory 

Nancy Karen Midgette 
Diana Miller 
Frances Ann Miller 
Martha Ellen Miller 

Myrna McKeithan Mills 
Mary Elizabeth Mines 
Linda Kay Mitchell 
Carolyn Faye Mixon 

Frances Strowd Moore 
Nancy Poole Moore 
Marilyn Blanche Morgan 
Charlene Moskal 

Marta Alice Nahikian 
Martha Needels 
Gwendolyn Wiesen Neiman 
Nancy Joy Noah 


Sara Garrison Oakes 
June Wilkerson Palmer 
Janie Lenora Parkins 
Barbara Yvonne Parrish 

Margaret Anne Patterson 
Nancy Arlene Pearce 
Betty Lou Peele 
Janice Ann Pender 


Carolyn Faye Perkins 

Lynn Moorhead Fetch 

Paulette Phillips 

Ann Eliza Pickel 

Cecelia Estelle Pickel 

Marian Taylor Pierce 

Janiece Virginia Pittman 

Ellen O'Neal Pope 

Karen Elizabeth Prince 

Chichi Puckett 

Sandra Louise Putnam 

Zona Gail Quinn 

Patricia Jean Rabil 

Nanq- Elizabeth Randall 

Lynn Rankin 

Ruth Elizabeth Ratliff 

Bertha Lois Ray 

Frances Louise Reavis 

Norma Sue Reid 

Lucy Jane Reynolds 

Rebecca Ann Rhodes 

Peggy Ann Richardson 

Elizabeth Anne Ricks 

Judith Lynne Rivers 

Sarah Margaret Robinson 

Virginia Anne Rogers 

Dixie Ann Ros? 

Heather Ann Ross Miller 

Shelby Jean Ross 

Martha Ann Rouse 

Patricia Kathleen Satterfield 

Harriet Elizabeth Schnell 



Mildred Patricia Schofield 
Kathryn Rouck Scott 
Janet Leslie Self 
Josephine Burwell Shaffner 

Judy S. Shallant 
Margaret Elizabeth Sikes 
Dorothy Anne Sizemore 
Ann Lynn Smith 

Helen Sue Smith 
Nola Tro^don Smith 
Harriet Smithdeal 
JoAnne Southern 

Judith Brownstein Speizman 
Clara Frances Spencer 
Nancy Rebecca Springs 
Sandra Caroline Springs 

Gloria Meadows Stanley 
Anne Caroon Stapleford 
Helen Louise Staton 
Carolyn Joyce Stephens 

Lucy Stewart 
Pat Jo Stewart 
Elizabeth Lee Strain 
Gail Faye Strickland 

Elizabeth Ann Sutton 
|ulia Kay Swain 
Mary Lundie Tatum 
Hazel Anita Taylor 

Emma Jean Teague 
Shirley Ann Thacker 
Peggie Ann Thigpen 
Alice Joan Thomas 


Frances Bagwell Thomas 
Jacqueline Eva Thomas 

Mary Bradley Thompson 
Patricia Ann Thompson 

Linda Kristin Thornburg 

Frances DeRose TiUey 

Joanne Elizabeth Todd 

Barbara Ann Tripp 

Jayne Truckenport 

Helen Maureen Turner 

Mary Sidney Underwood 

Linda Mae Veasey 

Judith Christian Vernon 

Sheila Lynn Wall 

Carroll Lawson Walker 

Patricia Evelyn Walker 

Elizabeth Ann Walters 

Gwendolyn Kay Ward 

Joan Marian Weinstein 

Carolyn Ruth West 

Pricilla Catherine Wheless 

Betty Jean White 

Mary Carolyn White 

Elizabeth Joan Whitesell 

Beverly Anne Whitesides 

Carol Joann Wiggs 

Robin Wight 

Joan Millicent Wilder 

Sarah Jane Wilkins 

Brenda Joyce Williams 

Diana Ray Williams 

Nancy Sheldon Williams 


Rachel Laronne Williams 
Sandra Lynn Williams 
Camille Stone Wilson 
Daphne Herron Wingate 

Elaine Frances Winokour 
Elva Kenyon Wood 
Carolyn Wooten 
Martha Sue Wray 

Sara Lou Wright 
Judy Leigh Yates Adams 
Martha Jane Yoder 
Rose Elaine Young 

It must be something interesting 

Whafs on TV tonight? 

A quick Coke between classes ... a le.surely chat with 
friends . . . magazines . . . cigarettes . . . snacks . . . that 
20-minute lab break. 








A familiar siglit on campus. 

Come spring and graduatior, 

... and then there was the pleasant sound of practice teachers clicking 
down the halls at seven in the morning. 

The curtain is about to fall 
To end our college days. 
We cannot put our thoughts in words, 
But they are full of praise. 
Diamond rings and wedding plans 
Cars and jobs and tears — 
Seniors, it has finally come, 
Graduation's Here! 


Page 161 




:]h£:^:iilBl&i'!S»«K:, '- 














House President 





House President 


House President 





House President 



House President Counselor 





Counselor House President 



House President Counselor 

I'b t 


*.i.*L \ 








House President 


House President 

Page 167 

Brenda Caryl Aaronson Pittsheld, Mass. 

B.M.. histrinuentdl Music Education 

Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (1. 2, 3, 4); W.C. Band (1, 2, 3. 4), 
Publicity Chairman (3); W.C. Dance Band (1. 2. 3); Junior Show 
Music Composer and Director (3); Section Leader (4); Hillel (1. 2, 3. 
4); Music Education Club (1, 2. 3, 4). 

Margaret Anderson Acton Old Greenwich, Conn. 

B.S., Physical Education 

Junior House President (3); Judicial Board (4); Legislature (3). 
Parliamentarian (4); Outstanding Senior (4): Golden Chain (3. 4); 
Honor Roll (2); Service League (1); Choir (1): Recreation Association 
(1 2. 3. 4): Camp Counselors Club (1): Co-Of (1. 2. 3. 4): Golf Club 
(2, 3. 4); Dolphin-Seal (1, 2). 

Hilda Kay Adams Hickory 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Mars Hill Junior College (1. 2); Section Leader (4i; BSU Dorm Repre- 
sentative (3). 

Martha Lou Aldridge Thomas\iUe 

A.B.. English 

Cnrolhiian Staff (3); Section Leader (1); S.E.A. (3. i) : Dorm Com- 
mittees (1. 2); Elliott Hall Entertainment Committee (2): Junior-Senior 
Programs Committee (3). 

Martha Cole Allen Ramseur 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Klliott Hall Council (2); Weslev Foundation (1): S.E..\.. Council (3), 
Treasurer (4): Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3. 4). 

Margaret Lane Allison Robbinsville 

B.SS.A., Business Education 

Honiir Roll (1, 2); Daisy Chain (2); Wesley (1. 2. 3. 4). Council (31; 
Giuiima Alpha (3. 4): S.E.A. (2. 3, 4). Secretary (4). Council (3. 4): 
Dorm Committees (1. 4). 

lean Allen Alston Littleton 

A.B.. Elementary Education 

Purse Drive (4); Dance Committee (31: Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 41: 
Hall Board (4). 

Margaret Ann Anderson Clinton 

B.A.. Biology 

Wesley (1): Botany Club (3): Recreation Association (11; German 
Club (1, 2). 

Julia Lynn Armstrong Charlotte 

B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Oueens College: Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (2); Gamma .\lpha 
(3. 4): Dorm Committees (2); Dorm Social Chairman (4); Special 
Events Committee (3): Fine Arts Committee (2); Junior Show (3); 
College Band (31. 

Carolyn Bently Arnold New Bern 

B.F.A., Art 

X. C. state College. 1959 Summer Session: Service League (4): Arts 
Korum Committee (4): Elliott Hall Chorus (2): Choir (11; B.S.U. (1, 2, 
3, 4): Recreation A.ssociation (41: Dorm Committees (1. 3); Golf Club 
(H: .\rt Club (1. 2. 3. 41: Dolphin-Seal (31; Young Democrats (41. 
Secretary (41. 


Linda Anne Ayers Summerfield 

B.S.S.A.. Business Education 

B.S.U. (1. 3); Gamma Alpha (3. 4): S.E.A. (3. 4). 

Barbara Drake Babcock Tarboro 

A.B.. History 

Junior Advisor (3): Interfaitli Council (2): Canterbury Club (1, 2. 3. 
4); History Club (3, 4): Hall Board (2). 

Barbara Jane Bailey Durham 

B.S.. Home Economics Education 

r.N.C. Summer Sessions. 1958. 1939; Section Leader (1. 3); Junior 
Advisor (31; Wesley (I. 2. 4); Home Economics Club (1. 2. 31; Dorm 
Committees (1); 4-H Club fl); Wesley Kitchen Chairman '41. 

Mary Catherine Bailey Lexington 

B.S.S.A.. Business Education 

Westminster (I. 2. 3. 4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Dorm Committees (2. 
3. 4) ; N.S.A. (4). 

Priscilla Jean Baker West Falls, N. Y. 

B.S.S.A.. Secretarial Administration 

Honor Roll (1, 2. 3): Section Leader (3); Dance Committee 1. 2i: 
Gamma Alpha (3. 4): Sigma Alpha (3. 4). 

Mollie Amelia Baldwin Clarkton 

B.S.. Home Economics 

Daisy Chain (2); Westminster Fellowship (1. 2. 3. 4); Home Economics 
Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Dorm Committees (1). 

Margaret Elizabeth Ballard Charlotte 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Service League (4); Section Leader (2); Westminster Fellowship (1. 2. 
3. 4); S.E.A. (4); Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3, 4); Elliott Hall Fine Arts 
Committee (4); Class Committee (2). 

Martha Carol Ballard Rockingham 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Honor Roll (3); S.E.A. (4); Dorm Committees (1. 2'i : Le Circle 
Francais CL 21. 

Patricia Ellen Barbee Bethel 

A.B.. History 

Honor Roll (1. 2. 31; Elliott Hall Chorus (2): Choir (1); Interfaith 
Council (4). Treasurer (41; Wesley (1. 2. 3. 41; Phi Alpha Theta 
(3, 4): S.E.A. (31; Dorm Committees (21; History Club (3. 4). 

Barbara Lois Barger Johnson City, Tenn. 

B.F.A., Design for Advertising 

.Junior Council; Treasurer (41; Purse Drive Chairman (41; 
Dance Committee (1. 3): Wesley (1. 2); Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3. 4): 
Art Club (11; Junior Show (3). 


Elizabeth Deppe Barker Trenton 

A.B., Elemeuiary Education 

St. Marys (1); Elliott Hall Council (4): Elliott Hall Chorus (2. 3): 
Wesley (2); Home Economics Club (2); S.E.A. (4); Woman's College 
Theater (3); Junior Show Committee (3); Young Democrats (4); Fine 
Arts Committee (4); Dorm C.U. Day Representative (2. 3). 

Suzanne Cale Barnes Havertown, Pa. 

A.B., English 

Ciiruliiiian Staff (2); Elections Board (4); St. Mary's House; Dorm 
Committees (1. 2. 3. 4); N.S.A. (3); Junior Council (3); Dorm Council 

(3. 4). 

Bedie Beth Barrow Kernersville 

A.B.. English 

Charlotte Cecelia Barry Shelby 

A.B.. Elementary Education 

Willa Fay Batts Rocky Mount 

B.M... Piano 

Parliamentarian of Freshman Class. Freshman Commission; Golden 
Chain (3. 4) ; Honor Roll; Curriculum Committee (3. 4) ; Section Leader 
(21 ; Junior .\ilvisor (3>; Choir (1. 2. 3. 4); Chamber Music Clroup (4): 
Di.sfiples Student Felhiwsliip; Music Education Club (3. 4); Dorm Com- 
mittees (1. 2, .). II : Woman's Colleee Theater (2. 3); Der Deutsche 
Verein (41; Co-Cliairma7i of Lecture Entertainment Series (4); Co- 
Chairman of Ciilden Chain Social Committee <4) ; Madrigal Accompanist 
(3. 4) : Madrigal Singer (4). 

Bonnie Louise Bean East Bend 

B.M.. Music Education 

Choir (J. 2. 3. 4). Treasurer (3) : Spanish Club (2. 3. 4). Social Chairman 
(31: Music Education Club (1. 2. 3. 4). President (4); Dorm Committees 
(2); Madrigal Singers (3, 4); College Band (1. 2). 

Mildred Ashlyn Beam Cherryville 

B.S.S.A.. Business Education 

Appalachian State Teacliers' College (1) ; Honor Roll (1.3); Curriculum 
Committee (4): Section Leader (2, 3); Elliott Hall Council (4). Enter- 
tainment Committee (4); Westminster (2); Gamma Alpha (3, 4). 
President (4); S.E.A. (2); (2. 3); Dorm Committees 12. 3): 
Junior Show (3); Orchestra (1): Hall Board (3. 4i; Band (1); 
S.B.E.A. (4). 

Joan Ervin Belk Greensboro 

A.B., Business Education 


Margaret Alice Bennett Shelby 

B.S.. Home Economics Education 

Gardner-Webb (Summer School): Baptist Student Union (1. 2, 3. 4): 
Home Economics Club (3. 4) ; Dorm Committees (Kitchen, Social 4. 
Bulletin Board II; College Band (1. 2). 

Martha Christina Bennett Wilmington 

A.B., Biology 

Westminster Fellowship; Dorm Committees (1. 2, 3. 4): Le Circle 
Francais (1. 2t; Coracldi (Circulation Manager 4); Caduceus Club (2, 
3. 4). Program Chairman (3). 

Page 170 


Carol Jean Berryhill Charlotte 

A.B.. Sociology 

Westminster (1. 2. 3. 4); Sociologv Club (2. 3. i) ; Dorm Committees (1. 
2. 3): Junior Show (3); Elliott Hall Entertainment Committee (2. 3); 
Elliott Hall Special Events (3). 

Louise Rebecca Black Eastchester, N. Y. 

B.S., Physical Education 

Major's Voice (8). Editor (4): Senice League (2); Section Leader 
(2, 3); Daisy Cliain (2); Canterbury Club: S.E.A. (3); Spanish Club 
(1); Recreation Association (1. 2, 3. 4); Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3): 
Camp Counselors Club (1. 2. 3. 4), Secretary (4) ; Camp Committee (1) : 
Co-Of (2. 3. 4): Golf Club (3. 4); Committee of the Classification of 
Offices (3. 4), Cliairman (4); R.A. Special Events Chairman (4): 
Scottish Dance Club. Secretary (4); Sophomore Class Ring Committee 
(2) : Hall Board (3). 

Sandra Jane Blackwell Roanoke Rapids 

A.B., Mathematics 

Dance Committee (2. 3) ; Junior Advisor (3) ; Elliott Hall Chorus (2. 3) ; 
Westminster (1. 2. 3, 4) : S(|uare Circle (2, 3, 4) ; S.E.A. (2. 3. 4) : Dorm 
Committees (4). Gamerooni Chairman; Le Circle Francais {1. 2). 

Evelyn Roberta Blevins Roseboro 

A.B., History 

Honor Roll (1): Dance Committee (3); S.E.A. (3. i) : Dorm Committees 
(1. 4): History Club (3); Junior Show Committee. 

Bette Ann Bodenheimer Red Springs 

B.A.. Mathematics 


Beatrice Barbara Boerner 

A.B., History 

Student Government Treasurer (4) : Junior House President (3) ; Legis- 
lature (2. 3. 4): Criroliiiian (Columnist 3): Outstanding Senior (4): 
Honor Roll (1); Section Leader (1); Newman Club; Camp Counselors 
Club (1) ; Co-Of (1.2); N.S.A. (4). Representative to National Congress: 
State Student Legislature (2. 3) ; History Club (3. 4) ; W.C. Band (1, 2). 


Delia Ann Boggan Rockingham 

A.B.. Elementary Education 

Section Leader (3); S.E.A. (3. 4); Dorm Council (3). 

Barbara Ann Bonitz Greensboro 

Ethyln Joyce Boone Charlotte 

B.M., Piano 

Honor Roll (1. 2. 3) ; Section Leader (3) ; Arts Forum Committee (3) ; 
Choir (1. 2, 3. 4). Accompanist (3. 4); Soloist with Orchestra (4); 
Wesley (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Director of Wesley Singers (2, 4) ; Music Education 
Club (1. 2); German Club (4). 

Martha Gray Boren Siler Cit)' 

B.S.S.A.. Btisines' Education 

Spotlifflit Co-Editor (4); Wesley (1, 2, 3); ChemLstry Club (1); Gamma 
Alpha (3. 4); Home Economics Club (I); S.E.A. (4); Recreation Asso- 
ciation (3); Dorm Conmiittees (1, 2). 

Sot Pictured 

Gaye Horton Bonnell Belmont 

A.B.. Sociology 

21; Wesley (3); Sociology (3. 4); 
Page 171 


Remember that long, long trail a-winding? 

Emma Lois Bowman Brown Summit 

A.B.. Elemenlary Education 

student Faculty Committee (4); Wesley (1. 2): S.E.A. (4); Recreation 
Association (4): Dorm Council (4): Senior Council (4). 

Lois Elaine Bradley Cherokee 

A.B.. Psychology 

Section Leader (3); Elliott Hal! Council (4); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2): Wesley 
(1. 2); Sociology Club (2. 3, 4); Psychology Club (2); Dorm Basketball 
Team (I. 2, 3. 4). 

Mary Lily Braswell Wadesboro 

B.S.H.E.. Home Economics 

Wesley (1, 2, 3). Council (2. 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3); Dorm 
Committees (I. 2. 3, 4): 4-H Club (1, 2, 4). Publicity Cliairman (2). 
Social Chairman (4). 

Rachel Augusta Brett Franklin, Va. 

B.M.. Music Education 

Honor Roll (1): Section Lea<ler (4); Daisy Chain (1): Junior Atlvisor 
(3): Choir (1. 2. 4): Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (3, 4); B.S.U. 
(1. 2. 3. 4): Music Education Club (1. 2. 3): Dorm Committees (4): 
Woman's College Theater (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Madrigal Singers (2. 3, 4) : Band 
(1, 2. 3. 4). X'icePresident (3). President (4): North Carolina Intra- 
Collegiate Band (3) ; Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Music Assistantship 
(4); Lesislature (2); Junior Show (3), 

Wanda Fay Britt Clinton 

A.B., Sociology 

Daisy Chain (3); Y.W.C.A.; B.S.U. (1. 2. 3. 1): Sociology (2. 3. 4); 
Spanish Club (1. 2. 3); Psychology (3). 

Sandra Vendetta Broadhurst Deep Run 

A.B.. Primary Education 

S.E.A. (3. 4); Peace Junior College (1, 2). 

Angela Marie Brown Asheville 

A.B., French 

Senior House President; Golden Chain (4); Honor Roll (1); Daisy 
Chain (2): Newman Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Hall Board (2, 3); Le Circle 
Francais (2. 3. 4); Junior Show; Legislature (1. 2. 3i. 

Carolyn Elizabeth Brown Charlotte 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Class Jacket Chairman (2); Junior Class Council (3); Elliott Hall 
Council (1. 4): Dance Chairman (Elliott Hall Ball 4): Elliott Hall 
Chorus (1); Westminster Fellowship; S.E.A. (4); Dorm Committees 
(1. 2. 3. 4); Junior Show; Hall Board (3); Young Democrats Club 
(3. 4); Fine Arts Committee (%). 

Elizabeth Jury Brown Scarsdale, N. Y. 

B.S.. Physical Education 

Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Square Circle (4) ; Recrea 
tion Association (I. 2. 3. 4); Co-Of (1. 2. 3. 4); Golf Club (3. 4); 
Dolphin-Seal (1. 2. 3. 4); Tennis Cluh. President (2, 3. 4). 

Mrs. Sue Swann Brown Greensboro 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Town Students (4); B.S.U. (1. 2. 3); S.E.A. (3); Dorm Committees (3); 
l-H Club (1. 2. 3). 

A'of Pictured 

Martha Amelia Bryan Graham 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Westminster Fellowship (i. 2); S.E.A. (3. 4); Dorm Committees (2. 3). 



Elsie Loduska Bryson Asheville 

A.B.. English 

Pine Neerlles. Literary Editor (4): Section Leader (1, 3): Elliott Hall 
Council C): Wesley (I. 2); S.E.A. (4); Recreation Association (1, 3): 
Dorm Committees (I. 2. 3): German Club (1. 2): Junior Show (3): 
Junior Class Council (3): Rat Day Committee (2): Sister Day Com- 
mittee (I. 2. 3); Golf Club (2): Camp Counselors Club (1); Young 
Democrats Club (2); Elliott Hall Committees (I. 2); Caduceus Club 
(I): N'.C.T.R. (3, 4); Class Day Chairman (4). 

Etta Ruth Burke GibsonviUe 

A.B., History 

Service League (4); Section Leader (3); S.E.A. (3): History Club 
(3. 4). 

Barbara Lee Bush Ruxton. Md. 

A.B., Psychology 

Senior House Pre-;-!dent (4); Section Leader (1); Dance Committee (1. 
2): Junior Advisor (3t; Social Science Committee (3. 4): Wesley (1): 
Dorm Committees (2. 3); Psi Chi (3. 4). 

Sally Mann Butler Charlotte 

B.S.S.A.. Secretarial Administration 

W«sley (1); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3. 4). 

Roberta Byrd Manasquan, N. J. 

B.F.A.. Art Education 

Class Publicity Cliairman (3): Honor Roll (1): Dance Committee (2. 
3); Dorm Committees (1. 2); Art Club (1, 2. 3): Coracldi (2); Pint- 
Needles Art Staff (3). 

Elizabeth Faye Canada Greensboro 

A.B., Primary Education 

Legislature (3): Wesley (1. 2, 3. 4): S.E..\. (4); Dorm Committees 
(I. 4); N.S.A. (4); 4-H Club (1. 2. 3, 4). 

Marie Cardwell Harrill Greensboro 

B.S., Home Economics 

St. Mary's (L 2); Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3); Dorm Committees 
(1. 2, 3. 4): Elliott Hall Social Events Conmiittee (31. 

Lynn Dare Carroll Winston-Salem 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Chief Marshal (4); Honor Roll (3); Section Leader (2); Dance Chair- 
man (i): Junior Advisor (3): Wesley (1. 2): S.E.A. (4): Spanish Club 
(2); Dorm Committees (1. 2, 3. 4); Marshal (3); Pine Needles Beauty 
Queen (4). 

Carol Joyce Carson Goldsboro 

B.S.H.E.. Housing 

student Government Vice-President (4): Junior House President; 
President Freshman Class; Freshman Elections Chairman; Carolinifni 
(1. 2. 3); Outstandins Senior; U.N.C. Council (I. 2, 3); B.S.I'. (1. 2): 
Home Economics Club (2. 3. 4); Golf Club (1); Le Circle Francais 
(1. 2); Dolphin-Seal (I. 2i; Health-Liaison Committee (3). 

Margaret Louise Carter Graham 

B.A.. Biology 

Junior Advisor (3)- Elliott Hall Chorus (3. 4). President (4); Chemis- 
try Club (3, 4): Medical Technologists (3. 4): Spanish Club (1. 2); 
Hall Board (4); C.U. Day Representative. 

Not Pirlnred 

June Carolyn Butler Wilmington 

B.S.S.A., Secretarial Administration 

Lois Simmons Carwin Stokes 

B.S., Home Economics 

Section Leader (2); Honor Board (1); Elliott Hall Council (3); Town 
Students (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2): Dorm Committees (2. 3): 
Scottisli Dance Group (3). 

Sarah Lou Rita Caudle Ellcin 

A.B., History 

House President (4): Legislature (3, 4): Junior Class Commission (3): 
Cdiuliiiiaii (1.2): Golden Chain (4) ; Daisy Chain (2) ; Dance Committee 
(3); Interfaith Council (3): B.S.U. (2. 3. 4): Home Economics Club 
(I. 2): Dorm Committees (2. 3). 

Ngo Thi Hong Chang Saigon, Vietnam 

B.A., French 

SocioloKV Club (3. 4): S.E.A. (3. 4); Le Circle Francais (3, 41. 

MoUie Sims Cheek Goldston 

A.B.. English 

Campbell College (1. 2); Service League Treasurer (4); Section Leader 
(4): Elliott Hall Chorus (3. 4): B.S.U. (3): Dorm Committees (3). 

Mary Clyde Chisholm Asheboro 

A.B.. Elementary Education 

.lunior House President (3): Legislature (3): Class Secretary (4); 
Pine Needles Business Staff (I); Service League (2); Section Leader 
(1, 2); Dance Committee (1); S.E.A. (3); Dorm Committees (1. 2): 
Camp Coun.selors Club (2, 3); Junior Show (3); Handbook Committee 

Beverly Shannon Cochrane Skyland 

B.F.A.. Art Education 

Senior Class Council (4): Section Leader (3): Dance Committee (3): 
Canterbury Club {1. 2. 3. 4); Dorm Committees (1. 2, 3. 4); Junior 
Show (3). 

Marilyn Fairfax Colby Falls Church, Va. 

B.S.. Physical Education 

Section Leader (3): Canterbury Club (1, 2. 3. 4i: Recreation Associa- 
tion (3. 1): Co-Of (1. 2. 3. 4): Golf Club (2. 3. 4): N.S.A. (3, 4). 

Peggy Ellen Coleman Reidsville 

B.S.. Physical Education (1. 2); Recreation Association (1, 2. 3. 4). Secretary (2i: Dorm 
Committee (2): Camp Counselors Club (1. 2>; Co-Of (1. 2. 3, 4); Golf 
Club (2. 3): Scottish Dance Club (3. 4); Freshman Council (1): Junior 
Council (3): Projects Chairman (3); Rat Day Chairman (2). 

Ora Faye Collins Francisco 

B.S.S.A.. Secretarial Administration 

Gamma Alplia (3, 4): Dorm Committees (2). 

Evelyn Leyuna Cook Stokesdale 

A.B., Primary Education 

Brevard College (1. 2); Wesley (1, 2. 3. 4): President. Christian Fellow- 
ship (2); "Big Sister" (2): Women's Council (2); S.E.A. (3, 4). 

Page 174 


Girls, this is our library and these are books. 

Brenda Ann Cox Greensboro 

B.S.S.A., Secretarial Administration 
Town Student^; (3. 4): Gamma Alpha i3, 4); Medical Technologists (2). 

Barbara Anne Craig Charlotte 

B.A., Primary Education 

University Sermon Chairman (1): Ring Chairman (2); Assistant House 
President (3); Honor Board (4): Interfaith Council (3): Westminster 
Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4). Council (2, 3); S.E.A. (3, 4): Dorm Devotions 
Chairman (1, 2). 

Joan Crawford Hayesville 

B.S., Hotne Economics 

House President (4); B.S.U. (1. 2): Home Economics Club (1, 3, 3. 4): 
Dorm Committees (2. 3); Tap Dance Group (1); 4-H Club (1. 2. 3. 4) 

Virginia Louise Crawley Littleton 

A.B., History 

Carolinian (2, 3); St. Mary's (1. 2. 3. 4); Masqueraders (1. 2, 3); 
Dorm Social Committees (2, 3); Woman's College Theater (1, 2, 3); 
History Club (4). 

Mrs. Mar)' Ann Wright Craven Ramseur 

B.S., Home Economics 

Town students (4); Wesley (1, 2): Omicron Nu (3. 4); Home Eco- 
nomics Club (1. 2, 3); Dorm Committees (1, 2); 4-H Club (1. 2. 3). 

Ann Carolyn Crews Stoneville 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Carolinian (2): Senior Council (4): Honor Roll (3); Daisy Chain (2): 
Dance Committee (3); Program Chairman (3); S.E.A. (3, 4); Psychol- 
ogy Club (2); Dorm Committees (2. 4); Camp Counselors Club (3); 
Dorm Social Chairman (3). 

Patricia Reynolds Crotts Thomasville 

B.A., English 

Elliott Hall Chorus (2. 4); Interfaith Council (1); United Student 
Fellowship (1): Recreation Association (1); Dorm Committees (3); 
Hall Board (4). 

Helen Maxine Crouch MooresviUe 

A.B., Elementary Education 

B.S.U. (1, 2. 3. 4); S.E.A. (3, 4), Council (4); Dorm Committees (1. 4). 

Nellie Crouch Taylorsville 

Lynn Crouter Westport, Conn. 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Choir (1); St. Mary's (1. 2. 3. 4): Band (1): Hall Board (1, 2); 
-\ssistant House President (2); Rules Committee (1); Penick Lecture 
Chairman (4). 

Py ri3 ^» 




Carol Sue Gulp Albemarle 

A.B.. Elementary Education 

Junior-Senior Dance Decorations Cliairman (3): S.E.A. (3. 4); Dorm 
Committees (1, 3); Tap Dance Group (1. 2); Camp Counselors Club 
(1); Sister Day Committee (4); Y.D.C. (3); Elliott Hall Entertainment 
Committee (I. 2). 

Carolyn Ann Davis Burlington 

A.B.. Medical Technology 

Chemistry Club (2) : Medical Teclmolosv Club (2. 3. 4) : Social Chairman 
(3. 4): Service League (i). 

Elizabeth Rose Da\ is Monroe 

A.B.. English 

Dance Committee (2): Junior Advisor (3): Wesley (1, 2): Dance 
CJroup (1. 2. 3. 4) : Dorm Committee (1. 2, 3) : Woman's College Theater 
(2. 3): Thesis Dances (2. 3). 

Margery Lynn Davis Concord 

B.A., History 

Secretary of S.G.A. (2): Outstanding Senior (4): Golden Chain (3. 4), 
President (4): U.N.C. Council (21: Honor Board (2): Section Leader 
(41 : History Club (3, 4). President (4). 

Mary Burwell Davis Warrenton 

B.S.. Home Economics Education 

Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Dorm Committees (4): 4-H Club 
(1. 2. 3. 4). 

Merrilie Marguerite Davis Winston-Salem 

A.B.. English 

Senior Marshal (4): Pine Xeedles (4): Carolinian (2. 3, 4). Feature 
Editor (4); Junior Advisor (3); S.E.A. (4): Dorm Committees (4); 
Sister Day Co-Chairman (3) ; Junior Show. 

Treva Bland Daniels Colerain 

B.A., Mathematics 

Student-Facultj- Revising Committee (3. 4): Honor Roll (3); Square 
Circle (1. 2. 3, 4), Secretary (2): Recreation Association (3. 4): X.S.A. 

Mabel Joyce Daughtry Mount Olive 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Honor Roll (2, 3): Dance Committee (2. 3): Wesley (1, 2): S.E.A. 
(3. 4): Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3. 4): Golf Club (3); Senior Marshal: 
Senior Council; Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3). 

Ann Lilian Dearsley London, England 

B.F.A.. Art 

Editor of Coraddi (4), Art Editor (2) ; Section Leader (1. 2. 3) : Dance 
Committee (3); Arts Forum Committee (3. 4): Coraddi Club (1, 2, 3. 
4): Arts Club U. 2); Chancellor's Reviewing Committee (4). 

Rebecca Dixon Reidsville 

A.B., Mathematics 

Finance Board (4); Daisy Chain (2); B.S.U. il. 2); Square Circle 
(1. 2. 3. 4), Vice-President (3); Recreation Association (1. 2. 3. 4). 
Cabinet (2, 3, 4), Council (4): Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3): Camp 
Counselors Club (1. 2. 3. 4): Co-Of (2. 3. 4): Dolphin-Seal (I, 2. 3. 41. 
President (3. 4); Rat Day Committee (2). 


Carol Anne Dickson Greensboro 

A.B., English 

Senior Class Council; Stetson University: Junior Advisor (3); S.E.A. 
(3. 4); Spanish Club (3); N.S.A. (3, 4); Debate Club (3). 

Effie Ruth Dorsett Asheboro 

A.B., English 

Editor of The Wesleyan (4) ; Interfaith Council. Representative from 
Wesley (2); Wesley (1. 2. 4); S.E.A. (4): Dorm Committees (2); 
N.S.A. (2), Cliairman Brotherhood Week (2): Caduceus Club (1): Der 
Deutsche Verein (1. 2, 4). President (4). 

Patsy Carroll Draper Roanoke Rapids 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Junior Class Council (3); Circulation Staff of CuroUnian (1): Service 
League Chairman (4); College Cliorus (2. 3. 4); S.E..\. (3. 4); Dorm 
Committees (3); Elliott Hall Entertainment Committee (2. 3): Secre 
tary College Chorus (2); President College Chorus (3). 

Nancy Jo Drye Polkvilie 

B.A., Biology 

B.S.U. (1. 2); Beta Beta Beta (4): German Club (1, 2, 3. 4). 

Virginia Darrell Dutton Whiteville 

A.B., Elementary Education 

B.S.U. (3) : S.E.A. (2. 4) ; Dorm Committees (4). 

Ann Caroline Duncan Richmond, Va. 

B.F.A.. Art 

Honor Roll (1): Curriculum Committee (2); Arts Forum Committee 
(1. 2. 3. 4): Coraddi Club (I, 2. 3, 4): Arts Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Staff and 
Editor Coraddi (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Cartoonist Carolinian (2. 3. 4). 

Mary Catharine Edmonds Raleigh 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Honor Roll (1. 3, 4): Dance Committee (3). Reception Committee 
Chairman; Dorm Committees. Social Chairman (1, 3). 

Carolyn Jeanette Edwards New Bern 

B.S.S.A., Secretarial Administration 

Section Leader (1); Newman Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Gamma .\lplia (3. 4); 
Dorm Committees (1, 2); Camp Counselors Club (1): German Club 
(1, 2); Special Events Committee (1). 

Patricia Louise Edwards Asheville 

A.B.. English 

Elliott Hall Committee (3); Elliott Hall Chorus (1. 2): Choir (1. 2); 
Canterbury Club (1. 2. 3); Dorm Committees (1. 2): Woman's College 
Theater (1. 2); Junior Class Projects Committee (3): Legislature 
Representative (1). 

Sheila Jo English Richmond, Va. 

A.B., Art 

Hall Board (I. 2, 3); Honor Roll (1); Daisy Chain (2); B.S.U. (1. 2. 
3. 4); Home Economics Club (1): S.E..\. (4); Dorm Committees (2): 
Art Club (4); B.S.U. Executive Council (2. 3, 4): Home Economics 
Student Program Policy Committee (1). 

Page 177 

% 'S^ 


There's nothing like a good steam pressing for tired old class jackets. 

Lucia Jones Fisher Raleigh 

B.S., Home Economics 

Ciass Secretary (2); Golden Chain (3. 0. Vice-President (4); Dance 
Committee (1) ; Junior Advisor (3) ; Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3, 4i ; 
Dorm Committees (1. 2); Home Economics Student Program and Policy 
Committee (3. 4). Cliairman (4); Marshal (3, 4); Judicial Board (3). 

Mildred Erwin Salisbury 

B.S.S.A., Secretarial Administration 

Gamma Alpha (3. 41, Secretary 14); Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3): Sisma 
Alpha (4), President (4). 

Silvia Elena Este\e2 Guatemala, Guatemala, C. A. 

B.S.. Home Economics 

Junior Advisor (3); Newman Club; Sigma Delta I'i ; Chemistry Club; 
Home Economics Club (3); Spanish Club (2). 

Glenda Lawerence Evans Greensboro 

B.S., Home Economics 

Lelia Rose Evans Youngsville 

A.B.. Sociology 

Honor Roll (1. 2, 3); B.S.U. (1, 2); Sociology Club (3. 4). President 
(4); S,E.A. (2): Spanish Club (1. 2): Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4), Secre 
tary (4); White House Conference of Children and Youth (4); Y.D.C, 

Sarah Lamar Everette Monroe 

B.S., Home Economics 

Carmen Isabel Falls Gastonia 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Section Leader (2); Westminster Kellowsliip; S.E.A. (4); Dorm Com- 
mittees (1, 2): Y.D.C. (3). 

Betty Lee Farrar Raleigh 

B.F.A.. Art Education 

.\rts Festival Conunittee (4); Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3. ii; Tap Dance 
Group (2): Legislature (2, 3, 4); Legislature Committee (2); Junior 
Show; Elliott Hall Committee (3). 

Helen Fasick Winchester, Tenn. 

A.B.. History 

St. Mary's House (1. 2. 3, 4); Dance Group (1, 2); Dorm Committees 
(3. ♦) ; N.S.A. (4); History Club (4). 

Susan Ferguson Greensboro 

A.B.. Elementary Education 

Patricia Gretchen Fisher Charlotte 

A.B., Elementcvy Education 

Wesley Foundation Coujicil Member (1. 2. 3. 4). 

Sarah Fisher Pearlman Chapel Hill 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Interfaith Council (3) ; Hillel (1. 2, 3. 4) ; S.E.A. (3. 4) : Dorm Com- 
mittees (1, 2) ; Junior Show. 

Toni Flanagan Reidsville 

A.B.. Spanish 

Section Leader (3): Junior Advisor: Spanish Club (2, 3, 41. President 


Linda Frances Flynn Salisbury' 

B.S.S.A.. Secretarial Administration 

Legislature Representative (4); Chairman Rules Committee (4); Sopho- 
more Editor Pine Needles (2); Managing Editor Pine Needles (4); 
Elections Board (4): Junior Advisor: Gamma .\lplia (3. 4); Dorm Com- 
mittees (1, 3): Junior Show: Sister Day Committee (3). 

Frances Lynne Foil Salisbury 

B.S., Home Economics 

Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. 4): Dorm Committees (1. 2, 3. 4): 
Marshal (4); Junior Show: Hall Board (1). 

Jerrie Eugenia Foil Salisbury 

B.S.S.A., Secretarial Administration 

Section Leader (I, 3); Westminster Fellowship: Gamma Alpha (3. 4): 
Dorm Committees (1. 2): Assistant Junior House President: Senior 
Marshal: Senior Council: Co-Chairman of Sister Day (4): Junior Show: 
Spotlight Staff (4). 

Jill Lamour Foltz Winston-Salem 

A.B., Primary Education 

Section Leader (4): Elliott Hall Council (4): S.E.A. (3. 4): Spanish 
Club (1. 2): Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3. 4): Social Chairman (1. 3). 

Carolyn Kay Ford Lynchburg, Va. 

B.S.S.A.. Merchandising 

Junior Advisor: Gamma Alpha (3. 4): Dorm Committees (2. 3); Elliott 
Hall Council (2. 3); Junior Show. 

Mary Keris Fort Charlotte 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Queens College (1, 2); Junior Advisor: S.E.A. (4): Dorm Committees 
(3, 4): Canterbury Club (1, 2): Panhellenic Council (2); Alpha Chi 
Omega (2): WUNC-TV (4). 

Pearl Elizabeth Fu Greensboro 

A.B., English 

Not Pirfured 

Peggy Lou Furr Albemarle 

A.B.. History 

I'.N.C. Summer Session. 1959; International Relations (1); S.E..-\. (4): 
Dorm Committees (4): History Club (1. 2. 3): Y.D.C. (3). 

Page 179 

1*"^ »V^ 

^> r 


Margaret Faye Fuquay Greensboro 

A.B., Spanish 

Johanna Louise Futchs Wilmington 

A.B., Primary Education 

Virginia Dale Gadd Hickory 

B.M.. Music Education 

Lenoir Rhyne College; Honor Roll (1); Elliott Hall Cliorus (1, 2, 3): 
Music Education Club (1. 4); Service League (4); Dorm Committees 
(1); Tap Dance Group (2): Band (2, 3. 4), Vice-President (4). 

Janice Maxine Gardner Shelby 

B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Gamma Alpha (3. 4). 

Dorothy Louise Gordy Pittsfield, Mass. 

B.A., Chemistry 

Cornddi (2, 3) ; Section Leader (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Junior Advisor: Arts Forum 
Committee {3>; Mastiueraders (2. 3. 4); Square Circle (3): Chemistry 
Club (1, 2. 3. 4) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Coraddi Club (2, 3) : 
Woman's College Theater (2. 3. 4); Hall Board (2, 3); Caduceus Club 
(1. 2, 3. 4), President (3. 4); Junior Show Make-Up Cliairman. 

Bettye Gates George ReidsviUe 

B.M.. Music Education 

Elliott Hall Council (1); Dance Committee, Decorations (i); Choir {1. 

2. 3. 4): Music Education Club (1. 2, 3. 4), Treasurer (3). Social Chair- 
man (4); Dorm Devotions Chairman (3); Woman's College Theater (2, 

3. 4); Madrigal Singers (3, 4); Band (1. 2, 3, 4), Student Director (2, 
3); Senior Council (4); Carolinian (4): Junior Show Chairman (3). 

Mary Lynn Gettys Monroe 

B.M.. Music Education 

Honor Roll (1): Elliott Hall Chorus (1, 2, 3); Choir (4); Music Educa- 
tion Club (2. 3, 4): Dorm Committees (1); Tap Dance Group Accom- 
panist (2, 3). 

Betsy Ann Gilbert Fuquay Springs 

B.S.. Home Economics 

Co-Chairman of Class Projects Committee (3); B.S.U. (1. 2). Executive 
Council (2); Home Economics Club (1, 2. 4). Vice-President (4); 
Spanish Club (1): Dorm Committees (1); Hall Board (1). 

Mrs. Patricia Queen Gilliam Charlotte 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Publicity Chairman of Junior-Senior (3); Elliott Hall Cliorus (4); 
B.S.U. (2. 3. 4). Council (3); S.E.A. (3, 4). Council (3); Dance Group 
(4) ; Le Circle Francais (2). 

Betty Lou Glasby Lillington 

A.B.. History 

Section Leader (2. 3): Dorm Committees (3): History Club (3. 4); 
Senior Council (4): Junior Show; Elliott Hall Social Committee (1, 2. 
3. 4), Secretary (4). 


Just another senior elective. 

Nina Rose Globus Baltimore, Md. 

A.B.. Psychology 

Elliott Hall Council (3): President of Elliott Hall (4); Dance Com- 
mittee (S. 4); Hillel (I. 2. 3. 4); Dorm Committees (1); Junior Show 
(3): Consolidated University Council (41; S.G.A. Executive Board (4): 
S'oung Democrats Club (1). 

Sylvia Virginia Goodwin Durham 

A.B., Primary Education 

Choir (1): Wesley Foundation (1. 2. 3, 4); Recreation Chairman (2); 
Director of Wesley Players (3); Director of Wesley Modern Dance 
Group (41: S.E.A. (3. 4): Dance Group (1, 2. 3, 4): Dorm Committees 
(1. 2. 31, Hostess Cliairman (1). Dorm Devotions Chairman (2), Social 
Committee iZ\: Class Projects Committee (3). 

Kaye Elizabeth Green Asheboro 

B.A.. Spanish 

House President. Summer School. 1959; Dorm Chairman. Elections 
Board (4); S.E.A. (4); Spanish Club (4); Dorm Committees (2). 

Mary Hester Greene Star 

B.S.. Physical Education 

President. Recreation Association (4); Section Leader (3); Junior Ad- 
visor (3; Baptist Student Union (2. 3, 4); S.E..\. (4); Recreation Asso- 
ciation (1. 2, 3. 4); Dorm Committees (2. 31; Camp Counselors Club 
(3. 4); Co-Of (2. 3. 4); Golf Club (3. 4); Vice-President, Recreation 
Association (3); Social Chairman, B.S.U. (3); Scottish Dance Club (4); 
Executive Cabinet (4): Piney Lalce Recreation Center Committee (4); 
Secretary Student Section NCAHPER (4). 

Derenda Gulledge Garris Wadesboro 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Mar.s Hill Junior College (1. 21 : Honor Roll (1. 2, 3) ; S.E.A. (4) : Dorm 
Committees (4): B.S.U. (3. 4), Council (3). 

Celia Caroline Hahn New Bern 

A.B., Elementary Education 

University of North Carolina School of Nursing. 1956-193H; N.S.A. (1). 

Glenda Stephenson Hales Smithfield 

A.B., Elementary Education 

B.S.U. (3); Chemistry Club (1, 2. 3); S.E.A. (2. 4); Dorm Committees 
(4); Le Circle Francais (I). 

Peggy Ann Hall Sylva 

B.S.H.E.. Foods and Nutrition 

Honor Roll (2. 3); Junior Advisor (3); B.S.U. (1. 2, 3. 4). Council (2. 
3): HoTne Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 4). Membership Chairman (3); 
Dorm Committees (1. 2. 31; Camp Counselors Club. Social Chairman 
(31: 4H Club (1. 2. 3. 4). Vice-President (3). Treasurer (2); Junior 
Show (3); Class Jacket Committee (2). 

Margaret Susan Hambright Blacksburg, S. C. 

B.S.H.E., Institution Management 

Honor Roll (1. 2. 3, 41; Junior Advisor (3); Interfaith Council (4); 
Westminster Fellowship. Council (3. 4); Omicron Nu (3. 4); German 
Club (3. 4); Home Economics Club (I. 2. 3, 4): Dorm Committees (1. 
3); President of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; Recipient of Fac- 
ulty Scholarship (3); Recipient of Borden Award (4): Delegate to 1959 
Omicron Nu Conclave at Univer.sity of Wisconsin (3) : Member of Stu- 
dent Program and Policy Committee of the School of Home Economics 
(2. 3). 

Mary Vivian Hamrick Shelby 

B.S.S.A.. Business Education 

Daisy Chain (2); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Home Economics Club (1): 
Dorrii Committees (1); 4-H Club (1); Sigma Pi (1, 2. 3. 4); B.S.U. (1, 
2, 3, 4). 


Jean Ruth Hancoth Monroe 

A.B., Chetitislry 

East Carolina College (1); Section Leader (3); Junior Advisor (3); 
Chemistry Club (3, 4), Vice-President (4); S.E.A. (3), 

Mary Ann Hancock Charlotte 

A.B., French 

Hr)nor Roll (I. 2. 3): Curriculum Committee (4): Section Leader (II; 
Clioir (1. 2, 3, 4); Le Circle Francais (1, 3. 4): Scottish Dance Group 

Sally Thomas Haney Morganton 

A.B., Elementary Education President (4); Junior House President (3): Assistant House 
President (2): Legislature (2. 3): Class Treasurer (2); Outstanding 
Seniors; Golden Chain (3, 4); U.N.C. Council (4); Daisy Chain (2): 
Home Economics Club (2); Recreation Association (1); German Club 
(I. 2). 

Suanne Haney Charlotte 

A.B., English 

Pine Xeedles (2. 4); Section Leader (1); Elliott Hall Council (1. 2); 
Junior Advisor (3); Westminster; Medical Technologists (1. 2); S.E.A. 
(3. 4); Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3. 41; Marshal d); Sister Day Com- 
mittee (3); Junior Show (3); Literary Staff. Piiie Needles (4). 

Barbara Lou Harper Jacksonville 

B.S.S.A.. Business Education 

Zalitta Belah Harris Albemarle 

A.B.. Elementary Education 

Dance Committee (2): Hillel (I. 2. 3. 4), Secretary (3): S.E.A. (3. 4); 
Dorm Committees, Kitchen Chairman (4): Freshman Council (li. 

C^.irol Ann Harrison Salisbury 

A.B., Elementary Education 

n.ime Committee (2. 3); Westminster (2, 3); S.E.A. (2. 3. 4). Publicity 
Chairman (4); Dorm Committees (1. 2). 

Patricia Anne Hart Miami, Fla. 

A.B.. Economics 

Section Leader; Choir: Gamma Alpha (3); S.E.A. (4); Dorm Com- 
mittees (3, 4); Fine Arts Committee (3). 

Andrea Lynn Hatchett Rocky Mount 

B.S.S.A.. Education 

Section Leader (2. 3); Gamma Alpha (3. 4): Young Democrats Club 
(3. 4). Vice-President (4). 

Ann Jane Hawkins Candler 

A.B.. Chemistry 

Section Leader (3); Chemistry Club (3. t) : Dolphin-Seal C). t>. 

Page 1S2 


Catherine Paddison Haynes Burgaw 

Carolyn Heafner Lincolnton 

B.M., Voice 

Honor Roll 12, ;i) ; Section Leader (l); Junior Advisor (3); Arts 
ForuTn Committee (3); Clioir (1, 2. 3, 4), Librarian (3), President (4): 
Music-KilucMtioii Club (1. 2, 3). Secretary 12, 3); Dance Group (2, 3): 
DoriTi Committees (3); Woman's College Theater (2, 3. I): Le Circle 
FrancMis ii); Opera Workshop (1, 2. 4); Marshal (3. 4); German Club 
(4); Hall DiianI (3): Junior Show (3); F.T.A. (2); M,E.N,C. (3, 4); 
Madrigal Singers (2, 3, 4). 

Annette Mac Heiserman Baltimore, Md. 

B.S.. Dance 

Maryland State Teachers College; Arts Forum Committee, Dance Rep- 
resentative (3); Interfaith Council (2); Hillel (2, 3, 4); Recreation 
A.ssociation (2, 3, 4); Dance Group C2, 3, 4): Dorm Committees (2, 3, 
4) ; Woman's College Theater (2, 3, tl ; Junior Show Choreographer (3). 

Martha Ann Helms Marshville 

A.B.. History 

Honor Roll (I. 2. 3): Junior Advisor (3); B.S.U. a. 2); Phi Alpha 
Theta {3, 4), Vice-President (3), President (4); S.E.A, (3): Dorm 
Committees (3); N.S.A. (3); Campus Stores Committee (4); Interfaith 
Forum Committee (4); Elliott Hall Special Events Committee (2); 
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (1, 2. 8, 4), Vice-President (3): 
History Club (1. 2, 3, 4). 

Jacqueline Hendrix Greensboro 

A.B.. History 

Mary Catherine Henson Gastonia 

A.B., English 

Evelyn Louise Hicks Newland 

B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Camliuian. Feature Staff (2); Pine Needles. Typing Staff (3); Honor 
Roll (3) : Section Leader (3) ; Junior Advisor (3) : Gamma Alpha 3, 4) ; 
S.E.A. (3): Spanish Club (2); Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3); Hall Board 
(4) ; Dorm Council (4). 

Betty Bruce Hill Reidsville 

A.B., Biology 

Honor Roll (1, 2): Junior Advisor (3); Wesley: Dorm Committees (3); 
Medical Technologists; Beta Beta Beta (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Ger- 
man Club (1, 2, 3, 4). 

Ann Louise Hogan Burlington 

B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education 

Feature Editor, Pine Xeerllex (3); Golden Chain (4); Honor Board (3, 
4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Historian (3), President (4): 
Assistant House President (2), 

Virginia Holmes Indian Head, Md, 

B.S.H.E., Home Economics 

Home Economics Club (3, 4); Woman's College Theater CD; .Averctt 
College (1, 2), 

Page 183 


Who said "senior year s a crip'" 

Barbara Adele Holt Albemarle 

A.B., English 

Wesley: Dorm Committees (1, 2); Camp Counselors Club (Ii; Elliott 
Hall Committees (1. 2). 

Shirley Jane Holton Winston-Salem 

A.B., French 

Carolinian (3, 4); Honor Roll (1. 2. 3); Service League (4); Section 
Leader (1. 4); Westminster (1): S.E.A. (3); Dorm Committees (1, 2); 
Le Circle Francais (1, 2. 3. 4); Dean's List (3). 

Shirley Holtzmann White Wise 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Section Leader (3t: Elliott Hall Chorus (3); Greensboro Association 
for Lutheran Students ; The Epsilon Rho Chapter of Gamma Delta ; 
Home Economics Club (I): S.E.A. (3): Dorm Committees (1, 2, 8); 

N.S.A. (3). 

Marjorie Anne Hood Lumberton 

B.S.S.A.. Business 

Elections Board (41; Dance Committee (2): .Junior Advisor (3); Wes- 
ley; Ciamma Alpha (3. 4); Dorm Committees II. 2. 3, 4); Junior Show 
(3); Special Events Committee (1. 2); Sister Day Committee (2). 

Mary Ann Hoover Winston-Salem 

A.B.. Primary Education 

.Junior House President (3); Vice-President. Senior Class (4); Honor 
Roll (3): Service League (I): S.E.A. (3. 4); Dorm Committees (1. 4); 
Junior Show (3): Hall Board (2); Legislature (3). 

Mary Eleanor Hope Huntersville 

A.B.. Mathematics 

Honor Roll (1. 2i ; Honor Board (4) ; Curriculum Committee (3) ; West- 
minster Fellowship (3, 4); Square Circle (1. 2. 3. I). President 4: 
S.E.A. (4); Spanish Club (1. 2); Dorm Committees (1. 21; Junior 
Sliow (3). 

Carolyn Gay Howell Hertford 

B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education 

Mars Hill Junior College; B.S.U. (3. 4); Home Economics Club (3. 4); 
4-H Club (3). 

Julia Kathryn Hudson Salisbury 

A.B., English 

Dance Committee (2. 3); Choir (1. 2. 3): Westminster (1. 2. 3. 41; 
S.E.A. (3, 4); Music-Education Club (1, 2); Dorm Committees (1, 2. 

3. 4). 

Sonja Sue Hudson Winston-Salem 

A.B., Primary Education 

Mars Hill Junior College (1, 2); Honor Roll (3); Town Students (4); 
B.S.U. (3): S.E.A. (3). 

Anna Louise Hughes Waynesboro, Va. 

B.M.. Music Education 

Westminster Clioir College. Princeton. New Jersey Section Leader (2. 
U: Junior Advisor (3); Choir (2. 3. 4); Music-Education Club (2, 3); 
Dorm Committees (4). 

Carolyn Louise Hunter Morganton 

A.B., History 

Lesislature (2, 8): Junior Class Council (3): Junior Advisor (3): 
S.E.A. (2); Le Circle Francais (1); History Club (2, 3). 

Helen Faye Jackson Fayetteville 

B.F.A.. Art Education 

Mars Hill College 1; S.E.A. (3). Dorm Committees (2, 3). 

Josephine Randa Jackson Siloam 

B.S.S.A., Distributive Ed neat ion 

Wesley (1. 2, 3. 4) ; Gamma Alpha (3, 4) : S.E.A. (4) ; Dorm Committees 
(1. 2. 3, 4) ; Young Democrats Club. 

Nancy Katharine James Winston-Salem 

B.S., Home Economics 

Honor Roll (2. 3. 4); U.N'.C. Council (3. 4); Choir (1); Interfaitli 
Council (3): Omicron \u. Secretary (4): Home Economics Club (1, 2. 
3, 4): Spanish Club (2). Dorm Committees (1. 2): Sophomore Council 
(2): Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (I, 2), President (3). Vice- 
President (4). 

Sarah M. Jobe Greensboro 

B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Brevard Junior College (1. 2): Town Students (3, 4); Gamma Alpha 
(3. 4) : Sigma Alpha (4). 

Virginia Elizabeth Johnson Weldon 

B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Service League (3); Dance Committee (3); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Donn 
Committees (2, 3. 4) : Junior Show Business Staff. 

Martha Hardy Johnson Fountain 

A.B., Primary Education 

St. Mary's (1. 2); S.E.A. (3, 4): Dorm Committees (2, 3); Senior 
Council (4): Junior Show (3). Elliott Hall Special Events Committee 
(3): Sister Day Committee (3); Senior Class Elections Chairman (4). 

Sylvia Ann Johnson Winston-Salem 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Section Leader (3): Wesley (1. 2): S.E.A. (4): Spanish Club (1): Dorm 
Committees (1. 2); Elliott Hall Social Committee (1). 

Carolyn Faye Jones Raleigh 

B.M.. Piano 

Choir (1); B.S.U. (3. 4); Music-Education Club (3); Music Students' 
Club (4). 

Marian Dean Jones Benson 

B.A.. English 

Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Section Leader (1); Elliott Hall Chorus (1. 2, 3): 
Westminster (I. 2. 3. 4); Le Circle Francais (4); Carolinian (2. 3), 
Managing Editor 4. 

Nora Lee Joyce Pinnacle 

A.B.. Elemenidiy Education 

4-H Club (1): JuiiiDi- 

Elizabeth Anne Karsnak Greenville 

A.B.. English and Biology 

.ludieial Biianl (41; House Preskienl (4): CarnHnian. News Staff (1. :!, 
.•11; HoiKir Roll (1); Section Leader (1); Weslev (I. •-'. 3. H; Dorm 
Coimnittees (3); Handbook Committee (3); Elliott Hall Kiiie Arts 
Committee (2). 

Marjorie Patricia Kelly ... 

. Bunn 


Honor Roll (3); Service League (4); Section Leader (2); Junior Ail- 
visor (3); Camnia Alplia (3. 4>; S.E.A. (3. 4): Recreation As.sociation 
(II; Dorm Committees (1. ■>. 3, 4): Golf Club (3. 4): Youns Democrats 
Club (3. I). 

Rexine Matthews Kelly Sanfor(d 

B.S.S.A.. Secretarial 

Sharon Lynne Kennerly Mooresvillc 

B.F.A.. Art 

Fine Needhs Art Staff (3); Greensboro Sympbony Orclie.stra (3): 
Lutlieran Student Association; Dorm Committees (1. 3); Art Club 
(1. 2. 3). 

Kay Cecile Kinsey Greensboro 

A.B.. Mathematics 

.lunior Advisor (3); Town Students (I); Greensboro Symphony Orches- 
tra (1. 2); Wesley Foundation: Square Circle (1. 2. 3. 4); Recreation 
Association (1). 

Sara Emily Kinsinger Winston-Salem 

B.M.. Instrumental Music Education 

Greensboro Symphony (1, 2. 3. 4); Chamber Music Group (1. 2. 3. 4); 
Weslev Foundation (1. 2. 3. 4), Council Member (3); Music-Education 
Club (3) ; Mu.sic Students' Club (4) ; Junior Show (3) ; M.E.N.C. (4). 

Barbara Jean Kistler Charlotte 

B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education 

Phif yferll,:i Business StafT (4) ; Charlotte College (1); Home Economics 
Club (2. 3. 4): S.E.A. (4); 4-H Club (2. 41: Elliott Hall Special Events 
Committee (4); Dorm Committees (2. 3. 41; B.S.U. (2. 3. 41. Enlistment 
Vice-President (3), Social Vice-President (3), ProRram Chairman (4). 

Petitesa Klenos Greensboro 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Section Leader (II; S.E.A. (3. II; Dance Group, Social Committee (41. 

Maria Poli\ious Lamprinakos Asheville 

A.B.. History 

Honor Roll (1. 2. 31; Curriculum Committee (3. 41: Section Leader 
(II: Junior Advisor (31 ; Social Science Committee (3, 41: ?:iIiott Hall 
Chorus (31: Phi Alpha Theta (3. 4); S.E.A. (4); Dorm Committees (4|: 
.ludieial Board (2): Junior Council (31; Senior Council (41. 


Those were the good old days. 

Tommie Ann Lancaster Pikeville 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Elliott Hall Council (4): B.S.U. (1); Home Econoinics Club (1); S.E.A. 
(4): Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3): Fine Arts Committee (2. 3, 4) : Chair- 
man Fine Arts Committee (4). 

Diane Laughon Greensboro 

BSS.A., Merchandising 

Town students (2); Pine Needles (3. 4); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Home 
Economics Club (1. 2); Dorm Committees (1, 4). 

Barbara Gail Lavine Portsmouth, Va. 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Hillel, Secretary (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Square Circle (I. 2); S.E.A. (3. 4): Dorm 
Committees (I) : Youn;; Democrats of America (3, 4) ; Junior Show (3) : 
A.C.E.I. (4); Elliott Hall Student-Faculty Committee (3). 

Paula Lenderman Wilkesboro 

B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Honor Roll (3): Section Leader (1); Elliott Hall Council (11: B.S.U. 
(1. 2. 3): Gamma Alpha (3, 4); S.E.A. C3. 4): Recreation Association 
(1. 2. 3): Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3): Le Circle Francais (I. 2): Class 
Dav Chairman (4); Senior Marshal (4): Junior Show (3); Sister Day 
Committee (3): U.B.E.A. (4); Pine Needles (4); Spotlight Staff (4). 

Peggy Virginia Lenhardt Greenville, S. C. 

A.B., Primary Education 

U.N.C. Council (4); Section Leader (1); Dance Committee (2. 3). 
Figure Chairman (2): Elliott Hall Chorus (1); B.S.U. (1. 2. 3); S.E.A. 
(4>: Spanish Club (2); Dorm Committees (I. 2, 3. 4): N.S.A. (4): 
Marshal (3, 4) : Maid of Honor (4) : Junior Show (3) : Sister Day Com- 
mittee (3); Rat Day Committee (2). 

Rebecca Louise Leonard ThomasviUe 

B.S.H.E.. Education 

. 4); Home Economics Club (2. 3, 4): S.E.A. i3. II: 

Patsy Minerva Leatherwood Waynesville 

B.S.H.E.. Home Economics 

Section Leader (1. 2): Wesley (1. 2. 3. 41: Home Economics Club il. 
2, 3, 4) ; S.E.A. (3. 4) ; Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3, 4). 

Elizabeth Neill LeConte Greenville 

A.B., Chemistry 

Honor Roll (3): Westminster Fellowship (3): Chemistry Club (1. 2. 3i. 
President (4): Dorm Committees (I): German Club (1. 21; Judicial 
Board (4). 

Ruby Dolores Ann Leonard Lexington 

B.S.. Physical Education 

Daisy Chain (2): Dance Committee (li: Wesley (1); Recreation Asso- 
ciation (1. 2, 3, 4); Dorm Committees (1. 2): Co-Of (1. 2. 3, 4): Golf 
Club (3, 4): Dolphin-Seal (31: Y.D.C. (2); Senior Council (4): Student- 
Faculty Council, P.E. (3, 4). 

Sarah Katherine Leonard Greensboro 

A.B., Elementary Education 

2): S.E.A. (2. 3. 4). 


Edith Ray Lewis Asheboro 

A.B., English 

Honor Roll (1); Section Leader (2. 4); Arts Forum Committee (4); 
Clioir (1): Masqueraders (2, 3, 4). 

Julia Ann Locke Asheville 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Mars Hill Junior College (1. 2); Honor Roll (2, 3): B.S.U. (1. 2); 
International Relations (2): S.E.A. (3, 4); Art Club (I). 

Mary Jane Long Gastonia 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Section Leader (1): Clioir (1); B.S.U. (1): S.E.A. (2. 4); Dorm Com- 
mittees (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Senior Council. 

Annie Louise Luther Draper 

B.S.H.E.. Home Economics 

Wesley (1. 2. 3, 4); Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 4): S.E.A. (3. 4); 
Dorm Committees (2, 3). 

Betty Ann McCall Charlotte 

A.B., Biology 

Senior House President (4); Dance Committee: Botany Club (2. 31; 
Dance Group: Dorm Committees (2, 3) : Elliott Hall Special Events (3) ; 
Junior Show (,1). 

Sue Vaughn McCarthey New Haven, Conn. 

A.B., English 

Sally Parker McCotter Alliance 

B.M.. Music Education 

Class Cheerleader (3): Choir (1. 2. 3): Wesley (1. 2. 3): Recreation 
.Association (1); Music Education Club (1, 2): Band (2): Dorm Com- 
mittees (1). 

Doris Ann McGill Maxton 

A.B., Mathematics 

Judicial Board Chairman (4): Treasurer Class (3): Outstanding Senior 
14): Section Leader (2); Westminster (3, 4): Square Circle (2. 3, 4); 
S.E..\. (4): Dorm Committees (2); Special Events Committee (3): 
Executive Cabinet (4); Inter-Class Council (3); Junior Show (3). 

Amelia Ann McGinnis Maiden 

B.S.S.A.. Business Education 

Pine Needles (3); Section Leader (1): Gamma Alpha (3. 4): S.E.A. 
(3): Dorm Committees (1. 3, 4); Elliott Hall Committees (2. 4i. 

Louise Kay Mclntyre Rockingham 

B.S.. Secretarial Administration 

Junior Advisor (3): Gamma Alpha (3, 4K 


Margaret McKee Madison 

A.B.. Elementary Education 

Gail Perkins McLeod Lexington 

B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Honor Roll (2. 3); B.S.U. (2. 3): Gamma Alpha (3. 4); S.E.A. (3. 4); 
Dorm Committees (1): Sigma Alpha (4); College Band (1. 2. 3). 

Virginia Rose McLester Rockingham 

B.F.A., Art Education 

Section Leader (1. 2): Dance Committee (31; Class Council (1. 4); 
S.E.A. (4): Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3. 4); Art Club (1. 3. 4). 

Mary Ann McNeely Greensboro 

A.B., English 

Honor Roll (1. 2, 3); Daisy Chain (2): Elliott Hall Council (3j: Dance 
Committee (2. 3): Junior Advisor (3); S.E.A. (3): Dorm Committees 
(1>; Le Circle Francais (4); Greek Play (1. 2. 3): Elliott Hall Enter- 
tainment Committee (2, 3). 

Virginia Lee McPherson Littleton 

B.S.H.E.. Education 

St. Mary's (1. 2): Home Economics Council Representative (4); Home 
Economics Club (3, 4); Pine Needles (4). 

Patricia Joanne McQuague Wadesboro 

B.S.H.E.. Clothing and Textiles 

Section Leader (1): Daisy Chain (2i: B.S.U. (1); Home Economics 
Club (2. 3. 4) : Dorm Committees (1, 2) ; Junior Show (3) ; Junior Coun- 
cil (31: Pine Needles (1. 2, 3). Editor (4>: N.C.P. Convention (3, 4). 

Mary Lynne Mahaffey Greenville, S. C. 

B.A., Sociology 

Social Science Conmiittee (3. 4): Sociolog:y Club (3. 4): Camp Coun- 
selors Club (2); Dorm Committees (1. 21; Legislature (2. 41: House 
President (4): Assistant House President (2), Vice-President (3i. 

Beverly Elaine Marcus Brooklyn, N. Y. 

B.A.. Art 

Brooklyn Collese (li; Elliott Hall Council (31; Hillel (2. 3. 4i; Art 
Club (3. 4); Elliott Hall Committees (2. 31; Junior Show (31; Senior 
Council (4); Publicity Chairman (4). 

Carol Marcus Norfolk, Va. 

B.A.. Mathematics 

Honor Roll (1. 2); Honor Board (3): Elliott Hall Council (1): Hillel 
(1. 2); Square Circle (1. 2. .'ii. 

Sandra Lee Margolis Williamston 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Section Leader (II: Elliott Hall Council (1): Dance Committee (1); 
Junior Advisor (3i: Honor Roll (1. 2, 3); Golden Chain (4); Outstand- 
ing Senior (4); Hillel (1. 2, 3. 4); S.E.A. (3); Marshal (3. 4); Execu- 
tive Cabinet (3. 41 ; Assistant House President (2> : Senior Council (2) ; 
Class President (3. 4). 


Martha Bryan and a primary education major's trademark — her anthology. 

Alma Jo Martin Pageland, S. C. 

B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education 

Home ETOiiumiis Club (3. 4); S.E.A. (3): Wingate Junior College. 

Evelyn Marie Matheson Vilas 

A.B., Music Literature and Languages 

Alma Louise Matthews Greensboro 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Legislature Representative (1. 2, 3. 4); President Town Students (4); 
Rules Committee Chairman (3): Executive Committee (4): Chancellor's 
Advisory Committee (4); Publicity Committee. Elliott Hall (3); Town 
Students (I, 2. 3. 4): Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (1, 2); U.S.F. 
(1. 2, 3. 4): S.E.A. (4); Junior Council Representative (3). 

Susan Marguerite Meyer Greensboro 

A.B., Drama 

Boston University; Hofstra; Guilford; Honor Roll (3); Curriculum 
Committee (3. 4): Town Students; Newman Club (3); Masqueraders 
(3. 4); Woman's College Theater (3. 4). 

Patricia Ann Miller Hickory 

BSS.A.. Education 

Junior .Advisor (31; L.S..\. (1. 2. 3. 4); Gamma .Mpha (3. 41; Spanish 
Club (2). 

Betty Sue Miller Asheboro 

BSS.A. , Business Education 

East Carolina College; Town Students (3, 4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4). 

Mary Sue Mincey Charlotte 

A.B., Primary Education 

Elections Board. Secretary (31; Elliott Hall Chorus (11; S.E.A. (4); 
Dance Group (2i; Dorm Committees (1. 4); Legislature (1, 2, 3. 4); 
Jacket Committee (1). 

Lynne Elizabeth Minich Greensboro 

B.S.S.A., Secretarial Administration 

Dance Committee (1); fown Students (2); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Dance 
Ciroup (41; Dorm Committees (1); Young Democrats Club (4). 

Barbara Ann Mitchell Kinston 

B.S.S.A., Secretarial Administration 

Co-Editor of HfiiitUgtit (4); Honor Roll (3); Junior .\dvisor (31; St. 
-Mary's House (1. 2. 3. 41: Square Circle (1, 21; Gamma Alpha (3, 4); 
Recreation Association (1. 2. 3. 41; Dorm Committees (2. 31; Junior 
Show (3). 

Marianne Louise Mock Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

B.M., Organ 

Elliott Hall Chorus (2i: Choir (2. 31; Greensboro Sympliony Orchestra 
(4); Dnrm Committees (4). 

Martha Sue Moffitt Canton 

B.F.A., Art 

AUie Marie Moore Gastonia 

B.A., Chemistry 

Legislature (3. 4); Pine Xeedles (1. 2. 3. 4), Business Manager (3, 4); 
Daisy Cliain (3): Elliott Hall Council (4); Dance Committee (3. 4): 
B.S.U. (1. 2. 3. 41; Chemistry Club (2, 3. 4). Secretary (3): Dorm 
Committees (1. 2, 3, 4): Debate Society (2. 3): Elliott Hall Committee 
(I, 2, 3. 41 ; Junior Show (3). 

Fay Clark Moore Fountain 

A.B., Sociology 

Section Leader (2. 3); Golf Club (2); Sociology (2, 3. 4): Dorm Com- 
mittees <1, 2. 3): Crirolinian (1); Legislature (3. 4): Handbook Chair- 
man (3). 

Jean Watson Moore Graham 

B.S.H.E.. Education 

Mary Lou Moore Farmville 

A.B., Sociology 

Wesley (1) ; Sociology (2, 3, 4) ; S.E.A. (4) ; Dorm Conunittees (1. 2, 3) ; 
I.e Circ-le Francais (1). 

Sue Von Moore Matthews 


Pine Needles (3. 4); Section Leader (2. 4); Dance Committee (1): 
Junior Advisor (3); Westminster: Gamma Alpha (3, 4): Spanish Club 
(1. 2); Dorm Committees (1. 2, 3, 4); Woman's College Theater (3. 4): 
Dolphin-Seal (1. 2. 3. 4): Junior Show (3). 

Bette Fay Morris Walkertown 

B.A., Biology 

Chemistry Club (3); S.E.A. (4); Club (2); Psychology (2); 
Dorm Committees (2): Tap Dance Group (1. 2). 

Patricia Ziem Morrison Statesville 

A.B., Primary Education 

Mitchell Junior College (1. 2); Westminster Fellowship 13. 4); S.E.A. 
(4) ; Hall Board (4). 

Catherine Elizabeth Morse Raleigh 

A.B.. History 

Daisy Chain (2); Service League (2. 3); St. Mary's House (1. 2. 3. 41: 
N.S..\. (1, 2. 3). 

Lelia Adis Moseley Statesville 

B.A., Mathematics 

Mitchell College (L 2i: Stiuare Circle (3. 4); S.E.A. (4). 

Page 191 


I- ^, 

Sylvia Jean Moser Winston-Salem 

B.S.H.E., Education 

Daisy Chain (2); Home Economics Club (2, 3. 4); S.E.A. (3): Spanisli 
Club (2); Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3). 

Ann Louise Mulkey East Spencer 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Wesley (1); S.E.A. (2). Secretary (3), President (4); Dorm Committees 

(1. 2). 

Peggy Louise Mustian Warrenton 

A.B., Primary Education 

B.S.U.; Home Economics Club (1); S.E.A. (4); Recreation .\ssociation 
(1. 2, 3, 4): Dorm Committees (1. 2, 3); 4-H Club 1. 

Regina Nakutis Waynesville 

A.B., Primary Education 

S.E.A. (3. 4): Dorm Committees (1. 2); Newman Club: Service League. 

Judith Andrea Needham Graham 

B.S.H.E.. Textiles 

Clieniistry Club (2. 3); Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3. 41: 4-H Club 
II. 2. .'1. 41. 

Patsy Anne Newell Greensboro 

A.B., Primary Education 

CnriiUuian (2): Chain (2): S.E.A. (3. 4): Dorm Committees (3. 
4) : Junior Show 3. 

Jo Ellen O'Briant Greensboro 

B.A., French 

Freshman Commission (1): Junior Council (3): Carolinian (2. 3. 4): 
Honor Roll (1): Elliott Hall Council (2): Town Students (1. 2. 3, 4). 

Donna Dean Oliver Greensboro 

B.A.. English 

Cnrnlininii (1): Honor Roll (3); Section Leader (3); Junior Advisor 
13) : Town Students (4). 

Danielle Susan Outlaw Mount Olive 

A.B.. Piano 

Honor Roll (1. 3): Choir (2. 3. 4): Wesley (1, 4); Music Education 
Club (3). 

Nancy Sue Owen Winston-Salem 

B.A., Mathematics 

Square Circle (3. 4); S.E..\. (3. 4): Dorm Committees (2. 3). 
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Who would believe it . . . Cars on campus!! 

Lunn Copley Painter Greensboro 

A.B., Economics 

Margaret L. Paris Raleigh 

B.F.A.. Art Education 

Sarah Lynn Parker Statesville 

B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education 

Mitchell Junior College (1, 2) ; Westminster Fellowship (3, 4) : Home 
Economics Club (3), Secretary (4); S.E.A. (4). 

Sylvia Jane Parker Wilmington 

A.B., Sociology 

Carolinian (2. 3): Dance Committee (1); Elliott Hall Chorus (2, 3); 
Choir (1); B.S.U.: Sociology Club (2, 3. 4); Junior Dance Group (1); 
Dorm Committees (3); Le Circle Francais (2); Elliott Hall Social 
Committee (I. 2. 3. 4). 

Julia Annette Patterson Sanford 

A.B., Primary Education 

Dorm Committees <I. 2. 3): Camp Counselors Club (3): Inter-Class 
Council (4); Senior Council (4); Junior Show (3); Sister Day Com- 
mittee (3); Invitations Committee (4); Class Cheerleader (4). 

Alice Ann Pearson Charlotte 

B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education 

Carolinian (I): Pine Needles (3); L.S.A. (J, 2. 3); Home Economics 
Club (1, 2, 3, 4); S.E.A. (3, 4); Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3). 

Mary Lois Pegram Charlotte 

A.B., Sociology 

Section Leader (3); Choir (1); Westminster Fellowship (4): Sociology 
Club (3. 4); Dorm Committees (4). 

Jean Wall Penland Reidsville 

Betty Lou Rowe Penny Raleigh 

B.S., Home Economics 

Em Perry Beaufort 

A.B., History 

S.E.A. (4); German Club (2). Vice-President (3); Y.D.C. (2. 3), Presi- 
dent (4) ; History Club (3, 4) ; East Carolina College (1). 



Joce Paulette Peters Clinton 

B.F.A.. Dress Design and Fashion Illustration 

Honor Koll (1. 2. 3. 4); Dance Committee (1); Junior Advisor (3): 
Arts Forum Committee: Le Circle Francais (1, 2); Art Club (1. 2. 3. 
i): Vounff Democrats (1). 

Peggy Jean Peterson Clinton 

B.S.S.A.. Business Education 

Honor Koll (2, 3. 4); Elections Board (li; Junior Advisor (3): B.S.V. 
(1. 2. 3, 4): Gamma Alpha (3, 4); S.E.A. (4i; Spanish Club (2); Dorm 
Committees (1. 2. 4): Sigma Alpha (4); Young Democrats Club (4). 

Karen Marlene Pfeiffer North Brunswick, N. J. 

B.A., Chetnistry 

Michigan State University (1); Newman Club (2. 3. 4): Chemistry 
Club (2. 3. 4): Dorm Committees (3): Y.D.C. (3): Junior Show (3). 

Phyllis Jean Phelps New Bern 

B.A., Primary Education 

Elliott Hall Chorus (1); Dorm Committees (2. 3): Camp Counselors 
Club II. 2); N.S.A. (3. 4); U.N'.C. Council (4); Senior Marshal. 

Ann Sherrill Phillips Cameron 

A.B., English 

Junior .\dvisor (3); Honor Board Chairman (4); Golden Chain (3. 4); 
Outstanding Senior (4); Class Secretary (3): Carolinian (3): Chan- 
cellor's Advisory Committee (4); Executive Cabinet (4). 

Phyllis Ramona Phillips High Point 

Elizabeth White Pickard Greensboro 

B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education 

stetson University (1): Town Students (2. 3. 4): B.S.U. (2. 3); Dorm 
Committees (2. 3. 4): Senior Council (4). 

Betty Jeanne Plonk Kings Mountain 

B.S.H.E., Home Economics 

Honor Roll (2): Tnterfaith Council (4i: L.S.A. \ice President (2i. 
President (4): Home Economics Club (1. 2. 41: Dorm Committees (2). 

Peggy Anne Plummer Thomasville 

A.B., Sociology 

Wesley (I. 21: Sociology Club (3, 4): Dorm Committees (1. 2); Elliott 
Hall Committees (3. 4). 

Glinna Evelyn Ponder Marshall 

A.B., Primary Education 

Section Leader (1. 3): Home Economics Club (1); S.E.A. (I): Dorm 
Committees (1. 3. 4): N.S.A. (2. 3): 4-H Club (1. 2. 3): B.S.U. (1. 2). 


Katherine Susan Pope Greenville 

A.B.. Biology 

Rhoda Maria Powers St. Pauls 

A.B.. Elementary Education 

S.E.A. (3. 4): Spanish Club (1. 2); Dorm Committees (I, 3, 4); Soloist. 
Esl<ri<lge Bible Class. College Place Methodist Church (1. 2. 3. 4); 
A.C.E.I. (4). 

Alice Faye Pritchett Brown Summit 

B.S.S.H., Home Econo?nics Education 

Section Leader (4); Daisy Chain (2); United Students Fellowship (I. 
2. 3. 4); Home Economies Club (1, 2. 3. 4); S.E.A. (4): 4-H Club (1. 
2. 3. 4); Dorm Council (3. 4): Senior Council (4): Hall Board (3). 

Trudy Ann Putnam 

B.F.A.. Art-Advertising 

. Tarboro 

Madeleine Claire Rabil Weldon 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Section Leader (1, 3); Interfaith Council (2); Newman Club (i, 2, 3. 
4). Treasurer (4); S.E.A. (3. 4): Dorm Committees (3, 4): N.S.A. (3. 
4) : Freshman Commission. 

Johanna Raper Fayetteville 

A.B.. English 

Judicial Board (3. 4); Legislature (1); Curriculum Committee (3. 4): 
Section Leader (3): Junior .\dvisor (3): Elliott Hall Chorus (2); 
Interfaith Council (2. 3). Co-Program Chairman (3); Wesley Founda- 
tion (1, 2. 3): Dorm Committees (1); Le Circle Francais (4). 

Ana Reyes Cardenas, Cuba 

B.F.A.. Design for Advertisittg 

Pine Needles Art Staff (4) ; Mars Hill College (1. 2) ; Honor Roll (1. 2) : 
Service League (4): .Arts Forum Committee (4): B.S.U. (1. 2); Sigma 
Delta Pi (3. 4): Art Club (1. 2. 3, 4). 

Carolyn June Reid 

B.M.. Music Education 

. Asheboro 

Nancy Latham Reinbach Greensboro 

A.B., Primary Education 

Town Students (1. 2, 3, 4); S.E.A. (3) : Town Students, Social Chairman 
(3); Senior Council (4): Cnrolininn. .Advertising Manager (4). 

Avis Hendrix Rhyne Gastoni, 

A.B., Chemistry 

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U.N.C.'s Phi Mu Alphas serenade those lucky girls in Mendenhall. 

Janice Marie Robertson Reidsville 

B.S.H.E., Home Economics 

Freshman University Sermon (1) ; Service League (2) ; Home Economics 
Club (1, 2, 3, 4): Dorm Committees; 1959 Danfortii Fellowsliip Winner. 

Elizabeth Ann Robinson Gastonia 

B.A., Elementary Education 

B.S.U. (1, 2. 3, 4); S.E.A. (2. 3. 4); Young Democrats Club (4). 

Sandra Powell Rogers Greensboro 

A.B., Primary Education 

Tovi-n students (3. 4): Wesley (1); S.E.A. (3. 4); Spanish Club (21: 
Dorm Committees (1, 2) ; Junior Show (3). 

Mary Patricia Rose Paducah, Ky. 

A.B., Biology 

Murray State College (1); Honor Roll (3); Section Leader (3): Junior 
Advisor (3); Elliott Hall Chorus (2); Wesley (2. 3); Medical Tech- 
nologist (3). President (4); Dorm Committees (3); Le Circle Francais 
(2. 3); Beta Beta Beta (3). Secretary 4. 

Carolyn Elizabeth Ross Gary 

B.S.H.E.. Education 

Section Leader (2): Daisy Chain (2); Junior Advisor (3); Wesley (1, 
2, 3. 4); Home Economics Club (2. 3. 4); S.E.A. (3. 4). 

Ramona Ann Rothrock Walnut Cove 

A.B., Biology 

Sarah Winifred Rothrock Raleigh 

A.B., Sociology 

Peace College (1, 2); Sociology Club (S, 4): Dorm Committees (3, 4). 

Mary Mildred Russ Winston-Salem 

A.B., Mathematics 

Carolinian (1); Junior AdvLsor (3); Elliott Hall Chorus (2); Choir (4); 
Interfaith Council (4); Wesley (1, 2), Treasurer (3). President (4); 
Square Circle (1. 2. 3. 4); Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 4). 

Nancy Ann Russell Burlington 

A.B., Sociology 

Sociology Club (3, 4) ; Recreation Association (3. 4) ; Dorm Committees 
(3, 4); Camp Counselors Club (2). President (3); Co-Of (2, 3). 

Nancy Bradley Sanderlin Council 

A.B., Sociology 

Sociology (2. 3). Vice-President (4): S.E..\. (2, 3); Dorm Committees 
(2. 3); Classical Club (1, 2). 

Dorothy Mae Sandrone Alexandria, Va. 

B.S.H.E., Home Economics 

Section Leader (1. 2); Home Economies Club (1. 2, 8. 4); Wesley (1); 
Honor Roll (3): Dorm Committees (1, 2, 8, 4); Senior Council (4); 
Pine Needles (4). 

Renee Nancy Sapero Greensboro 

A.B., Primary Education 

Norma Frances Savage Rocky Mount 

B.S.S.A.. Education 

Section Leader (1): Senior Council; Gamma Alpha (8, 4); S.E.A. (4); 
Dorm Committees (1. 2). 

Janet Claire Schnable Westport, Conn. 

B.F.A.. Art Education 

Pine Needles (2, 41: Section Leader (U ; Elliott Hall Chorus (I); 
U.S.F. (I. 2. 3. 4): Spanish Club (3); Co-Of (2, 3); Golf Club (3); 
Secretarial Association (:. 2. 3. 4); Art Club (2): Dolphin-Seal (1. 2), 
Vice-President (3. 4); Junior Show (3). 

Liliane Marie Louise Schreiber Charlotte 

B.A., French 

Newman Club (I. 2, 3, 4): Le Circle Francais (I, 2, 3), Secretary- 
Treasurer (4). 

Jacqueline Money Sechrist Thomasville 

B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Honor Roll (1, 2. 3); Town Students (1, 2. 3. 4); Wesley (1); Gamma 
Alpha (3, 4); Sigma Alpha (3), President (4). 

Corinne Sussman Segal Greensboro 

Carolyn Chase Settle Charlotte 

Mary Ellen Sharp Greensboro 

B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Section Leader (4); Dance Committee (2); Junior Advisor (3): Gamma 
Alpha (3. 4) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 4) : Dolphin-Seal (3). Secretary 
(4); U.B.E.A. (4). 

Sarah Albright Sharpe Burlington 

B.S.H.E., Education 

Leprislature (1, 2); Pine Needles (8): Section (2. 3); Dance Committee 
(3); Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. 4): Dorm Committees (2, 3. 4); 
Home Economics Council (1. 2. 4); Secretary State Home Economics 
Club (4); Marshal (4). 

Page 197 



Margaret Anne Shell Roanoke Rapids 

A.B., Elemenlary Education 

Section Leader (4); Wesley (1. 2); S.E.A. (3, 4); Dorm Committees 
(1. 2, 3); Band (1, 2, 3, 4); All-State College Band (3): Elliott Hall 
Committee (2J. 

Patricia Myers Sheppard Winston-Salem 

B.S.S.A.. Business Education 

University of Georgia (3): Town Stu<lents (4); B.S.U. (1, 2); Gamma 
Alpha (4); Tap Dance Group (2). 

Julia Rebecca Sherrill Fayetteville 

B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Daisy Chain (2); Junior Advisor (3): Gamma Alpha (3, 4): S.E.A. (3. 
4): Spanish Club (1. 2); Dorm Committees (1, 2); B.S.U. (1. 2, .si. 
Treasurer (4). 

Kay Watts Shields Guilford College 

A.B., Mathematics 

Honor Roll (3); Town Students (3, 4); Square Circle (1. 2. 3). Vice- 
President (4); Dorm Committees (1. 2) : Le Circle Francais (1. 2). 

Margaret Louise Shirlen Biscoe 

Camilla Boston Simpson Farmville 

A.B., English 

S.E.A. (3): Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3, 4); Junior Show (3). 

Elizabeth JoAnne Smart Raleigh 

A.B., Sociology 

Sociology (2, 3. 4): Junior Show (3); University Sermon Committee 
(3): Junior-Senior Invitations Committee (3); Inter-Collegiate Council 
(2. 3): Dorm Committees (4). 

Doris Stockton Smathers Candler 

B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Junior Advisor (3): Gamma Alpha (3. 4); S.E.A. (3). 

Betty )ane Smith Stoneville 

B.M.. Piano 

ClKiir (1. 2. 3. ») : B.S.U.: Elliott Hall Council (4): Music Education 
Cluh (1. 3, 4); Dorm Committees (3). 

Linda Blythe Smith Huntersville 

B.S.H.E.. Institutional Management 

Honor Koll (3); Home Economics Club (3, 4): Dorm Committees (1, 4). 

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Sylvia Ann Smith Charlotte 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Legislature (2. 3); Sister Dav Committee (2); Rins Committee (2): 
Elections Board (3): Elliott Hall Council (4); Dance Committee (1. 2, 
3); S.E.A. (4): Dorm Committees (1. 2). 

Virginia Ann Davis Smith Stoneville 

B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education 

Wesley (1. 2, 3); Home Economics (1. 2. 3. 4); Dorm Committees (3); 
4-H Club (3); Le Circle Francais (1. 2); Junior Sliow (3). 

Ann Proctor Snipes Pittsboro 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Honor Roll (1): Choir (1); Wesley (1, 2. 3, 4); S.E.A. (2), Treasurer 
(3), Vice-President (4); Dorm Committees (2, 3, 4); Campus Cliapel 
Committee (3). 

Ruth Snyder Curley Franklin 

B.A.. History 

Wesley (1. 2. 31; Home Economics Club il); S.E.A. (2, 3); Spanish 
Club (1. 2): History Club (3, 4). 

Barbara Ann Southerland Goldsboro 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Wesley (1. 2); S.E.A. (3. n; Dorm Committees (1. 3). 

Oh, it's beautiful!!! 

Mary Gardner Sparger Mt. Airy 

B.S.H.E.. Clothing and Textiles 

Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Dorm Committees (1); 4H Club 
(1. 2. 3); B.S.U. (1). 

Wanda Gale Spease Winston-Salem 

B.A., Economics 

Section Leader (1); Square Circle (1, 2): Gamma Alpha (3); Spanish 
Club (2); Dorm Committees (4); Vounj; Democrats Club (3). Treasurer 

Mary Charles Earnhardt Speight Charlotte 

B.M., Violin 

Section Leader (1); Elliott Hall Council (4): Elliott Hall Chorus (1); 
Greensboro Synipliony {1, 2, 3, 4); Chamber Music Group (1. 2. 3. 4): 
Westminster: \Iusic Education Club (3, 4); Dorm Committees (4); 
Marshal (4): Junior Show (3). 

Mary Eugenia Spruill Windsor 

B.A., English 

Young Democrats Club (1); Freshman Commission (1); Legislature 
(4); Le Circle Francais (1): Dorm Committees (2); S.E.A. (3, 4); 
Canterbury Club (1. 2); Section Leader (3); Student-Faculty Review- 
ing Committee (3); Curriculum Committee (4); Honor Board (3. 4). 

Janice Bland Stanton Greensboro 

B.S., Physical Education 

Legislature (31: Honor Roll (3): Daisy Chain (2): Town Students (3. 
4): B.S.U. (1, 2): Recreation Association (1. 2, 3. 41: Dorm Committees 
(1. 2); Co-Of (2). Secretary-Treasurer (3). President (4) : 4-H Club (1). 




Elizabeth West Stark Amelia, Va. 

A.B., Sociology 

Junior House President (3); Freshman Commission (1): Sister Day 
Chairman (2): Social Science Committee (3). Chairman (4); Canter- 
bury; Sociology Club (3. 4). 

Norma Sue Starnes Granite Falls 

B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education 

Elliott Hall Chorus (1); B.S.U. (1, 2, 4); Home Economics Club (2, 4); 
Dorm Committees {1. 2, 4); Le Circle Francais (i); Freshman Council 
(I); Dorm Council (1); Sister Day Committee (1). 

Mary Crawford Steele Lumberton 

B.S.H.E.. Home Economics Education 

Cheerleader (41; Section Leader (2): Elliott Hall Chorus (1): Wesley 
(1); Home Economics Club (1, 4); Dorm Committees {1. 2, 3); Elliott 
Hall Special Events (3. 4); Fine Arts (I); Legislature (1); Junior 
Show (3). 

Patricia Ann Stephenson Smithfield 

A.B., History 

Finance Board (4) ; Legislature (4) : Honor Roll (1, 3) ; Junior Advisor 
(3); Phi Alpha Theta (3. 4); Dorm Committees (2); S.E.A. (2); History 
Club (3. 4). 

Mary Louise Stevens Smithfield 

A.B., Biology 

Pine Needles, Nursing Class Editor (4): Section Leader (2); Medical 
Technologists (3, 4) ; Dorm Committees (2. 3) ; University of North 

Alice Floyd Stewart Dunn 

A.B.. Elementary Education 

Service League (4); S.E.A. (3. 4); Hall Board (2). 

Marlene Gramme Stewart Charlotte 

B.M., Music History 

Member of Executive Cabinet. S.G.A.; University of North Carolina: 
Section Leader (3); Daisy Chain (2); Arts Forum Committee <4) : 
Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (2). Librarian (3. 4); Interfaith 
Council (2). Publicity Chairman (3). President (4); B.S.U. (1. 4). 
Council (2. 3); Music Education Club (2); Dorm Committees (1, 2): 
Le Circle Francais (1); University Sermon Chairman (2); Elliott Hall 
Publicity Committee (1), Secretary (2). 

Elizabeth G. Stout Greensboro 

A.B., English 

Honor Roll (1. 3); Daisy Chain (3): Junior Advisor (3); Elliott Hall 
Chorus (I, 2); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4); S.E.A. (4); Dorm 
Committees (1. 2, 3. 4); Le Circle Francais (3); Elliott Hall Special 
Events Committee (3); Class Committees (3). 

Joan Elizabeth Stubblefield Baltimore, Md. 

A.B., Hisotry 

Mary Rose Sullivan Ahoskie 

Wesley (1, 2) ; S.E.A. (3) : Dorm Committees (2, 3) ; History Club (3, 4). 

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Avis Latham Sylvia Bradford, R. I. 

A.B., Biology 

Interfaith Council (4): Newman Club (1, 2), President (3). Vice- 
President (4); Botany Club (3); Chemistry Club (2); Dorm Committees 
(1, 2, 3. 4): Beta Beta Beta (4): German Club (1, 2, 3); Caduceus Club 
(1. 2) ; Band (1, 2) ; Elliott Hall Committee (2) : Hall Board (4) ; Junior 
Show (3). 


h '• ) 

Nancy Carolyn Talton Mount Holly 

A.B., Primary Education 

Elliott Hall Council: Wesley: S.E.A. (3. 4): Spanish Club (1. 2): Dorm 
Committees (4) ; N.S.A. (3, 4); Carolinian (2, 3). 

Marion Elizabeth Taylor Charlotte 

A.B., Art 

Honor Roll (3); Dance Committee (1. 2): Interfaith Council (2): New- 
man Club (1. 2, 3); Dorm Committees (I, 2, 4): Woman's College 
Theater (1): Le Circle Francais (2); Art Club (3. 4): Assistant House 
President (3): Senior Invitations Chairman (4); Carolinian News Staff 
(1, 2): Art Editor, Pine Needles (4): Marshal (3, 4): Class Beauty (2. 
3. 4): Senior Council (4): Interfaith Forum Steering Committee (2): 
Special Events Committee (1, 2, 3). 

Patricia Susan Taylor Lexington 

A.B., Primary Education 

Class Cheerleader (2): Honor Roll C, 3): Section Leader (1, 2. 4); 
Dance Committee, Publicity Chairman (1); S.E.A. (4): Dorm Com- 
mittees (I. 2. 3. 4); Marshal (3. 4). 

Doris Mae Teague 


. Franklin 

Home Economics 

Pine Needles. Junior Class Editor (31, Co-Senior Class Editor (4): 
Carolinian. Circulation Staff (2); Honor Roll (2, 3): Junior Advisor 
(3): Wesley Foundation (1, 2); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); 
S.E.A. (2); Dorm Committees (3); Junior Show (3). 

Frances Louise Teeter Harrisburg 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Daisy Chain (2): Elliott Hall Chorus (1); S.E.A. (2, 3, 4); Dorm Com- 
mittees (I, 3, 4). 

Louise Ruth Templin West Nyack, N. Y. 

A.B., English 

Carolinian (1. 2), News Editor (3): Pine Needles (4): Choir (1); 
Wesley Foundation (1. 2, 3. 4); State Student Legislature (3); Dele- 
gate N.S.A. Regional (2) ; N. C. Methodist Student Movement Council 
(3, 4) : Chairman N. C. Methodist Student Movement Model United 
Nations Assembly (3): Chairman North Carolina Methodist Student 
Movement State Conference (4); Delegate from N.C., National Christian 
Citizenship Seminar (3); Dorm Elections Chairman (1). 

Shirley Dean Tester Haw River 

A.B., Sociology 

Hall Board (3); Honor Roll (2, 3): Daisy Chain (2): B.S.U. (2. 3): 
Phi Alpha Theta (3, 4) : Sociology Club (8, 4) ; Dorm Committees (4) ; 
Alpha Kappa Delta (3). President (4). 


Jo Harris Thompson Forest City 

B.F.A., Art 

Pine Needles (3). 

Nancy Hannah Thompson Gastonia 

A.B., Primary Education 

Westminster Fellowship: S.E.A. (2, 4); Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3, 4). 


Barbara Ann Thornton Clinton 

B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Pine Needles; Honor Roll (1, 2, 3. 4); Section Leader (3. 4): Junior 
Advisor (3) ; Square Circle (1) ; Gamma Alplia (3, 4) ; Dorm Committees 
(1); Le Circle Francais (1, 2, 3. 4); Sigma Alpha (4). 

Judith Elizabeth Thrower Rockingham 

B.F.A.. Advertising Design 

University of North Carolina: Section Leader (1): B.S.U.; Dorm Com- 
mittees (1. 2); Le Circle Francais (1); Art Cluh (1, 2. 3, 4). 

Bettye Davis Tillman Wadesboro 

A.B.. History 

Carolyn Jayne Todd East Bend 

B.M.. Organ 

Mars Hill Junior College (1): Choir (2. 3). Vice-President (4); Inter- 
faith Council (4); B.S.U.. President (4); Music Education Club (3. 4): 
Dorm Committees (3. 4). 

Sara Jane Toenes Greensboro 

A.B.. French 

Phi Beta Kappa (3): Honor Roll (1. 2, 3); Curriculum Committee (3) 
Chairman (4): Section Leader (3); Daisy Chain (2i: Greensboro Sym 
phony Orchestra (L 2. 3. 4>; Greek Play Chorus (1. 2, 3): Dorm Com 
mittees (1); N.S.A. Secretary (2): Le Circle Francais (I. 2). Publicity 
Chairman (3). President (4): Elliott Hall Entertainment Committee (1 
2). Secretary (3). 

Sydna Hall Tripp Greensboro 

Chr}'stelle Lee Trump Manchester, Md. 

B.S., Physical Education-Dance 

Honor Roll (2, 3) : Junior Advisor (31 ; Arts Forum Committee. Student 
Chairman (4): Wesley (1. 2); Recreation Association (1, 2. 3. 4); 
Dance Group (1. 2. 3). President (4); Tap Dance Group (1. 2); Co-Of 
(3. 4) : Woman's College Theater (2. 3, 4); Honors Work in Dance. 

Ellen Tucker Farrior Wilmington 

A.B.. Elementary Education 

Section Leader (31; Town Students (4): S.E.A. (3i : Dorm Committees 
(L 2. 3); Elliott Hall Entertainment Committee (2, 31. 

Vivian Thomas Tucker West End 

B.S.H.E.. Home Economics Education 

W^esley Foundation (1. 2i. Council (3. 4); Home Economics Club (I. 2. 
3. 41;'Camp Counselors Club (41 : 4-H Club (1). Council (2, 3), Presi- 
dent (4); Dorm Committees (2, 3i. 

Norma Bulluck Turnage Rocky Mount 

A.B.. Elementary Education 

Dance Committee (3): Choir (11: S.E.A. (3. 41; Dorm Conunittees (1. 
2. 3. 4); Junior Council (3); Student-Faculty Committee. 

Keithley Jones Turrentine Greensboro 

A.B.. Elementary Education 

littee 131 : Section Leader 12): Camp 

Harriette Ruth Totterow Mocksville 

B.S.H.E.. Home Economics 

Sara Mar)' Tyndall Cherokee 

A.B., English 

Senior House President; Section Leader (3> ; St. Mary's House (1, 2. 
3. 4) : Vestry (1. 2. 3 i ; Masqueraders (1. 2, 3, 4) : Dance Group (1, 2) : 
Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3. 4): Woman's College Tlieater C. 2. 3, 4): 
Woman's College Pacific Tour (3) ; Junior Show (3) ; Student Legisla- 
tive Committee (1. 3). 

Mary Moore Upchurch Clinton 

A.B., English 

Honor Roll (1. 2, 3. 4i: Arts Forum Committee (2); S.E.A. (3. 4i: 
Dorm Committees (1. 4): Le Circle Francais (3, 4). Social Chairman 
(4): Honors Work (4): Winfleld Scholarship (3). 

Virginia Louise Uzzle Wilson Mills 

A.B., Primary Education 

Section Leader (3. 41: Daisy Chain (2); Interfaith Council. Social 
Chairman (3); Disciple Student Fellowship (1, 4). Secretarj- (2). Presi- 
dent (3) ; Home Economics Club (1. 2) : S.E.A. (3. 4) : Dorm Committees 
(1. 2. 3. 4); Classification of Offices Committee (4). 

Minnie Leyuna Vanhoy Belew Creek 

B.S.H.E.. Home Economics Educatioti 

Joyce Marie Wall Knightdale 

B.S.S.A.. Business Education 

Junior .Advisor (3); B.S.I'. (1. 2. 
(2): Dorm Committees (2. 3); Gi 
Chairman of Publicity (4). 

Bett)' Jo Walston Clinton 

B.S.S.A.. Business Education 

Section Leader (3); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Dor 

littees (3. 4). 


Lou Ward Goldsbor 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Pine Xeecllef! Staff (4i: Wesley (1. 2. 3i. Vice-President 141; S.E.A. 
(4): Dance Group (n: Dorm Committees (1. 4): Chairman of Health 
Liaison Committee (4): Marshal (3. 4): .Assistant House President (3): 
Sister Day Co-Chairman (4): Junior Show (31: Elliott Hall Entertain- 
ment Committee (21: Class Elections Committee (Ii. 

Florida Eleanor Warren Mt. Airy 

B.S.S.A.. Secretarial 

Lesislature Representative (1): Hall Board (4); Junior Advisor Ci): 
Wesley (I. 2. 3): Chemistry Club (2. 3); Gamma Alpha (3). Vice- 
President (11 : Dorm Committees (l. 2. 3. II ; Home Economics Club (I i. 

JoAnne Warren Candler 

B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Gamma Alpha (3, +1; S.E.A. (3). 

Katharine Earl Warren Charlotte 

A.B.. Chemistry 

Honor Roll (3): Junior Advisor (3); B.S.U. (1. 2, 3, 4): Square Circle 
(3. I) : Chemistry Club (3, 4) ; Dance Group (3) ; Dorm Committees (2) : 
Facultv-Science Club Scholarship (4) : B.S.U. Executive Council (2. 3. 4). 

Betty Josephine Watson Smithfield 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Zenobia Winnie Watson Louisburg 

B.S.H.E.. Textiles 

Home Economics (2. 3): Dorm Committees (3). 

Mary Rebecca Wellborne Deep Gap 

B.S.H.E., Home Economics 

Leta Emmogene Wellons Selma 

B.S.S.A., Business Education 

B.S.U. (1. 2); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Dorm Committees (3); Elliott Hall 
Publicity Committee (2, 8). 

Gloria Faye Welsh Baltimore, Md. 

A.B., Biology 

Junior Advisor (3); Medical Technologists (3), Historian (4); Tap 
Dance Group (\\. Secretary-Treasurer (2): Dorm Committees; Junior 
Show (3); Sister Day Committee (3». 

Betty Lynn West Roseboro 

A.B.. Sociology 

Senior House President: Section Leader (3> : Elliott Hall Chorus (2); 
Choir (1): V.W.C.A.. Student Advisor (4); B.S.U. (3); Sociologj- Club 
(2. 4). Secretary-Treasurer (3); Recreation Association. Dorm Repre- 
sentative (3). 

Peggy Anne White Front Royal, Va. 

B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Section Leader (3); B.S.U. (1. 2): Gamma Alpha (3. 4). 

Betty Jean Whitley Wingate 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Honor Roll (2, 3); B.S.U. (1, 2, 3, 4). 


The final word. 

Elizabeth Brown Wildman Winston-Salem 

A.B., Primary Education 

Minnie Lorene Williams East Bend 

B.S.H.E., Clothing and Textiles 

Junior Advisor (3); Ciiemistry Club (1. 2): Home Economics Club (1, 
2. 3, 4); Spanish Club (2); Dorm Committees (1, 2); B.S.U. (1. 2). 

Sherrill Lyle Williams Johnson City, Tenn. 

B.S.S.A., Secretarial 

Finance Committee; East Tennessee State (1, 2) ; Gamma Alpha (8, 4) ; 
Dorm Committees (3, 4). 

Shirley Ann Williams Newton Grove 

B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education 

Atlantic Christian College (1); Home Economics Club (2, 8, 4); S.E.A. 
(3, 4); Recreation Association (4). 

Sue Williams Parker LaGrange, Ga. 

A.B., Psychology and Sociology 

Honor Roll (2. 3); Junior Advisor (8); Social Science Committee (3. 
4); Sociology Club (3, 4); Psychology Club (3. 4); Dorm Committees 
(2): Woman's College Theater (1); Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4); Psi 
Chi (3, 4). 

Sylvia Anne Williams Beulaville 

B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education 

Section Leader (3); Westminster Fellowship (1. 2), Worship Chairman 
(3): Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3); Spanish Club (1. 2); Ring Com- 
mittee (2). 

M. Lou Williamson Rocky Mount 

A.B., English 

Fine Needles Literary Staff (4) ; Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3) ; Le Circle 
Francais (1, 2, 3); St. Mary's House (4); Junior Show (3); Universtiy 
Sermon Committee (2). 

Sarah Brockenbrough Willis Culpeper, Va. 

B.M., Music Education 

Junior Advisor (3): Elliott Hall Chorus (2); Choir (I. 3. 4); Canter- 
bury Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Music Education Club (3, 4); Dance Group (3). 

Sara Sue Winstead Wendell 

A.B., Primary Education 

Honor Roll (2. 3); Daisy Chain (2); B.S.U. {!): Spanish Club (2); 
Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3, 4); N.S.A. (3, 4). 

Doris Caroline Wiseman Plumtree 

A.B., Primary Education 

Dorm Committees (2); French Club (2): S.E.A. (3, 4); A.C.E.L (4); 
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowsliip (2. 3, 4). 


Frankie Sandra Wolfe Landis 

B.M.. Organ 

Honor Roll (1, 2, 3, i); Choir (1, 4). Robe Chairman (2). Secretarv 
(3): L.S.A. (2. 3): Music Education Club (3). Reporter (4). 

Nancy Jane Woody Roxboro 

A.B., Primary Education 

B.S.U. (1. 2. 3. 4); Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3. 4). 

Elsie Rebecca Worsley Washington 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Section Leader (1. 4); S.E.A. (3); Dorm Committees (2. 4): Junior 
Show (3); Elliott Hall Fine Arts Committee (3, 4): Special EvenU (4). 

Martha Moss Yates Greensboro 

B.S.. Physical Education 

Elections Chairman (3); Honor Roll (1. 2. 3); Finance Board (3), 
Chairman (4); Daisy Chain (2): Junior Advisor (3); Greensboro Sym- 
phony Orchestra (2. 3, 4): Recreation Association (1). Sport Head (2, 
3. 4); Camp Counselors Club (4); Co-Of (I. 2. 3. 4); Golf Club (3. 4): 
Dolphin-Seal (l. 2. 3. 4): Scottish Dance Club (3, 4); Points Committee 

Joanne Yundt Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

A.B.. Biology 

Honor Roll (1); Section Leader (1); Junior Advisor (3): Newman 
Club; Chemistry Club (1, 2. 3): Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3); Le Circle 
Francais (1. 3). Secretary (2); Beta Beta Beta (3. 4); Honors Work 
(4); Summer Trainee Oal« Ridge National Laboratory (3). 

Helen Zezefillis Wilmington 

B.F.A., Art Education 

Wilmington Junior College; Honor Roll (1. 2, 3); S.E.A. (3); Dorm 
Committees (4): Art Club (3, 4). 

Eleanor Jean Zwicky Greensboro 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Elliott Hall Council, Secretary (4); Town Students (3. 41; Westminster 
(1, 2. 3. 4); S.E.A. (3. 4). Council (4): Dorm Committees (1, 2); 
Spanish Club (1). 



— A— 

Aaronson, Brenda Caryl. 61 Lexington Parkwy, Pittsfield, Mass. 188 
Abbey, Ann Ross, 1617 Biltmore Dr., Charlotte 146 

Abernatliy. Judith K.. 1400 E. 24tli St., Winston-Salem 32 

Abernetliy, Caroline B., 408 West 8th St., Newton 64 

Abernethy, Hannah C, 519 2nd St., N.W., Hickory 146 

Abramson, Ina Jane. 5604 S. Bend Road, Baltimore 9, Md 146 

Acrey, Marian Dean, 145 Parker St.. Henderson 82 

Acton. Margaret A.. 66 Benjamin St., Old Greenwich, Conn 168 

Adams, Carol Ann, 320 .\dams St.. Milton, Mass. 32 

Adams, Claudia Dale, Box 231, Cooleemee 46 

Adams, Elizabeth Ann, 1724 Nottingham Rd., Raleigh 46 

Adams, Hilda Kay, 494 14th Ave.. N.E., Hickory 168 

Adams, Laurie Louise, 7 Knoll Road, Tenafly, N.J 82 

Adams, Mary Lee, 1309 Seminole Dr.. Greensboro M 

Adams, Susan Gayle, Box 228. Bassett, Va. 82 

Alderman, Peggy Jean, 202 Lafayette St., Galax. Va 82 

Aldridge, Martha Lou, 225 Spring St., ThomasviUe 168 

Aldridge. Sandra M.. Box 218, Yanceyville 32 

Alexander, Frances C.. Route 2, Franklin 32 

Alexander, Willa Daniel, Wadley. Ga. 64 

Alford, Nancy Eloise, 3226 Oak Grove Cir., Raleigh 146 

Aliff, Katherine Lynne, 706 N, Ellis St., Salisbury 46 

Allen, Flora Green, 1723 Rhem Ave., New Bern 82 

Allen. Helen Katherine. 917 Forest Hill Dr.. Greensboro 64 

Allen. Helen Winifred, Route 2, Box 593, Roanoke Rapids 32 

Allen, Judy Effie. Route 5. Raleigh 146 

Allen, Judy Lee, 1514 Lilac Rd., Charlotte 32 

Allen, Martha Cole, Ramseur 168 

Allen, Mary, 102 Dewees Avenue, Rockingham 64 

Allen, Maryann, 1723 Rhem Ave.. New Bern 146 

Allen, Mildred Thomas, Biscoe Road, Troy 32 

Allen, Nancy, 102 Dewees Avenue, Rockingham 64 

Allen, Patricia Ann, P. O, Box 915, Kannapolis 146 

Allen, Patricia Ann, 107 Cox Ave., Elkin 46 

Allen, Treasure Ann, 24h S. Sunset Dr.. Winston-Salem 46 

Alligood. Sonja Faye, Route 1, Washington 32 

Allison, Margaret Lane. Route 2, Robbinsville 168 

AUmond, Kathryn Tucker, 107 Jones Circle, Thomasville 82 

Allred, Jean Copeland, Route 2, Ellerbe 64 

Allred, Nancy Kay, Rt. 4. Box 776. Greensboro 57 

Almond, Katherine, 728 West Main St„ Albemarle 64 

Alston, Jean Allen, 217 College St., Littleton 168 

Altman. Myra Marian. 175 Peachtree St., Charleston. S. C 32 

Amey, Zelma Elizabeth, 906 Onslow St., Durham 146 

Amick, Judith Carter, 401 S. Fifth St., Mebane 64 

Anderson. Florence S., 2221 Briarwood Rd., Charlotte 146 

Anderson, Joyce Marie, Route 5, Burlington 146 

Anderson. Margaret Ann. 400 Vann Dr.. Clinton 168 

Anderson. Ruth Alice. 615 S. Chester. Gastonia 32 

Andres. Mary Anne. K03 Miller St.. Winston-Salem 46 

Andrews, Joanna Julia, 1508 Carolina Ave., Durham 57 

Andrews, Toby Raye. 802 Hillsboro Rd.. Carrboro 32 

Angley, Judith Ann, 507 Kennedy St., High Point 56 

Angley, Penelope J.. 507 Kennedy St.. High Point 46 

Annino, Sandra Lou, 11 Holly Lane, Plainview, N. Y 32 

Anthony, Jewel Leigh, 1508 Oneka St., High Point 64 

Apple, Alice Pamela, 1205 Richardson Dr.. Reidsville 32 

Apple, Elizabeth Anne, 2311 Walker Ave., Greensboro 32 

Apple, Elizabeth P., 1407 Spring Garden, Greensboro 57 

Apple, Molly Lou, 2211 Cypress St., Greensboro 46 

Appleyard, Margaret C. 2801 Sudlight Cir., Winston-Salem 146 

Ardrey, Sally Rone. Rt. 1. Pineville 33 

Arena. Carolyn Jean. 2032 Club Blvd.. Durham 64 

Arey, Carol Ann, 434 Valley Lane, Falls Church, Va 33 

Arey, Gloria Kay, 434 Valley Lane, Falls Church, Va 64 

Argo, Shelia Vae, 113 York Ave.. Kannapolis 47 

Armstrong, Julia Lynn, 2421 Westfleld Rd.. Charlotte 168 

Armstrong. Susanne L.. Apt. B. 3 Civils Apts.. New Bern 47 

Arnold. Carolyn B., P. O. Box 974. New Bern 168 

Arnold Mary Inez. 923 Sycamore St.. Rocky Mount 64 

Arrington. Judith L.. 1902 Efland Dr.. Greensboro 47 

Arthur. Jean Lucille. 207 W. 12th St., Washington 64 

Ashford. Sandra Kave. 434 S. Main. Red Springs 83 

Ashkenaze, Evelyn B., 7505 113th St.. New York, N. Y 33 

Ashley, Archanna McL.. 1910 Weyland Dr.. Greensboro 146 

Askew. Elizabeth L.. 116 N. Kincaid Ave.. Wilson 64 

Askew, Linda Jo., Box 112, Alamance 146 

Atcheson, Virginia H., 2317 Fernwood Dr.. Greensboro 146 

Atkins. Betty Jeanne, 3116 ClifT Ave.. Richmond 22, Va 33 

Atkinson, Sally Lynn, Box 52, Proctorville 146 

Atkisson, Becky Jean, Woodland Ave.. Rt. 7. Burlington 47 

Austin, Annabelle Eliz, P. O. Box 235, Lewiston 146 

Autrey, Lois Ann, Route 5, Box 152, Burnsville 33 

Avery, Mildred Martin, 2415 Wright Ave., Greensboro 146 

Avis, Nancy Lewiston, 4000 Mass. Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C. 146 
Aycock, Mary Lou, 30i Broad St.. Wilson 64 

Aycock. Priscilla M„ 315 S. Howard Circle. Tarboro 83 

Aydelette. Sylvia D.. 3105 Collier Dr.. Greensboro 33 

Ayers. Linda Anne. Summerfleld 169 

Ayscue. Patricia Ann. 400 E. Tenth St.. Washington 83 

— B — 

Babcock, Barbara Drake, 505 E. Philip St.. Tarboro 169 

Babson. Bettv Leigh. Roseboro Brd.. Roseboro 64 

Backlin, Lorraine E., Ins Van Wyck Rd.. Blauvelt, N. Y 33 

Badenhoop. Carol A., 2408 Madison Ave., Greensboro 33 

Bailey, Barbara Jane, Rt.. 5. Box 468, Durham 169 

Bailev, Mary Catherine, 1120 S. Salisbury St., Lexington 169 

Baker. Leona Helen. 149 San Souci St.. Charleston. S. C. 64 

Baker. Mary Anne, Rt. 7, Box 1S9, Fayetteville 33 

Baker, Patricia Anne. 1081 Jones T. Mcaf. Jacksonville 47 

Baker, Priscilla Jean, 1S12 Mill Road, West Falls, N. Y 169 

Baldwin, Anne C. 1409 De Soto Place. Greensboro 64 

Baldwin. Mollie Amelia. Clarkton 169 

Ballard, Linda Gilbert, P. 0. Box 154, Conover 47 

Ballard, Margaret E., 2018 Bay St„ Charlotte 5 169 

Ballard, Martha Carol, 509 N. Skyland Dr., Rockingham 169 

Ballantine, Johnnie F.. 215 Coring St.. Hamlet 47 

Ballowe. .\my Jefferson, 2108 Cowper Dr., Raleigh 83 

Bannerman, Mary M., Swannanoa 88 

Barbee, Patricia Ellen, 216 James St., Betliel 169 

Barbour. Sarah E., Route 3, Benson 88 

Barefoot, Betty Lou, Route 2, Benson 65 

Barefoot, Delila Ruth, 605 East Hill St., Benson 146 

Barger. Barbara Lois, Pinecrest Rt, 8, Johnson City, Tenn. 169 

Barker, Elizabeth D., Trenton 170 

Barker, Jane .^dele. Box 355. Badin 88 

Barker. Trena Annette, 1007 Wentworth St., Reidsville 83 

Barnes, Lucy Glenn, 1441 Townes Rd„ Charlotte 65 

Barnes. Stella Justine, Route 2, Lucama 85 

Barnes, Suzanne Cole, 208 James Dr., Havertown. Pa 170 

Barnhill. Betsy Jane. 106 Pine Court. Plymouth 56 

Barnette. Patricia Ann. 1327 Central .\ve.. Charlotte 88 

Barr. Emily Lou. Clemmsvle Rd.. S.E.. Winston-Salem 85 

Barr. Linda Lee. Route 1. Rural Hall 83 

Barrier. Billie Jo.. 411 North First St.. Albemarle 47 

Barrow. Bedie Beth, Star Route, Kernersville 170 

Barry, Charlotte Cecil, 738 W. Sumter St.. Shelby 170 

Barry, Linda Ann, 1025 23rd St„ Portsmouth, Ohio 146 

Bartling. Mary Anne, 1601 Spencer Ave., New Bern 33 

Bason, Judith Carol, 707 Brookgreen Terr., Graham 85 

Bates, Hanna L., 4103 Cambridge Rd„ Richmond 21, Va 83 

Bates, Joan Wernick, 308 N. Tremont Dr., Greensboro 170 

Batts, Barbara Nan, 417 Woodvale Dr.. Florence S. C, 34 

Batts Willa Fay, P. 0. Box 513, Rocky Mount 170 

Beakley, Kathleen, 315 Pearson Dr.. Asheville 85 

Beale. Judith Carol, Box 588, Elkin 65 

Beam, Mary Katherine, 503 Peach St.. Shelby 65 

Beam, Mildred Ashlyn, 203 S. Elm St.. Cherryville 170 

Beamer. Judith Kay. Route 3. Box 126. Mount Airy 85 

Beamon, Margaret Anne, 411 Gatewood A\e., High Point 146 

Bean, Bonnie Louise, Route 2, East Bend 170 

Bcasley, Marion Tucker, 508 High School Dr.. Roxboro 85 

Beatty. Ethel Louise, 1912 Avondale Ave., Charlotte 56 

Beaver, Joyce Gail, E. Ryder St.. Box 366, Landis 84 

Beaver. Sandra. Box 573. Rockwell 47 

Beck. Gloria Sue. 105 Chestnut St.. Thomasville 47 

Beck. Myrna Joann. Route 1. Box 124, Clarendon 84 

Beck, Sara Nan, 601 Weaver Drive, Lexington 85 

Bedell, Judith Ann, Green River Farm, Arlington, Vt 146 

Beery, Susan, 2820 Spencerville Rd.. Lima, Ohio 146 

Beland. Linda Di.xon, 702 Eastern Ave.. Rocky Mt 47 

Belk, Joan Ervin, 126 Mendenhall St., Greensboro 170 

Belk, Sharon Eileen, 5112 Baker Dr., Charlotte 47 

Bell. Helen Jane, 313 Park .\ve., Clinton 65 

Bell Linda Lee, 2340 Slienandoah Ave., Charlotte 5 47 

Bell, Nancy Jo Ann, 1311 Chestnut St.. Henderson 84 

Bellamy, Priscilla Ann, 312 Clement Dr., Enfield 65 

Bellaver, Dudley Maria, 116 Summit Ave., Tappan, N. Y. 146 

Benedek, Evelyn Sophie, K443 Abbey Dr.. Richmond 25, Va 34 

Bennett. Gail. 306 Bangor Rd.. Cynwyd. Pa 34 

Bennett, Margaret A., 214 Belvedere. Shelby 170 

Bennett. Martha C, 233 N. 23rd St.. Wilmington 170 

Benson, Zora Josephine, Rt. 1, Box 111, Leaksville 34 

Bergren, Bonnie Lee, 1109 Airlee Dr.. Kinston 84 

Bernath Judith Ann, 158 Buckingham Rd.. Winston-Salem 34 

Bernau. Sara Shirley, 910 N. Elm St.. Greensboro 146 

Berrier. Julia Kay. 274 W. Fifth St., Lexington 47 

Berryhill, Carol Jean, 3924 Mamolake Dr., Charlotte 171 

Berryhill, Margaret E., Route 4. Box 507. Charlotte 146 

Berryman. Jean Carol. 174(i Bragg St.. Sanford 47 

Bershtein, Hinda. 902 W. Bessemer .-Vve.. Greensboro 34 

Best. Gladys Joanne. Route 2. Wallace 146 

Bestgen, Joyce Mildred, 3122 Willow Oak Rd., Charlotte 65 

Bibb, Claudia C. Cinderella Rd.. Lookout Mtn.. Tenn 34 

Biddy Lynda Louise. 612 S. Mendenhall St., Greensboro 146 

Biddy. Mary Eugenia. 612 S. Mendenhall St., Greensboro 84 

Billings, Bonnie Kay, 410 S. State St., Lexington 34 

Binkley, Annie Faye, King 146 

Binkley, Ruby Mae, King , „ ;, ,, 

Birch Phvllis .\nn, 6302 Sylvan Dr., Columbia. S. C 84 

Bird Elizabeth Anne, Route 3, Thomasville 34 

Bivens, Annette T., 3837 Arbor Way, Charlotte 65 

Bivens, Janette T.. 3837 Arbor Way. Charlotte 65 

Bivens Joan CIvde. 2508 E. 7th St., Charlotte 65 

Black Louise Rebecca, 1 Field End Lane. Eastchester 1. N. Y. . 171 

Black. Margaret Ann. 3707D, Manor Dr.. Greensboro 58 

Black. Peggy .■Vnn. Rhodes Ave.. Kings Mtn. 34 

Blackard. Betty Glenn. Route 5, Raleigh 34 

Blackard. Nancy Lea. Julian .,„., °° 

Blackman Sara Eliz. 612 S. Second Street. Smithfleld 146 

Blackmoie. Annette I., McNeil St.. Burgaw 84 

Blackwelder Annie L.. Box 304. Hillsboro 34 

Blackweldcr. Judy Dare. 106 S. Elm St.. Cherryville 146 

Blackwood. Judith M., 2308 Greenland Ave.. Charlotte 35 

Blackwell Sandra Jane. 102 Vance St.. Roanoke Rapids 171 

Blake Barbara Carol. 2532 S. Front St.. Wilmington 47 

Blake Bettv Jane. 1805 Ridge Rd.. Raleigh 85 

Blake Brenda Kay. 426 E. Radiance Dr.. Greensboro 35 

Blake' Mildred Lucile. Box 45. Chadbourn 85 

Blakely. Janice E.. Route s. Sanford 47 

Blanford. Gladys S., 1604 Tryon Rd.. New Bern 66 

Blevins. Evelyn R.. Box 214. Ro.seboro 171 

Blue. Jane Edens. 1704 E. Fourth St.. Greenville 85 

Blue. Nancy Lee. 704 Northridge St.. Greensboro 48 

BIythe. Judith Marion. Rt. 5. Box 820. Charlotte 85 

Boatright. Billie Ann, 1014 Circle Dr.. Monroe 66 

Boatw right. Fonda S.. 351 Townes St., Danville, Va. 85 

Bock. Judith Foster, 40 Ingram St., Forest Hills, N. Y 35 

Bodenhamer. Peggy J., Box 175, Rural Hall 48 

Bodenheimer, Bette A., Box 328, Red Springs 171 

Bedford, Jean Sherril, 307 Player Dr., High Point 48 

Boehret, Ethel Celeste, 52 E. Coulter Ave., Collingswood, N, J 66 

Page 208 



L^lomes or Lljisimcilon 

For Your College Wardrobe 
Colony Shop 

4'oats ♦ Suits ♦ Furs ♦ Sp«»ris>vear ♦ Hals ♦ Aec«'ssori«'s 
tosineties ♦ Lingerie ♦ Shoes 






at your Favorite Fountain 

Greensboro, North Carolina 
Phone BR 2-6131 




HAYWOOD DUKE, President 



Page 209 


Boerner. Beatrice B., Montoe Box 219, Rt. 1. Kernersville 

Boggan. Delia Ann. 503 N. Randolph St., Roekingliam 

Bolick, Norma Kay. Box 193, Conover 

Bonitz, Barbara Weeks. 518 Jefferson St.. Greensboro 

Bonnell. Sandra Horton, 408 Church St.. Belmont 

Booher. Mahala Enibree. 153 Westover Dr., Elkin 

Boone. Jane Ellen. 106 McKenzie St.. Whiteville 

Boone. Ethlvn Joyce, 1801 Fulton Ave., Charlotte 

Booth. Marguerite C MOO Starmount Dr., Oreensboro 

Borden. Kathryn P.. Rt. 3. Box 428, Charlotte 

nnrders K. .Icin, 1806 Granville Rd.. Greensboro 

niircii, M.irtha Gray. 232 S. Srd Ave.. Siler City 

Bo-it Ilelvn Eli/.iheth. 1917 Ga. Ave.. Winston-Salem 

Bost. Susan Martin. 327 Rectory St.. Lenoir 

Britt. Wanda Fay. 801 College St., Clinton 

Britton, Nancy H.. 121 Simmons Ave.. Williamston 

Broadhurst, Sandra V.. Route 1. Deep Run 

Broadwell, Jean E., 3629 Hathaway Dr.. Durham 

BniMdwcll. Nancy Carol. Box 43, Fuquay Springs 

Brock. Sarah Frances, Box 501. Wadesboro 

Broda, Nancy Faye, Route 1, Box 93. Beaufort 

Brodskv. Diane 1,., 815 Brockbank Rd.. Charlotte 

Brooksliire. Wanda M.. Route 2. Box 185, Lenoir 

Brown, Alice Faye, Star Route, Oak Ridge 

Brown, Amy Eloise, Route 2. Boonville 

Brown. Angela Marie. 6 Garden Terrace, Asheville 

Brown, Barbara, 1007 S. Candler St.. Decatur, Ga. 

Brown. Brenda Sue. Rt. 1, Box 67, Randleman 

Brown, Carolyn E., 2808 Shenandoah Ext,, Charlotte 

Brown. Dorothy Mae, P. O. Box 268. Troutman 

Brown. Elizabeth Jury. 235 Madi-son Rd., Scarsdale. N. Y. 

Brown. Frances Dee. Box 15.19. Burlington 

Brown. Helen Mae, Route 1, Carthage 

Brown. Julia Draper, 3020 Rufflii St.. Raleigh 

Brown, Mary Jane, Box 1S2. 1 ppci Marlboro, Md. 

Brown. Mary Joe, 919 S. 3rd St.. Siiiitliheld 

Brown. Sandra H.. 1200 Kenilworth Ave.. Charlotte 

Brown. Sue Swann. 316 Tate St.. Greensboro 

Browne. Milicent Carol. 603 N. Howard Circle. Tarboro 

Brunton. Nancy Jean, 735 Scotch Plains, Westfleld, N. J. 

Bryan. Brenda Prince. 1017 Chestnut St., Henderson 

Bryan, Lou Alice, 405 N. Taylor St., Rocky Mount 

Bryan, Martha Amelia, 435 N. Main St„ Graham 

Bryant. Anne Milton, Hoffman 

Bryant. Jan Condra. Hoffman 

Bryant, Linda McCurdy, 401 Holt Ave.. Greensboro 
Bryant, Patricia ,\nne, Rt. 1. Aiken Rd., Southern Pines 
Bry.son. Elsie Loduska. 22 Louisiana Ave.. Asheville 
Buchanan, Judith Anne, 3221 Dell Dr., Raleigh 
Buff, Sandra Lynn. Route 1. Newton 
Bullard. Betty Frances, Rt. 2. Box 173, Autryville 
Bullock, Mary Jeannie, Rt. 2, Box 434, Greensboro 
Bullock, Sauridra Sharp, loio Olive St.. Greensboro 
Bumgarner. Brenda Jean. 34 .Sunset Dr.. N. Wilkesboro 
Bumpass. Marslia Heath. Route 1. Box 720. Greensboro 
Bunch, Chalynda, Forest Hill Rd„ Box 386, Brevard 
Bunch, Elizabeth G„ Box 183, Chadbourn 
Burch, Carolyn Sue, Box 665, Graham 
Burch, Cornelia St„ 2708 Kittrell Dr., Raleigh 
Burchette, Teresa B.. 309 Bond St., Enfield 

Burgwyn. Josephine ^L, Jackson 

Burke, Etta Ruth, 231 Burke St., Gibsonville 

Burke. Judith Forester, 733 Kensington Ave.. N. Wilkesboro 

Burke. Sara Margaret. Box 295. S. 2n(l Ave. E.. .Siler City 

Burleson. Barl)ara Mc. 350 Kimlierly Ave., Asheville 

Burnette, Helen Marie, 409 W, Delaware Ave,, Draper 

Burnham, Gladys Olivia. 513 Middle St.. New Bern 

Burr. Barbara Eliz. 3004 Somerset Dr.. Charlotte 

Burrell. Bonnie Presto. Box 336. Old Fort . . 

Burris, Joyce Wanda. Badin Rd., Albemarle 

Burroughs, Rebecca A.. 803 English St., High Point 

Burwell. Augusta Jo.. Rt. 4, Box 357A. Oxfor<l 

Burwell. Juanita Ann, 2136 Haymount St., W^inston-Salem 

Bush. Barbara Lee. B518 Darnall Rd., Ruxton 4, Md. 

Bushnell, Barbara Ann. 88 Tacoma Circle, Asheville 

Busic, Barbara Sue, P. 0. Box 74. Sparta 

Busic. Betty Lou. P. O. Box 7 4. Sparta 

Bu.ssev. Kathryn E.. 815 E. Monlgomcry St.. Henderson 

Butler. Jean Carol. 328 Franklin St.. Madison 

Butler. June Carolyn, 14 N J.inl St.. Wilmington 

Butler, Sally Mann, 730 Woodruff Place, Charlotte 

Butner, Brenda Louise, 1312 Tucker St.. Burlington 

Byrd, Evelyn. 306 Woodbine Court. Greensboro 

Bvrd, Ramona Gail, Box 347, Mt, Gilead 

Byrd, Roberta, 1200 Atlantic Ave,, .Manasquann, N, J, 

Cain Janice Dawn. 409 Sherrill St.. Greensboro 
Caison. Betsy Ann, 501 Parker Dr„ Clinton 
Caldwell. Patricia D.. P. O. Box 20 1. Matthews 
Callicutt. Peggy A.. Route I. Box 185. Biscoe 
Calvo. Blanca Estelle. Box 1158, Panama City. Panama 

Campbell. Ann. 1710 Scales St., Raleigh 

Campbell, Janet Marie, 600 Grove Ave., Raleigh 
Campbell, Margaret E., 2018 Dilworth Rd, W., Charlotte 
Canada, Elizabeth Faye, Route 3, Box 253, Green.sboro 
Cannady, Maybelle, 3200 Cumberland Mills, Fayetteville 
Canter, Wilma Sue, Route 1, I'fafftown 
Canterbury, Joyce Dean, 104 Nancy St., Whiteville 
Capps, Betty Freeman, Route 2, Lucama 

Capps, Dorothy Eliz, Route 3. Smithfleld 

Carabateas, Estelle, 500 E. Park Ave.. Charlotte 

Cardwell, Marie L„ 2312 Lafayette Ave,, Greensboro 
Cardwell, Patricia A.. Box 302. 13th Ave.. Mayodan 
Carlyn. Marcia D., 2055 Evergreen Dr.. Hendersonville 
Carmichael. Mary C. 420 E. Thomas St.. Rocky Mount 
Carmines. Patricia Ann, 14 Tomahawk Rd., Hampton. Va. 

Caroon. Ann Joyce. 808 W. Lenoir Ave.. Kinston 
Carpenter. Frances T.. S. Carolina St.. Box J, Valdese 
Carpenter, Katherine E., 2735 Normandy Rd., Charlotte 

Carraway. Mattie Frank. RFD. McColl. S. C 

Carringer. Mildred J.. Rt. 1, Andrews 

Carroll, Lynn Dare, 3565 Ebert Rd., Winston-Salem 
Carroll, Martha E., 221 Rawley Ave., Mt. Airy 
Carson, Carol Joyce, 308 S. Linwood Ave., Goldsboro 
Carson, Mary Alice, 122 Harris St.. Rutherfordton 
Carter. Linda Anne, 304 Ingram St., Thomasville 
Carter. Margaret L., 505 North Main, Graham , , 
Carter. Marilyn J.. Box 104. Hoffman 
Carter, MaryLea, Rt. 2. Box 132. Ellerbe 
C.irtin. Margaret K.. 227 N. 22nd St.. Wilmington 
Caruso, Annette Louise, 965 Tarxia Dr.. Vahlese 
Carty, Patricia Ann, 209 Marshall Kd.. Fayetteville 
Carwin, Lois Sinunons, Rt. 1. Box .->h, Stol<es 
Cash. Rebecca Jean. Ill Salem St.. Apex 
(ass. Dorothea Jane. 1214 Providence Rd.. Charlotte 

Catd. Suzanne Lynne E., 17 Donel.son St., Ft. Bragg 

Caton, Marian Frances, Hill Road, Southern Pines 

Cauble, Barbara J.. Route 1. Box 816, Albemarle 

Caudill, Sylvia Lou, Box 218, Bobbins 

Caudle, Linda Ann, Box 147, Peachland 

Caudle, Sarah Lou Rita, Route 1, Elkin 

Cecil. Helen Susan. 90K W. Ray St.. High Point 

Chagaris. Anne E.. 1502 Trent Blvd.. New Bern 

Chalk. Emily Louise. 1805 Anderson St., Wil.son 

Chambers. Diane, 25 Broad St„ Asheville 

Chance, Rosa Jean, Route 4, Box 658, New Bern 

Chandler, Elizabeth A., Box 36, Ruffln 

Chandler, Elizabetli J., Rt, 2, Salisbury Rd„ Albemarle 

Chandler, Shirley Jo, Route 2, Box 84, Mars Hill 

Chang Ng Thi Hong, 268 Bis Conglv, Saigon Viet Nam 

Chanev. Ann Rita. 121 S. E. 2 Uh Ave.. Boynton Beach. Fla. I'.itricia Aver. 2:i:l Spencer Kd., Webster Groves 19, Mo. 
Chappelear. Susan E.. 3940 Morrison St., N.W,. Washington, D. C. 

Check. Mollic Sims. Box ISO, Goldston 

Chew, X.iiicv .lane. 1109 W. Lake Shore. Dalton. Ga. 

Chisholm. Marv Clvde. 236 S. Elm St.. Aslieboro 

324 E. Greenway N.. Greensboro 
Wicker St.. Sanl'ord 
-.,-.0(1 S. Monroe St.. ll.ilthnore. Md. 
:»1 W. Market St.. Greensboro 

;ii.\ F.dgcw I KtioII. Asheville 

02 W. Sumter St.. Shelby 

2 17. I' Garden 

7119 W.ishington St.. Wilmington 
4.i2 Hawthorne Dr.. Danville. Va. 
ir Ave., Charlotte 



Clapp. Jane Fowler, 10 
Clapp, Mary Sue, Box 
(lardy, Martha Lee, 27ii9 W.isl 
Clare. Margaret Alice. 4.i2 Haw 
Clark. Anna .lane. 503 Rush Rd 
Corrinne. 63 

(lark. Edith Anne. Wagram 

Clark. Mary Kathleen. 101 Bossong Dr.. Aslieboro 

Clark, Patricia Ann, P. O. Box 463. Weldon 

Clark. Rosemary Ann, 1124 Oakland St., Hendersonville - . , 

(layman. Judith Ann, 5 Pelham, Ft. Bragg 

Cle.iver. Linda. 1609 Scott .Ave., Charlotte 

(line, Peggy Sharon, 806 Mark St.. Belmont 

Clinkscales. Eulenna B.. 180s Berrvhill Rd.. Charlotte 8 . . , 
Clinton. Diane Worth. 1239 Wiiiston Ave.. Baltimore 12, Md. 

Chintz. Ina Patricia, 105 S. Sharon Rd.. Lenoir 

Coats. Judith Anne. Rt. 1. Pine Valley Farm. Smithfleld 

Cobb. Georgette E.. 416 Seaford Ave., Massapequa, N. V, 

Coble. Colon Rebecca. Palmer St.. Albemarle 

(oble. Harriet Sigler. 3101 W. Market St.. Greensboro 

Col)le. Nellie E.. Route 3. Liberty 

Coble. Ruth Groome. 820 Central Ave.. Burlington 

Cochran. Ellen Jane. 2620 Churchill Rd., Raleigh 

Cochrane, Dorothy. 1700 Puch St., Fayetteville 

Cnchrane. Laura .lean, siio Delbridge St.. Garner 

Cochrane. Shannon. Skyland 

( iiilv. l.inila Sue. I'.iii E. I'ine St., Graham . 

(lie, Sandra. 19 Piccadilly Circle. Greensboro 
Cohen. Diane Ruth. 84 Shore Drive W.. Miami. Fla. 
Cohn. Emily. 323 Meadvale Rd., Memphis, Tenn. 

("ohoon. Patricia Ann. Box 87, Columbia 

(7oker, Gail Novada, Bobbins 

Colby, Marilyn Fairfax, 405 Blair Rd., Falls Church, Va. 

Cole. Alice Barbara. 209 Dumbarton Rd.. Baltimore 12, Md. 

Cole. Carolyn Cecelia, 7 Farrwood Ave., Asheville 

Cole. Johnnie Pat. Box 307. Mt. Gilead 

Cole. Judith Elizabeth. 439 Keswick Ave.. Charlotte 
Cole. Phyllis Eugenia. 4910 Six Forks Rd.. Raleigh 
Coleman. Delide V'aughn, Forest Hills, N, Wilkesboro 
Coleman, Mildred C. 208 Pineview Dr.. Greenville 

Coleman. Peggy Ellen. Flat Ruck Rd.. Reidsville 

Coley, Martha Winni. Willnw Springs 

Collier. Anna C. 5o Ced.u St., Unanoke Rapids 

Collier. Gloria Bee. nut W. William Circle, Elizabeth City 

Collins. Camilla Anne. Box 33. Hildebran 

Collins. Camille Ann. 611 Clover Hills Dr., Rochester, N, Y. 
Collins. Ora Faye. Francisco 

Collins. Susan Temple. 2713 Roseilale .\ve.. Raleigh 
Coltrane. Cornelia .\.. mi W. Bessemer .\ve., Greensboro 

Colvard, Allie E., Box 2 17, Wilkcslmro 

Comer, Jeanette Gail. l!o\ ;•-', liviin 

Connor. Marilynn Davis, 2:1:1.1 Westfleld Rd., Charlotte . . 
Conrad, Frances Alicia, Bethania 

Cook, Evelyn Leyuna, Box 56, Stokesdale 

Cook, Rebecca .\nn, 524 Player Dr„ High Point 

Cooke, Eleanor Ross, 2386 Fairway Dr., M'inston-Salem 

Cooke, Sarah Ragna, Hildebran 

Cooke, Sue Anne, 80 Sherwood Rd., Asheville 

Cooley, Roslyn Faye. 27 Mt. V'ernon Circle, A,sheville 
Cooper. Lynn Sawyer. 263 Noroton Ave.. Darien, Conn. . . 

Cooper. Patricia (Jail. 3320 Milton Rd.. Raleigh 

Cooper, Phyllis Freeze, 208 S. Torrence St„ Charlotte ... 
Coppley. Hilda Lynn, 113 Herman St., Spencer 

Page 210 

Kearns Paint Company 

styled for the modern physical 
education program 
1 12 N. Greene St. Phone BR 2-41 71 


"The World's Best Barbecue" 

Telephone BR 4-7728 1615 Madison Ave. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Delivery Service 

1:30 to5:30 — 7:30 to9:30 


Steaks . . . Country Ham 

Sandwiches of All Kinds 

The O. Henry Hotel 

Greensboro's Leading Hotel 

Convenient and Comfortable 

Coffee Shop and Bedrooms Air Conditioned 

Convention and Banquet Facilities 

300 Rooms 300 Baths 


College Girls Always Welcome at 

Franklin's Drug Store 

401 Tate St. 
Greensboro, N. C. 



Gifts . . . Stationery . . . Records 

Again, it is a real pleasure to say that we 
have certainly enjoyed working with you 
during the past year. 

To the Seniors, congratulations and the very 
best of luck to you — • and if you ever want 
an item from the CORNER, just drop us a 
line and it will be mailed immediately, if 

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

344 Tate Street Phone BR 4-4866 

Radio Dispatched . . . New Cars 


Dial BRoadway 2-51 12 

Special Rates to Airport 

1-3 Passengers — $3.00 
Additional Passengers — $1 .00 Each 


Cordeil. Sauiulra Ann. Route 3. Candler 

Cordle, Elizabeth B.. 40!> McAdoo Ave.. Greensboro 

Cornelius. Joan B.. Rt. 3. Mont. Tr. Park. Kernersville 

Cornelius. Rosalie. 2606 Kittrell Dr.. Raleigh 

Corpening. Caroline B.. Horse Shoe 

Correll. Marv Murlene. Rt. 2. Box ;)3s, Hickory 

Cottinsham. Brenda L.. 303 W. Mountain St.. Kernersville 

Coulter. Barbara Marie. 60h S. George Mason. .'Arlington. Va. 

Coulter. Greta Gavle. P. O. Box 87, Maiden 

Covington. Sallie Mae. 208 Hav St.. High Point 

Coward. Esther Hill. 210 \. Highland Ave.. Griffon 

Cox. Betty Muriel. Rt. 3. Box 10. Tabor City 

Cox. Brenda Ann. 2.143 Yancevville Rd.. Greensboro 

Cox. Gloria P. O. Box 243, Elon College 

Craig. ,\nne Burgin. 1.526 Brookside Ave.. Fayetteville 

Craig, Barbara Anne. 1030 Sharon Amitv Kd., Ch.irlotte 

Cratch. Betsy Rhoades. lOO.i N. Bonner St.. Washington 

Craven. Mary Ann. Rt. 1. Box IHl, Ramseur 

Crawford, Mary Joan, Route 3, Hayesville 

Crawley, Virginia L., Star Route Airlie, Littleton 

Creath. Patricia Jane. Pinehurst , 

Creech. Cortlandt P.. 2830 Forest Dr.. Winston-Salem 

Creech. Mary Ann. P. O. Box 7.56. Micro 

Crews, .\nn Carolyn, Route 1, Stoneville 

Crid'ebaugh. Marv C. Route 2. Box 370. High Point 

Crotts. Patricia R.. Box 866, Thomasville 

Crouch. Helen Maxine. Route 1. Box 4,i4 C. Mooresville 

Crouch. Nellie C. Box 12.i. Taylorsville 

Crouter. I.vnne. 21 Bridge St.. Westport. Conn. 

Crowe, Patricia .\nne. 1213 Stockton Rd.. Kinston 

Crowell. .\nne Webber, 211 W. Stewart Ave.. Mooresville 

Crump. Bettv Grace. 2202 Rowland .\ve.. Lumberton 

Culbreath. Elisa Havne. 2121 Dartmouth PI.. Charlotte 

Culbreath. Carol .\nn. 8 Birdseye Glen, Verona, \. J. 

Culbreth. I.enora L., Route I, Box 183, Green.sboro 

Culbreth, Linda Kav, Hfi. I'SASA Pac. APO 143, 

San ?>ancisco, Calif, 

Cullom. Margaret Jess. 618 Waugh .\ve.. Greensboro 

Culp. Carol Jean, 5 Pinetree Circle. Asheville 

Cull). Carol .Sue, 729 Brown .\ve., .Mbeinarle 

Curl, Barbara Jean, 329 S. Main St.. Littleton 

Curlee. Linda Gayle. 503 Concord Road. Albemarle 

Currie, Catherine Mc, 2000 Wendover Rd., Charlotte 

Currin, Barbara Kav, 1115 S. Hawthorne Kd.. Winston Salem 

Currin. Gwendolyn E.. 113 S. Pine St.. Rocky Mount 

Cuthbertson, Cynthia D.. 2000 Chatham .\ve.. Charlotte 

Dagenhart. Thelma M.. 108 Ivey St.. Roxboro 148 

Daiga. Ilze. State Hospital. Goldsboro 3a 

Dailey. Christine W.. 72 Newton Ave.. Sussex, N. J. 38 
Daktor, Deanna Maxine, 1801 Independence, Greensboro - - - 38 

Dalrvmple, Marv Sue, 1106 W. Kenan St.. Wilson 148 

Dance. Nancy Lee. 305 Church St.. Smithfield 38 

Daniels, Linda Kave, Route 4, Mock.sville 148 

Daniels. Linda Dukette, 526 Ninth St.. Scotland Neck 68 

Daniels. Treva Bland, Route 2, Colerain 176 

Darnell, Ann Elizabeth, 3112 Collier Dr.. Greensboro 56 

Daughtridge. Mollie M„ ,526 Marigold St., Rocky Mount 38 

Daughtrv, Mabel Joyce, Smith Chapel Ril.. Mt. Olive 176 

Davant, Jeanne U., 109 E. Avondale. Greensboro 38 

Dave. Ellen Frances. 345 Midland Dr.. .Asheville 3s 

Davenport, Gloria Jean. Box 72, Roper 3s 

Davenport. Margaret J., 1515 Edgevale Rd,. Durham 68 

Davenport. Mary Alice. Rt. 3, Box 139.\. Newland 3s 

David, Diana Ingram, Box 133, Pinebluff 3h 

Davis, Barbara Anne, 742 Community Ct.. Greensboro 49 

Davis. Bonnie Lou. Route 2. Fremont 88 

Davis, r.irolvn Ann. 1405 Garfield Rd.. Burlington 176 

Davis CviitliiM Amie. 2606 Evans St., Morehead City 3n 

Davi^ DoKilhv 1... r.ii) Oak St., Greenville 3a 

Davis. Kditli Grace. Snow Hill 38 

Davis Elizabeth P.. Kf. 3. Box Warrenton , , 38 

Davis. Elizabeth Rose. 712 S. Church St.. Monroe . 176 

Davis, Jo Ann, Greensboro Rd.. Reidsville 14s 

Davis, Margery Lynn, 641 Old Charlotte Rd., Concord 176 

Davis. M.iry Burwell. Route 3. Box IMO. Warrenton 176 

Davis Mclilee \1.. :1(131 Cinibriilge Rd.. Winston-Salem 176 

D.ivis Mildred F.liz. 117 Oak.lale Rd.. Lexington , 49 

Dausi'iu. .laiii.e FaM-. KiiiO Johnson St.. Rocky .Mount 3a 

Day. Urencla Gavle. Route 2. Woodsdale 68 

Deagle, Judith .\nne, Normandy Heights, Fort Bragg 38 

Deans, Marv Lee, 1105 Kenan St.. Wilson 38 

Dearsley. -Ann L„ 3049 Granville Dr., Raleigh 176 

Degenaar, Joan Blair. Box as. Balboa, Canal Zone 148 

DeJarnette, Elizabeth, 226 Center St., Princeton, W. Va. 14s 

Denham. Mildred C. 2 Rose Court. Havelock i 4s 

Denning, Donna Lee, 321 E, Depot St.. .\ngier 38 

Denny. Elizabeth .\nne. 308 F'orest .\ve., Lenoir 49 

Derr, Sara Jane, 3117 Eton Rd„ Raleigh 38 

Desmond, Mallie Jean, 100 Front. Box 487, Swepsonville 38 

DeVoung. Mary Jo. 84 S, French Brd. .\ve.. Asheville 38 

Dial, Sharon Rav, Rt. 2. Box 192. China Grove 38 

Dickerson. Emily W.. 1906 .Ashley Rd.. Charlotte 68 

Dickson. Carol .Anne. 1801 Madison .Ave.. Greensboro 176 

Dilday. Sandra Joan, 911 N. Curtis St., Ahoskie 38 

Diltz Mildred Neal, 5155 Randolph Rd., Charlotte 3a 

Dimos, Mary, 2016 East Eighth St.. Charlotte 4 49 

Dixon. Audrey Rebecca. 407 Morehead St.. Reidsville 176 

Dixon. Betty Lou, Rt, 1. Roxboro 38 

Dixon, Daphne Joyce, Box 145, Jarvisburg 68 

Dobbins, Barbara Gwen, 713 S. Main St., Wake Forest 38 

Dobson. Joan Hayes, Winchester Rd., .Annapolis, Md. 68 

Dodd, Marcia Jean, 2614 Churchill Rd.. Raleigh 68 

Dodson. Clara Jean. Route 1. Haw River 148 

Dodson, Hilda Louise, Wentworth 49 

Dodson, Wilodae, Route 1, Sandy Ridge 49 

Doherr, Sarah Elizabeth, 451 Sicomac .Ave.. Wyckoff. N. J. 6« 

Dohm. Carolyn Eliz. 2636 Walker .Ave.. Greensboro 49 

Donoliue. Margaret E.. 1 105 \. Gregson St., Durham 38 

Dorseff. Effie Ruth. 722 Holly St.. Asheboro 177 

Dorward. .Mary Elleir. 1.15 Sunnyside Ave.. Elmhurst, III. 68 

Doughton. Martha K.. 2313 Wilson St.. Durham 6a 

Douglas. Helen Toni. 9(ra Salem St., Greensboro 49 

Douglas, Sonaj E.. 908 Salem St.. Green.sboro 3a 

Dowdy, .Anne Rogers. 401 Washington St.. Nashville 14a 

Dowdle. Carolyn Hall. 60 Wayah St., Franklin 6a 

Draper. Patsy Carroll. 71 Washington St.. Roanoke Rapids 177 

Drummond. Margaret L„ Eastville Station, Va. 3a 

Drye, Nancy Jo. Polkville 177 

Dunagan. Carol Valeria. 319 E. Hendrix St.. Green.sboro 14a 

Dunagin. Joyce Marie. 301 Ruby Lane. Gastonia 14a 

Duncan. .Ann Caroline. 4211 Serrrinarv .Ave.. Richmond. Va. 177 

Duncan. Charla Flo. 750 N. E. 121st St.. Miami 3a, Fla. 68 

Duncan. Dorothy E.. 12 E. la. Lumberton oa 

Duncan. Eleanor Carol, Mountainbrook, Charlotte 9 3k 

Duncan, Sudie Elizabeth. 211 Holmes Dr.. Fairborn. Ohio 14a 

Dunn. Nancy Eleanor, liiir Chestrmt St.. Lexington 3k 

DuPree. Elizabeth R.. 713 Westwood Dr., Raleigh 68 

Durham. Iris .Anne. Route 3. Box 572. Greensboro 148 

Durham. Virginia C. lain Lansdale Dr.. Charlotte 5 38 

Durner. Grace Carolyn. Box 338. Burgaw 49 

Dutton. Darrell. 112 S. Thompson St., Whiteville 177 

— E— 

Earley. Marvene R.. Route 2. Connelly Springs 6a 

Earls. Tamara Sue, 60i Price St„ Forest City 68 

Early, Catherine .Anne. 200 Grand .Ave., Raleigh 49 

Early, Eleanor Douthat, 116 Marshall St., Petersburg, Va. 148 

F.asterling. Lois K., 820 N. Eugene ,St., Greensboro 38 

Rbert. Carolina P.. 237:. Elizabeth Ave., Winston-Salem 38 

Ebert. Sarah Elizabeth, sio Kiiollwood Ave., Winston-Salem 68 

Edilins. Brenda Joy. Brrx Iso. Mm ven 38 

Eildy. Anne Herritage. 77 Miantonomo Dr., Warwick, R. 1 38 

Edgar. Rosemary Ethel. 1205 Peace Haven Rd., Winston-Salem 38 

Edinger. C'aia Mae. 137 Church St., Mt. Airy 38 

Edmonds. Marv Catherine, 3.A Cameron Court, Raleigh 177 

Edson. .lovce L.riira. Box 53. Vernon. Vt. ,148 

Edwards. Cari.lvrr .1.. Isot National Ave., New Bern ,177 

F.dwaids. Eli'.rhelh .\rm. 3trrl Marshall Dr.. Charlotte ,38 

Edwards. Helen Smith, Clyde ,148 

Edwards. Ida Lou. 211 N. St. John St., Burlington 38 

Edwards, Marguerite D.. Route 1, Box 232, Newport 6a 

Edwards, Nolah .Anzon. 303 W. Marsh St., Salisbury 49 

Edwards, Patricia L.. 34 Washington Ave., Asheville 148 

Eflrd. Cynthia Gail. 7ir9 High St., Albemarle 49 

Eflrd, Marv Elizabeth, Griffith Rd.. Monroe 38 

Elird. .Marv Louise. 121 N. Spring St.. Winston-Salem 6s 

Egerton. Ntary Grier. 314 W. Bessemer Ave., Greensboro 38 

Elam. Martha Lee. Route 1. Shelby 68 

Elden. Elaine Dee. 215 .Middle St.. New Bern 177 

Elekes. Mary Jeannette, Box 36. Castle Hayne 38 

Elig. Marv Patricia. 115 Faulkner Dr„ Greensboro 148 

El'enbrrrg. Judy Ann. 415 First St.. Spencer 38 

E'linwood. Elizabeth H.. 1601 N. College Park, Greensboro . 148 

Elliott, I'ollv Lawrence, 125 Edgewood Rd.. Towson 4. Md 148 

Ellis. narh.rr.r I.iane, Route 1. Box 338, Huntersville 68 

Ellis. Judith Ann. Route 3. Durham 68 

Elli.s. Nancy Jo. Rt. 3. Box 147. Goldsboro 88 

Ellis. Sybil Jane. Box 112, Leaksville 148 

Ely. Linda Louise, 221 4 Hales Rd.. Raleigh 88 

Engelniarr. Sondra Rrrth. 3l(ri Carlisle Ave.. Baltimore 16, Md 38 

KnL'lisli. .Inv. 1'. O. Ho\ !i:i. Hiirnsville 148 

Kn-lisli. Sliei'a .!o, 3iis Kanrav Dr.. Richmond 27, Va 177 

F.nt. K:irerr 11 Wilder' Uil.. Shrewsbury, Mass. 68 

K|i[)s. Shiilev ,\nri, Hu\ s5:l. H.rdin 68 

Knli)d\. .lean KIsie. <l Nortliwiiod Rd.. A.sheville 148 

Krwirr. Mildri'ii. nil Mc-Cov Hd., S.ilishury 178 

F.skliilge. Sarah Anne. l!o\ 334, Hillsboro 178 

Fstes. It.iehel Louise. Route 7. Box 252. Lenoir 148 

Estexez. Silvi.i. 7 ,A .Av 14 34 Z 1. Guatemala. Guatemala 178 

Eubank. Mamie Kirk. Route 1, Box 374. Wilmington 148 

Kulianks. Sahra Leigh. 290 Evans St.. Morehead City 68 

Evans. Diana Eliz.ibefh. 407 Mayflower Dr.. Greensboro 148 

Evans, Glemla l.awience. General Delivery. Sugar Grove 178 

Evans, .le.iii L.iverack. 12ii Chancellor St.. Charlottesville, Va 38 

Evans. Kenilr.i (anil. Box 221 Poplar St.. Graham 49 

Evans, l.elia Rose. Cross St.. Box 63. Voungsville 178 

Everett. Ann Boston. ,-.ii5 S. College St.. Monroe , , 3k 

Everett. Sarah Lamar. 5ii5 College St.. Monroe , 17k 

Everhart. Beekv l.on. .5ii:i W. Center St.. Lexington 38 

Everbart. Bonnie .lovce. 90k Fairview Dr., Lexington 49 

Everhart, Peggy Dem. 1210 Oak St., Greensboro 49 

— F— 

Fairclotb, Peggy Joyce, Route 1, Box 309, Fayetteville 148 

Falke, Leslie, 858 3rd Ave.. New York 22. N, Y. 38 

Falls Carmen Isabel, 1028 Belvedere ,Ave., Gastonia 178 

Farbman, Sheila .Anne. P. O. Box 504. Balboa, Canal Zone 68 

Farmer-, Jaciiueline Ann, 523 ath St„ AltaVista, Va 88 

Farrar, Bettv Lee, 712 East Franklin. Raleigh 178 

Farrington. Slargie Lee. Route 3. Guilford College Br.. Greemsboro 148 

Farringlorr. Sharlie M.. Rt. 3. Guilford College Br., Greensboro 68 

Farris, Gloria .lean. 509 S. Taylor St.. Rocky Mount 49 

Fasirk. Helen Arrn, Win<liester. Tenn 178 

Faulk. Emilv -MaeM.. 523 S. Uh St.. Smithfield 38 

Favors. Jean Morris. 919 Moody St.. Greensboro ,148 

Feld. Joanne Emily, 652 Ashbourne Rd„ Elkins Park 17, Pa 38 

Ferebee, Katliryn Sina, Route 3, Vanceboro 148 

Ferguson, Susan Welch, 1309 D, Walker, Greensboro , 178 

Ferikes, Diane, 6 .Arlington St.. Asheville 39 

Ferrell, Frances V„ Route 3, Box 272, Elizabeth City 69 

Ferrell, Nancy Marie. Millbrook 39 


Dine and Dance 

New Reidsville Road 
Route 5, Greensboro 

Phone BR 2-9527 



^JjruQ J^L 


1003 Spring Garden St. Greensboro, N. C. 

Across from Aycock Auditorium 

BR 5-6343 

For your sandwiches, drinks 

— also cosmetic and prescription needs 

G-E Appliances — TV Sporting Goods 


Hart Hardware Company 

336 Tate Street 
Greensboro, N. C. 
Phone BR 4-4645 

Phone BR 2-5865 


1005 Spring Garden St. Greensboro, N. C. 

Opposite Aycock Auditorium 

Woman's College 


^Icce for Your Parents and Friends 


1 045 West Market Street 



Phone BR 3-2517 

Powell's Shoe Store 

I. Miller 
1 15 South Elm Street 


Potato Chips 

use one 

save one |^ ,^,^s- 


2 0-OZ. Bogs 
In One-ONLY 


vDfidali and ^o finals 

'Everything for the Bride and Bridesmaid' 

2nd Floor 219 East Nash Street 

Wilson, N. C. 

Page 213 



Fields. Ellen Susan, 2411 Springwood Dr.. Oreensboro 

Kinestone. Harriet M.. 6300 Granby St.. Norfolk 5. Va. 

Fink. Barbara Janice. Country Club Drive. Lumberton 

Finman, Gertrude Riva. 2947 Forest Park Dr., Charlotte 9 

Fisher. Elizabeth C. Whitakers 

Fisher. Ellyn Marie. Box 453. Huntersville 

Fisher. Jo Meeks. 421 Vance St.. Clinton 

Fisher. Lucia Jones. 2710 Rosedale Ave.. Raleigh 

FLsher. Patricia G.. 945 Herrin Ave., Charlotte 

Fisher. Sarah Louise. Ii:i9 2nd St.. S.W.. Roanoke, Va. 

Fitts, June Elizabeth, r.l.i Cumberland St„ Favetteville 

Flanagan, Jean Anne, 17 Herkimer Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Flanagan, Toni, RFD 3, Reidsville 

Flatt, Peggy Sue, 1425 Sharon Amity Rd.. Charlotte 7 

Fleming, Joan Louise, 3134 Eastburn Rd.. Charlotte 9 

Fletcher. Kay Elizabeth. .3001 Fairview Rd.. Raleigh 

Flowers. Linda Amelia. Harrisburg 

Flournov. Ann Dovle. 4760 33rd St. N.. Arlington, Va. 

Flovd. Judith Juanita. 403 Northern Blvd.. Wilmington 

Floyd, Marian Elaine, 118 Washington St,. Roanoke Rapids 

Flyhn, Linda Frances, 110 Confederate Ave., Salisbury 

Fodel. Dianne Lea. 2621 Croyden Rd.. Charlotte 9 

Foil. Frances Lynne, 506 Maupin Ave.. Salisbury 

Foil. Jerri Eugenia. Box 887. Salisbury 

Folger. Jane. 1111 Johnson St.. High Point 

Foltz. Jill Laniour, 4002 Yokeley St.. Winston-Salem 

Forbis. Joyce ,\nn, 1615 Walker Ave,, Greensboro 

Ford. Ann Elizabeth. 212 Main St., Fairmont 

Ford, Carolyn Kay, 460" .Alabama Ave., Lynchburg. Va 

Ford. Martha Lee. Penland 

Ford. Nancy Elizabeth. 533 West Maxwell. Lakeland. Fla, 

Fort. Mary Keris. 2005 Vail Ave.. Charlotte 

Fortner. Martlia Jane. Box 112. Davidson 

Foster. Hope E.. Legion Drive. N. Wilkesboro 

Foster. Joan Carolyn, Rt. 1. Box 360. Winston-Salem 

Foster. Jo Ann. 1161 S. Hawthorne Rd.. Winston-Salem 

Foster. Nancy Catherin. 121 Tarleton Ave.. Burlington 

Fountain. .-Vnne He^wood. 2722 Jackson St., Wilmington 

Fountain. Martha .\nn. Box 23S G. Route 2. Rocky Mount 

Foushee. Hilda Faye. Box 15, Raleigh St„ Liberty 

Fowle, Virginia C, Box 137, Mimosa Shor. Washington 

Fowler, Cynthia Lou, 2023 Club Blvd,, Durham 

Fowler, Julia Leach. 104 Woodbine Terr., Morganton 

Fowler. Sylvia Lou. Box 446. Morganton 

Frank. Evelyn Lindsay. Route 6. Lexington 

Franklin. Ann E., 1 Kenilworth Rd.. Aslieville 

Franklin. Judy Kathrvn Garrou St.. Valdese 

Franklin. Nancy E.. 134 Victoria St.. Elkin 

Franklin. Paula Ann. 430 Garrou St., 

Frazier. Sondra A.. Bowman St.. Liberty 

Freeman. Scarlette .1.. Route 2. Hendersonville 

Freundendorf. Mary Anne. 217 Miller Loop. Ft. Bennin 

Friedman. Margaret. 2007 Sulgrave .Ave., Baltimore 9. .Md 

Frorath. Jane Ellen. 5012 Pompanio PI.. Annandale. Va. 

Frye. Patricia .Ann. 2317 Dickens .Ave.. Charlotte 

Fu. Pearl Elizabeth. 836 W. Market St.. Greensboro 

Fuller. Betty Gail. 98 Clifton Road. Rocky Mount 

Fuller. Martha Ann. 87 Winston Ave.. Aslieville 

Fullerton. Ann Jean. 2242 Malvern Rd., Charlotte 

Fulp. Margie. Bank St.. Stokesdale 

Funderburk. Gail Young. Forest Hills. .Aberdeen 

Funderburk. Linda L.. Box 635. Mt. Holly 

Fun.ston. Pegg>', 4869 S. 28th St., Arlington. Va. 

Fuquay, Margaret Faye, 1000 McCormick St., Greensboro 

Fuquay, Rachel Louise, Route 1, Summerfleld 

Furey, Caroline Agnes, 49 Marlborough Rd., .Asheville 

Furr. Peggy Lou. 620 Cannon .Ave.. .Albemarle 

Fusco. Betty Francine, 159 Sulphur Springs Rd., Asheville 

Futchs. Johanna Louise, 2207 Klein Rd.. Wilmington 

Gabriel. Mary .Ann. 634 West 6th St.. Newton , , , , 

Gadd. Virginia Dale. 3004 13th .Ave.. S.W., Hickory 

Gaines. Phyllis C. Box 184. Jamesville 

Galligher. Vera C. Route 5. Sanford 

Game. Nancy Jill. Rt. 3. Goldsboro 

Ganim. Virginia Lynn. 510 W. Evans St., Florence, S. C. 
Gardner, Betty Jane, 2410 Beechridge Rd„ Raleigh 
Gardner, Bonnie F., 215 N. isth St.. Wilmington 
Gardner. Josephine G.. 315 W. Monroe St., Salisbury 
Gardner, Janice Maxine, Route 5, Shelby 
Gardner. Julia Ann, 2410 Beechridge Rd„ Raleigh 
Gardner, Linda Barnes, Rt. 1, Box 158. Elm City 

Garmon. Dale Elaine. 2229 Laburnum Ave., Charlotte 5 

Garner, Linda Anne, Box 272, Liberty 

Garrenton, Constance M„ Box 458, Bethel 
Garrard, Brenda Lee, 1404 Alabama .Ave,, Durham 
Garrett, Jane Ingram, 225 W. Fieldcrest. Draper . 
Garrett, Mary Carolyn. Rt. 4. Box 75. Greensboro 
Garri.son. Alice Mae. Rt. 3. Carthage 

Garriss, Carolyn P, 311 Johnson St., Clinton 

Garriss, Dorothy L,, Troy 

Garwood, Linda Mae. 16 Erwin St., Cooleemee 

(iaskin, Mary .Ann, 2324 Casswell Dr., Bethel Park. Pa. 

Catling. -Anna Darden, 221 Gatling St., Ahoskie 

Gawen, Lois .Marie, 5917 N, 14th St., Arlington 5, Va 

Gay, Frances Ward, 1500 Heal St„ Rocky Mount 

Gay, Sally Faust, Seaboard 

Gayle, Susan Montague, 3741 Chesapeake Ave,, Hampton. Va. 

Gee. Shirley Smith. 1914 Lafayette Ave., Greensboro 

Genser. Susan Nlyrna, 345 N. Wyoming .Ave,. South Orange, N. J 

Gentry, Daphne Sue, 1211 Carter St.. Higli Point 

George, Bettye Cates, 1306 Richardson Dr., Reidsville 

Gertner. Sheila Ruth. 268 Ocean Ave.. Lakewood, N. J. . 

Gery, Frances E., 1806 Erv\in Rd.. Durham 

Gettys, Katherine R.. Griffith Rd.. Rt. 5, Monroe 

Gettys, Mary Lynn, Rt. 5, Monroe 

Gettys. Sue Foster. 1322 Jackson Rd.. Gastonia 

Gibson. Bobbie .Ann. Rt. 1. Box 285, Hamlet 

Gibson, Genealia E., 1640 Hendersonville, Asheville 

Gibson, Ruth Diane, Box 482, Whiteville 

Gilbert, Betsy Ann, 309 Wade St„ Fuquay Springs 

Gilbert. Mary .Meekins. 309 W. Ehringhaus St., Elizabeth City 

Giles. Ola Elizabeth. Box 146, Glen .Alpine 

Gillespie, Eleanor .A., Route 6, Box 394. Mount Airy 

Gilliam. Patricia Q.. 308 Briar Brdg. Vail.. Chapel Hill 

Gillikin. Martha Mayo, 1406 Mc.Arthur .Ave., New Bern 
Gilreath, Rebecca Gail, 507 E St„ N, Wilkesboro 
Given, Gail Sherrard, 110 N. Ridge St„ Southern Pines 
C.lanckopf. Annette L„ 1108 Lakewood Dr.. Greensboro 
Glasby. Betty Lou. 607 West Lofton St.. Lillington 
Glass, Sue Ellen, 1203 Richardson St.. Greensboro 

Globus. Nina, 4500 Maine .Ave.. Baltimore. Md 

Goad. Norma Livengood. Route 2. Mt. Airy 

Godfrey. Rebecca .Anne. 31 Pickard Circle. Lexington 
(iodwin. Louisa Staton. 114 Lee St.. Williamston 
Godwin. Mattie M.. 309 Churchill Dr.. Fayetteville 
Goldberg, Roslvn .Ann, 108 W. Markham Ave.. Durham 
Goldin. Laura Lackey. 640h Oleander Dr., N. Hollywood. Fla. 

Golding, Margot Leigh, 4903 Friendly Rd., Greensboro 

Gomes. Vidinha Linda. 51 .Anstice St.. Oyster Bay. N. Y 

Gooch. Jane. 2301 Henderson .Ave.. New Bern 

Goode, Jeane Ethelda. Box 212. Valdese 

Gooden. Jeannie Fay. Rt. 1. Box 153. Elizabethtown 
Goodwin, Sylvia V„ 606 Kilbourne .Ave., Durham 
(iordy. Dorothy Louise. 44 .Andover. Pittsfield. Mass. 
Gowens. Rebecca Joyce. Lakehills. Rt. 1. Pfafftown 
Graham. Dorothy B.. 3318 Windsor Dr.. Charlotte 9 
Graham. ,Ianice Cameron, Box 66. Goldston 
Graham. Jon Nelson, 426 W. Washington St., Gainesville, Ga. 
Graham. Pamela .Anne. 210 W. Mountain St., Kernersville 
Grant, Alice Louise, Rt. 8. Robin Hood Rd.. Winston-Salem 
Graves. Claudette T. 1516 Willow Rd.. Greensboro 
Graves. Margaret E.. 610 S. Broadway. Georgetown. Ky. 
Gray. Adele Kathryn. Rt. 5. Old Lex. Rd.. Winston-Salem 
Gray, Myra Deon, 724 Forest Rd.. Concord 

Gray. Ruby Jeanette. 219 Bethel St.. Morganton 

Grayson. Dolores .Ann. 334 N. Elm. .Asheboro 

Green, .Alethia Johnson, Scotland Neck 

Green, Kaye Elizabeth. 22 1 V.. S;ilisbury. .Asheboro 

Green. Sandra Moore. Pine St.. White\ille 

Green. Sara Jean. 53o5 sth .\ve. So.. Birmingham. Ala 

Greenberg, Marsha -A,, 408 Crestland .Ave,, Greensboro 

Greene, Betty Ruth, Route 3, Guilford College, Greensboro 

Greene. Jill Kave. 2106 Ridge Rd., Raleigh 

Greene, .Mary Hester. Rt. 1. Star 

Greer, Elizabeth G., 910 Wade St., Garner 

Greer. Myra -Alyce. 705 Church St.. Spray 

Greeson. Roberta Faye, 613 N. Mebane St.. Burlington 

Gregory. Barbara Jean. 914 Forrest Ave., High Point 

Gregory. Elaine Marie. Box 32. Acme 

Gregory. Josephine M.. 1515 Oriole PI., Greensboro 

Gregory, Nancy Rose, Box 746, Bryson City 

Greller. Wilma Jane. 2800 Allendale PI.. Washington 8. D. C. 

Gresham. Ann Howard. 919 N. Eugene St., Greensboro 

Griffln. Betty Frances. 201 Woodlawn Dr.. Williamston 

Gritlin. Dorothy Gail. 1550 S. Tryon St.. Charlotte 3 

Griffin. .Mary Jane. 410 E. Church St.. Laurinburg 

Griffin, Ollie Esther. 130 Tate St.. Greensboro 

Griffin, Patricia .Anne, 726 Crescent Dr,. Reidsville 

Griffin. Rebecca Lane. Route 3. Rocky Mount 

Griffin. Rebecca S.. 41 Bradford .Ave.. I'pper Montclair. N. J. 

Griffin. Rita Kay, P. O. Box 66. Drexel 

Griffin. Sara Jane. 425 Morgan St.. Roxboro 

Griffith. Carrie Susan. 302 Kensington. Greensboro 

Griffith. Marion Daily. Rt. 2. Bessemer City 

Grimes. Helen Gauldin. Route 3. Mt. Olive 

Grogan. Claris Mae. Route 3. Stoneville 

Grose. Martha Jane. 1501 Elwood Ave.. Greensboro 

Gudger, Sandra Lee. 20 Devonshire PI.. Asheville 

Guffey. Deanna Janie. 603 Ohio St.. Spindale 

fiutfv. Clwendolyn Lee. Box 55. Norwood 

Guili. Doris Dawn. 1803 Walker Ave.. Greensboro 

Gulledge. Lavon D.. Rt. 1. Box 308. Wadesboro 

Gunn. Nancy Marie. Bsx 51. Yanceyville 

Gunter, Katiiv (iav. Route 2. Box 610S. Charlotte 

Gurlev. Linda (iail. 409 Price St.. Forest City 

Gurlev. Nancy Harriet. 608 W. 8th St.. Newton 

Guy. Carole Lee. 877 Woodland Road. Statesville 

Gwin. Gretchen G.. 402 Columbia -Ave.. Burlington 

— H— 

Haase. Jeanine .Alice. 1412 DeSoto Place, Greensboro 
Habicht, Louise -Ann M.. 225 Hassell PI., Charlotte 9 
Hahn, Celia Caroline, 1402 Spencer .Ave.. New Bern 
Hales. Glenda S.. Route 1. Zebulon 
Hall. Carol Jo, 726 Oak Summit Rd,. Winston-Salem 
Hall. June Ann. 220 Mvrover St.. Fayetteville 
Hall. Nancy toe Teeter. Rt. 1. Box 156. .Mt. Holly 
Hall. Peggy Ann. Rt. 2. Box 43. Sylvia 

Hambright. Margaret S.. Box 327. Blacksburg, S. C 

Hamilton, Sandra G,. 112 N, Slocumb, Goldsboro 
Hampton, Mary Carol, 401 Brewer Ave.. Thomasville 
Hamrick. Harriet S.. Route 2. Box 475. Shelby 

Mason. 927 Hill St.. Rocky Mount 


ck. Ma 

Route 4. Sh< 

Linda Ellen, 1( Branch St., Wilson . 

Hancock. Mary .Ann. 1429 Bevis Dr.. Charlotte . 
Hancoth. Jean Ruth. 309 Bickett St.. Monroe 
Hanev. Sally Thomas. 843 Shelby Rd.. Morganton 
Haney. Suanne. I603 Murdock Rd.. Charlotte 
Hannah. Martha Jean. 1907 Madison Ave., Greensboro 
Hanner. Helen Sandra. 110 W. Trinity .Ave.. Durham 
Hardesty, Sandra Lee, 729 Redgate Ave., Rocky Mount 




Near O. Henry Hotel 

Phorne BR 3-7170 GREENSBORO, N. C. 

Cameras . . . Films . . . Projectors . . . Darkroom Supplies 

Phoio Finishing 

Phipps Gift Shop 

2nd Floor Phone BR 2-583 1 or BR 2-01 79 

For Gifts for the Home 

Sterling Silver — Fine China 

Crystol Gourmet Department and 

Outdoor Cooking Items 

Phipps Hardware Company 

215 North Elm Street 
Phone BR 2-0179 



Chinese and American Dishes 


Closed Each Monday 

1 05 South Greene St. 

Have you tried 

a Kri«py Kreme 


Ideal for snacks, dessert, breakfast, 
good in school lunches, too. 


Krispy Kreme 


504 S. Greene Street 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Drink -t Glasses of 
Guilford Dairy 
Milk Everyday! 



Hardison. Carolyn Anne. 75 Raleiph Dr.. Roanoke Rapids 
Hardy. Ann Howell, Box 642, Bland, Va. 

Hardy, Belinda Gray. Route 2. LaGrang:e 

Hardy, Patricia Hannali, 1620 Louden Heights, Charleston, W, Va. 

Harley. Gail Anne. 3216 James PI.. Greensboro 

Harley, Louise Bunn, 700 Laurel St., Wavcross. Ga. 

Harlow. Juditli E.. 20 Gloria Ave.. Winston-Saleni 
Harper. Barbara Lou. 25 Westminster Dr.. Jacksonville 
Harper. Patricia .\nne. 5503 .^Ison .^pt. 172.\. Norfolk. Va. 

Harrell. Judith Love. 221 Pigeon St.. Waynesville 

Harrelson. Be^■erlv D.. 909 Walker .\ve.. Greensboro 

Harrinston. Melincla C. 120.'! China Grove Rd.. Kannapoli.s . . 

Harrinston. Brownie Z.. Rt. I. Box 317. .\vilen 

Harrinston, Catherine, H04 Park Dr., Sanford 

Harris. Janice Marslia. 931 Montgomery .\ve.. Albemarle 

Harris. Lela Dennis. 11 Carmalt St.. Thomasville 

Harris. Patricia ,\nne. Harris 

Harris. Rose Ann. 001 W. -'Ut St.. I.umberton 

Harris. Zalotta Belali. 931 MiintKniiierv Ave.. Albemarle 

Harrison, Carol Ann. 1012 Hiiliiu-^ St.. Salisbury 

Harrison. Linda D.. 2s(is WildwiicKl Dr.. Greensboro 

Harrison. Martlia Faye. P>win Heights. Thomasville 

Hart. Patricia .\nne. 170 Westwood Place, .\sheville 

Hartman. Keith .\nn. 1201 Kenwood Ave.. Winston-Salem 

Hartsell. Nettie E.. Rt. 1. Box 141. Midland 

Hartsfield. Lecye D.. 2Hio Kirby Dr., Greensboro 

Hartsook, Judith E.. .110 Hillside Dr.. Greensboro 

Harward. Brenda Kay. Rt. 2. Chapel Hill 

Harwell. Margaret E.. Rt. 1, Box 65A. Wilkesboro 

Haskell, Charlotte, 517 N'. Perry St.. Titusville. Pa. 

Hassell. Linda Keith. 507 Forestdale Dr.. Jamestown 

Hassell. Mary Benson. 1327 Rand Drive. Raleigh 

Hatcbctt. Andrea Lynn. 1521 W. Thomas. Rocky Mount 

Hatlev. Mildred E.. Box 266. Oakhoro 

Haun. Elisahetli Insrid. P. O. Box 21. Kittrell 

Hauser. Judith Lynn. 1 126 E. Polo Rd.. Winston-Salem 

Hawkins. .\nn Jane. Rt. 2C. Candler 

Hawkins. Janet E.. 1539 Ideal Way. Charlotte 

Hawkins. Lollie C. 1214 Pasteur St.. New Bern 

Hawley. Lynda Kathryn. 2838 Stuart Dr.. Durham 

Hay. Ardith Elspeth. Vallevtown. Andrews 

Hayes. Elizabeth Susan. 108 Noble St.. Chapel Hill 

Hayes, Laura Gladys, Rt, 1, Box 279, Seagrove 

Hayes, Myra Carole. 23 Coleman Ave., .\sheville 

Haynes, Catherine P.. Burlaw 

Haynes. Diana Josette, Box 125. Rt. 2. Clyde 

Haynes. Nancy Claudia. 43 .\mbler Rd.. .Asheville 

Hayward. Becky Jon. 500 Sunset Dr.. Hish Point 

Heafner, Barbara Kay. Box 434. Crouse 

Heafner. Carolyn. 433 N. Cedar St.. Lincolnton 

Heath. Dolores Carol, Rt, 1. Trenton 

Heath. Patricia Ann. 2206 Rollins Rd.. Greensboro 

Heatherly. He'en Eliz, 2607 Benninston Rd.. Fayetteville 

Hedden. Elizabeth L.. 1608 Pineview Dr.. Raleish 

HedRecock, Margaret J., llol Gordon St., Hish Point 

Hedsepeth. Mary A.. Delmus Ave.. Fairmont 

Heeden. Mary Nebeah. 311 X. Carolina .St.. C.oldsboro 

Heeden. Maileline Eliz. 105 Raleish Rd.. Wilson 

Heffner. Caroline C. 40s w. 7th St.. Newton 

HefTner, Linda Lewis. Box 22. Glen .\lpine 

Hefner. Nancy Lillian. Box 437. Hickory 

Heilig. Amelia Mi'lie. 213 W. Monroe St.. Salisbury 

HeiliK. Martha Ellis. 213 W. Monroe St.. Salisbury 

Heinz. Martha Penelope. 976 W. Wesley Rd.. N.W.. .Atlanta. Ga. 

Heiserman. .\nnette Mae. 3718 Columbus Dr.. Baltimore 15, Md. - 

Heitkamp. Sara Eason. 201 Cheatham. Franklinton 

Held. Trudy Ann. 525 W. 27th St.. Norfolk. Va. 

Helms. Flora Fave. Rt. 3. Marshville 

Helms. Martha -\nn. RFD 3. Marshville 

Hemphill, Brenda Diane. 112 Odell PI.. .Apt. 2. Greensboro 

Hemphill. Emma Jean. Rt. 2. Nebo 

Henderson. Lynne M.. 232 Middleton Dr.. Charlotte 

Henderson. Mary C. 2718 Stratford Dr.. Greensboro 

Henderson. Patricia L.. 1220 N, Main St,. Hendersonville 

Henderson, Sandra M.. 409 Miles Rd., Shelby 

Henderson, Wanda M.. 1040 Hill St.. Greensboro 

Hendley. Lydia Swann. Bounous St., 

Henley, Mary Ross, Route 3, Box 189. Chapel Hill 

Hendrix. Jacqueline, 219 S, Tremont Dr.. Greensboro 

Hensley, Barbara Jane, Burnsville 

Henson. Mary Catherine 2963, Whitson Rd.. Gastonia 

Herr. >Iarcia Bradlee. 24 S. Lewis Place. Rockville Centre, N. Y. , 

Herrin?. Emily Louise. 2511 18th Ave., Columbus, Ga 

Herring, Sharon Ray, Carthage Rd., Lumberton 

Hertzler. Lois Regina. 1529 N. Glebe Rd.. Arlington 7. Va 

Hester. Jane Carol. 1065 Miller St.. Winston-Salem 

Hester. Janet Kay. 2302 Tampa .Ave.. Durham 

Hetzler. Laura Lee. 603 Piedmont. Reidsville 

Heusner. Day. Rt. 1. Box 176. Durham 

Hewitt. Lois Ann. 222 E. Cypress St.. Elizabeth City 

Hicks. Christine L.. Route 3. Bedford. Va. 

Hicks. Evelyn Louise. Rt. 1. Box 201. Newland 

Hicks. Ciayle Venable. 115 Jennette .Ave.. Henderson 

Higgins. Emily Carolyn. Rt. 1. Box ss, Cary 

Higgins. Nancy Ethel. 207 White St., Morganton 

High, Lura Berry, Lucama 

High, Patricia Carole. 2215 Beverly Dr.. Charlotte 

Hildebrand. Carolyn F.. Box 11. Brook.side Dr.. Wexford. Pa. 

Hill. Betty Bruce. Rt. 6. Reidsville 

Hill, Gertrude Elaine. Route 2. Stoneville 

Hinnant. Delphia Anne. Route 3. Kenlv 

llinnant. Donna Murriel. 615 Cherry Hill Dr., Staunton, Va. 

Ilirsch. Linda Jane. 8316 Ellenwood PI.. Charlotte 

Hitchcock. Lilla Joyce. 178 .Milledge Terr.. Athens. Ga 

Hobbs. .Mary Araminta. 502 Broad St.. Edenton 
Hobgood. Barbara Ann. Rt. 1. Oxford 
Hodge. Cynthia Imogene. Box 133. Knightdale 
Hodge. Mary Ida, Route 3. Box 203, Salisbury 

Hodges. Eleanor R.. 1009 N. Market St.. Washington 

Hodges, Sammy Lee, Brunswick 

Hoffman, Carol Sue, 904 Idlewood Dr.. Greensboro 
Hoffman. Helen Patricia. 913 S. Gibbons St.. Gastonia 
Hogan. Ann Louise. 119 Shannon Dr.. Burlington 
Hollingsworth. Nancy. 1028 Rockford Rd.. High Point . 
Hollon. Linda Joyce. 507 N. Broadway. Blanchester, Ohio 

Holmes. Julia Hutchins. Monkton. Md. 

Holmes. Virginia. 13 Delta Place. Indian Head. Md. 

Holshouser. Mamie Lee. 618 N. Main St.. Mooresville 

Holt. Betty Ruth. 611 Pee Dee .Ave.. .Albemarle 

Holt. Barbara .A.. 611 Pee Dee .Ave.. Albemarle 

Holton. Shirley Jane. Route 2. Winston-Salem 

Holtzman. .Shirley Lena. Rt. 1. Box 234. Manson . 

Honevcutt. Helen E.. Rt. 2. Box 380. Durham 

Hood. Elizabeth Bonhani, 216A Wakefield Dr.. Charlotte 

Hood Marjorie .Anne. 406 W. 22nd St.. Lumberton 

Hoover. Mary Ann. 1804 .Meaduwhrnok Dr.. Winston-Salem . 

Hope. Mary Eleanor. Box 2ris, lluritersville 

Hopkins. Catherine J.. 5 Rush Place, llysfer Bay, N. Y 

Horgan. Suellen. 99 Summit Ave.. I pper Montclair. N. J. 

Horn. Rebecca S.. 1121 S. Hawthorne Rd.. Winston-Salem 

Home. Clara Ann. 727 Poole Drive. Fayetteville 

Home. Harriett Collin, 300 Ross St.. Marshville 

Home. Jessie Kay. Route 2. Box 234C. Wilson 

Horner. Clara Mildred. 170 E. Illinois .Ave.. Southern Pines 

Horowitz. Kay. 1610 Littlepage St.. Fredericksburg. Va. 

Horton. Lucy Virginia. IS Wellington Rd., Greenvale. N. V. 

Houck. Erta Ann. 619 Summit St.. Winston-Salem 

House. Nancy Catherine. 1414D. Mockingbird Lane. Charlotte 

Howard. Juiiitli Ann. 13oh Fifth Ave.. S.W.. Hickory 

Howard. Katie Bennett. 220 S. Church St.. Scotland Neck 

Howard. Virginia Anne. Route 1. Timberlake 

Howard. Wilma Lee. Ingold 

Howell. Carolyn Gay. Route 2. Hertford 

Howell. Rebecca Eliz. 2 431 Reynolds Dr.. Winston-Saleni 

Howie. Sarah Steppe W.. 514 W. Pine St.. Florence, S. C. 

Hubbard. Judith Jean. Moravian Falls 

Hudgins. Julia Gail. 627 Beaver St.. Forest City 

Hudson. Chitquita Faye. Route 3. Durham 

Hudson. Julia Kathryn. 220 S. Fulton St.. Salisbury 

Hudson. Simja Snyder. 229 Westdale Ave.. Winston-Salem , , 

Hughes. Aiiii,! I.niiise. 1 in 1; W. 12th St.. Waynesboro. Va. . 

Hull. Dcunthv M.iric. lit. (i, Hcix 23s, M„unt Airy 

Hullinger. Diane. :)5:tlS W. Uth St.. Miami. Fla.' 

Humphrey. Margaret R.. 803 Twyckenham Dr.. Greensboro 

Humphrey. Suzanne .Mc. 803 Twyckenham Dr., Greensboro 

Humphries. Glenda M.. 32 Virginia Ave.. .Asheville 

Humphries. Judy .Ann. P. (). Box 495. Rutherford College 

Humplirevs. Julia G.. 206 Sutton St.. Fayetteville 

Hunevcutt. Midgie K.. Box 875. Rockwell 

Hunnings. Nancy Ann. 304 East 5th St.. Roanoke Rapids 

Hunt. Betty Louise. 310 .Ann St.. Jacksonville 

Hunter. Carolyn Louise. Route 6. Box 911. Morganton 

Hunter. Martha Iva. 504 Hardington St.. Raleigh 

Hunter. Sara Ellen. 389 Lynwood Drive. Statesville 

Huntley. Dorothy .Ann. 125 Powell Circle. Lenoir 

Hurley. Barbara .Ann. 19 Dome Lane. Wantagh. N. Y. 40 

Hussey. Judith Inez. Route 3. .Asheboro 130 

Hutchins. Martha 1... 1626 Medford Dr.. Charlotte 50 

Hvatt. Frances J.. 3810 E. Market St.. Greensboro 50 

Hynes. Mary Elizabeth. 800 Radio Road. Charlotte 40 

Ingram. Nancy Caroline. Box 226. Parkton ... 40 

Inman. Nancy Lee. 153 Kensington Cir.. Fayetteville . . 50 

Isoni. Rachel Simmnos. Bowman St.. Liberty 50 

Ison. Sara Jane. 421 E. Park Ave.. Charlotte 3 40 

Ivester. Kay Sharon. Ill Steven Drive. Morganton 40 

Jacintho. Pauline W.. 1107 Olive St.. Greensboro 40 

Jackson. Glenda Helen. 306 E. Lake Dr.. Greensboro 50 

Jackson. Helen Faye. 110 Pinecrest Dr.. Fayetteville 185 

Jackson. Mary Diana. 707 N. Audubon Ave.. Goldsboro 70 

Jackson. Randa J.. Siloam 185 

Jackson, Rebecca Joyce, Box 31. Pittsboro 70 

Jacobson, Elizabeth, 3536 Kingsbury Rd.. N.E.. Atlanta, Ga 150 

James, Nancy Katherine, 1029 Junia Ave., Winston-Saleni 185 

Jarman. Frances Carol. Richlands , 70 

Jarman. Joan Frances. 2610 Stuart Drive. Durham 150 

Jarrell. Linda Marie. 1307 Maryland Ave.. Durham 40 

Jarrett. Margaret E.. Route 1. Box 2. Havesville 150 

Jefferson. Mabel E.. 1502 Kenan St.. Wilson .70 

Jefferson. Stella M.. 418 Bryant St.. Leaksville 70 

Jeffreys. Elizabeth J.. Route 7, Raleigh 40 

,lenkins. Barbara J.. Burlington Industry. Greensboro 150 

Jenkins. Carolyn B.. 609 Northern Blvd.. Wilmington 70 

Jenkins. Virginia C. Pollocksville 70 

Jenrette. Catherine O.. Box 607. Forest .Ave.. Galax. Va. 150 

Jernigan. .Adelaide C. 3215 AVood Val. Rd.. N.W., Atlanta 5. Ga. . 40 
Jerome. Patricia Lynn. 1007 Fairmont St.. Greensboro - ... 40 

Jessup. Linda Rose". 3110 Battleground .Ave.. Greensboro 40 

Jobe. Sarah Leigh M.. Route 4. Box 158B. Greensboro 185 

Johnson. Agnes Ann. Route 1. Randleman 70 

Johnson. .Ann Rouse. 101 Academy St.. Madison 70 

Johnson. Barbara .Anne. Route 3. Four Oaks 50 

Johnson. Dorotliea S.. 21 Blue Ridge Ave., Asheville 150 

Johnson, Dorothy L,. Box 303, Altamont 50 

Johnson, Elizabeth A„ 417 Richmond Rd.. Rockingham 150 

Johnson. Judith Caroly. Rt. 1. Box 202. Mount Holly 40 

Johnson. Katherine L.. P. O. Box 666. Fuquay Springs 40 

Johnson, Lea Joy, Route 1, Coats 150 

Johnson, Lucy C, Huntersville 40 

Johnson. Martha Hardy. Fountain 18S 

Johnson, Nancy Faye, P. 0. Box 483, Four Oaks SO 

Page 2/6 

Coke brings you 

back refreshed 

■ CoJt»' i« a registered frade-mark- 


Coca-Cola Bottling Company 


Electronic Teletray Car Service Tiike Out Servtcf Dining Room Service 

Visit Greensboro's Newest and Most Luxurious Restaurant 

liot Slioppes 

1 100 Summit Avenue GREENSBORO, N. C. BRoadwoy 5-9561 

Counter Service 

Good Food 

Reasonable Prices 


Johnson. Rita Leona, Route 3. Ooklsboro 4(i 

Johnson, Ruby Carolyn, Route 2, Jonestown Rd,, Winston-Salem 70 

Johnson. Svlvia Ann, SMiii Knollwood St., WinstonSalem 185 

Johnson. Virginia E., ,-ill Wasiiington Ave,. Weldon 185 

Johnson. Wilma Anne, Route 3. Reidsville 150 

Joines. Joy Sue. 417 Maple Axe. Cir.. Reidsville 40 

Jones, .\nnetta Detyers. 115 Stedman St., Fayetteville 40 

Jones, Barbara Stewart, 2720 Robin Hood Dr„ Green.sboro 40 

Jones, Brenda Ann. 807 W. Bessemer Ave.. Greensboro 70 

Jones. Carolyn Ann. 145 Howeland Cir.. Danville. Va. 40 

Jones, Carolyn Faye. 2327 Churchill Rd.. Raleigh 185 

Jones. Carolyn Jane. Box 93. Ramseur 150 

Jones, Charlotte Ann. 114 Hilton Ave.. Durham 40 

Jones. Courtney. 104 Woodward Ave., Asheville 4o 

Jones, Gwendolyn Ann. 823 Kairview St.. High Point 40 

Jones, Gwendolyn Faye. 106 Parker St., Smithfleld 40 

Jones. Helen Rebecca. Route 1, Elon College 50 

Jones, Joanna Marie, 165 Euclid Ave., Asheville 40 

Jones. Juanita Lacy. Route 7. Box 298. Fayetteville 40 

Jones. Lorace Olivia. 1901 Woodland Ave.. Sanford 70 

Jones, .Marian Dean, 811 W, Main, Benson 185 

Jones, Margaret E.. 1200 Wedgewoo<l Dr.. Winston-Salem 150 

Jones, Mary Ann. 104 Higbee St.. Durham 50 

Jones, Nancy Sue, 2604 Nation ,^ve., Durham 40 

Jones, Patricia Elinor, Route 2, Box 19, Trinity 70 

Jones, Patsy Ann, 1621 Statesville Rd., Salisbury 40 

Jones, Sandra Kay, 105 Louisiana Ave,, Asheville 70 

Jones, Susan Mercer, Swansboro 40 

Jones, Tina Marie, 6 Springdale Ct., Greensboro .... 130 

Jorgensen, Karen Anne, MOQ 2304 River Rd„ Camp Lejeune 70 

Jo.seph, Rose Marie, N, King St,. Box 103, Windsor 70 

Joyce, Nora Lee Nixon, Route 1, Pinnacle 186 

Joyner, Emily Shelburn, 706 Essex Drive, Wilmington 150 

Joyner, Margaret Ray. 401 Elm St.. Weldon 40 

Joyner, Stella Cornela. 2712 Skye Drive. Fayetteville 30 

Justice. Ann Leisnrg. Boxwood Rd.. Rosemont. Pa. 40 

— K— 

Kalin. Claire Jean. 737 Florida Ave., Hendersonville 40 

Kanipe. Rachel Deal. 323 23th St.. N.E.. WinstonSalem 40 

Kapner, Alice Toby. ISk S. Buckhour St., Irvington, N, Y 70 

Karsnak, Elizabeth, 400 Jarvis St,. Greenville 186 

Karro, Patricia Jane, 839 Montford Dr„ Charlotte 70 

Katsikas, Mary. 416 Hillside Drive. Greensboro 131 

Kausch. Jeanne C 230 Chester Rd., WinstonSalem 40 

Keel, Cecelia Howard, 207 Crawford St„ Shelby 40 

Keel, Florence Pat, Route 1, Robersonville 40 

Keene, Judith Lynne, Route 3, Box 525, Wilmington 50 

Keeter, Brenda Eliz. 302 E. Center Ave.. Mooresville 40 

Keisler. Kay Genevieve. Box 388. Rt. 1. Cary 30 

Keist. Cecilia Ann. 10 DuPont Plaza. Fort Bragg . 40 

Keith. Carolyn. 6528 N. 28th St.. Arlington. Va. 70 

Kelleiiberger. Eleanor. 1020 West Market St., Greensboro 40 

Keller, Dorothy Neal, 708 Jansen Ave,, Cayce, S, C 40 

Keller, Linda Mae. 514 Rockbridge Rd„ Portsmouth. Va 40 

Kellev, Shirley Ann, 2607 S, Cannon Blvd,, Kannapolis 151 

Kelly, Emilv Baxter, 808 Tenth St„ Lillington 40 

Kelly, Linda Jean, 15ii6 S, 3rd St„ Wilmington 70 

Kelly, Marjorie P„ Box 116, Bunn 186 

Kelly, Nancy Catherine, 1506 S. 3rd St.. Wilmington 151 

Kelly, Rexine Matthews, 504 Hawkins Ave., Sanford 186 

Kelly. Virginia F., 1480 Pine Val. Loop. Fayetteville 40 

Kemp, Hilda Faye, 428 W. Lanier Ave,, Asheboro 40 

Kemp, Nancy Kay, 333 S, Aycock St„ Greensboro 70 

Kennedy, Betty Louise, 215 W. Washington, Bessemer City 70 

Kenner, Hilda Mary, 1015 Bayamo Ave,, Coral Gables, Fla. 70 

Kennerly, Sharon Lynn, 504 Oak St„ Mooresville 186 

Kent, Margaret Lee, 1255 Kirk Cir,, Greenville, Miss, 40 

Kent, Suzanne Diana, 437 Carroll Ave., Mamaroneck, N. V. 40 

Keough. Beverly Lynn. 130 .Mton Road, Stamford, Conn, 70 

Kerns, Emily Marcia, 130 Middleton Dr,, Charlotte 50 

Kerr, Landis Elain, 1301 47th St„ LaGrange, 111 40 

Kerr, Mary Louise. 2112 Dilworth Dr.. Charlotte 8 40 

Kertzman. Rita Mildred. .117 Westmont Dr., Fayetteville 151 

Kesler, Elizabeth C. 1217 Duplin Rd,. Raleigh 30 

Ketner. Mildred Allene, oo; Cadillac St.. Kannapolis 151 

Kidd. Louella Dabbs. 1014 N. Rotary Dr., High Point 151 

Kimball. Lucy Cath. Manson 40 

Kimball. .Marilyn Ann. 3600 Thomasville Rd., WinstonSalem 70 

Kimre.v, Katherine E„ Box 393, Haw River . 40 

Kinclieloe, Suzanne E., hi2 Lonsbow Road, Charlotte 70 

King, Carolyn Virginia, His Nortti College, Monroe 70 

King, Laurie June, 8 Willow ,'^t.. Cliatliam, \. J. . 40 

King, Rachel Levina, 334 Bust St.. Statesville 70 

Kinsey. Kay C. 1307 Town St.. (irccnsboro 186 

Kinsinger, Sara Emily, hoo Westover Ave., WinstonSalem 186 

Kirby, Joan Hannah, 914 Gibbons St„ Gastonia 70 

Kirby. Mary Emily, Supply 40 

Kirkman. Georgia Jane, Pleasant Garden 70 

Riser, Ann Parker, 607 Greenland Dr., Fayetteville 40 

Kistler, Barbara Jean, 2315 Ea.stway Drive, Charlotte 151 

Kittredge, Sarah Gay, Flat Rock 40 

Klaff, Beverly, 3404 Powhatan Ave., Baltimore 16, Md, 151 

Kleitman, Jean, 280 Elm Dr„ S.. Levittown, N. Y, 40 

Klenos, Petitesa, 1813 Huntington Rd„ Greensboro 186 

Kling, Sandra lone, 422 Antlers Drive, Rochester, N, Y, 70 

Klock, Marian Ardena, 11 Springdale Ct,, Greensboro 40, Carol Celeste, 1425 Duplin Rd„ Raleigh 40 

Klutz, Judith Vance, 920 Radio Rd., Statesville 40 

Knepper. Judith Ann, 80» West Fifth Ave.. Lexington 70 

Knight. Sylvia Sue, 605 Mclver St.. Sanford 40 

Knight. Teddy Lloyd, lloo Brookside Dr., Charlotte 70 

Knox, Marilyn Marie, Route 2, Leland 40 

Knudson, Mary Theresa, 1320 Spring Garden, Greensboro 151 

Kohler, Carolyn F., 29 Twin Oak Lane, Wilton, Conn. 40 

Koonce, Virginia, 2827 21st St,, Columbus, Ga, 40 

Koppel, Kaja, 3319 E, Bessemer .\ve., Greensboro 70 

Kraft. Miriam Olivia. 619 Mt. Vernon Ave.. Charlotte 

Krirn. Myra Sue. 1690 Walker .\\e.. Union, N. J. 

Krizan. Audrey Linda. River Park Apts., White Plains. N. V. 

Kroboth. Stephanie Ann. 1940 Woodland Dr.. Charlotte 

Kunsman. Barbara Lee. Kings Hwy. & Crkd. Ln.. Morristown. N. J. 1 

— L— 

ckey. Glenda Carol. Rt. 3. Box 191. Aiken. S. C. 
Ferney. Anita Kay. 901 Hartford A\e., Charlotte 1 

mar, Patricia Ellen, Overlook Ave,, Leaksville 
rnbert, Hilda Louise, 922 Caroline .\ve„ WinstonSalem 
fTiprinakos, .Maria P.. 43 Austin Ave.. Asheville 1 

Lancaster. Lucy S.. Fraz Apts.. Box ssoi. Guilford College 
Lancaster. Tommie Ann. Route 1. Pikeville 1 

Lander. Mary Martha. 224 The Prado. N.E.. Atlanta 9. Ga. 
Landmesser. Carol D., Route 8. Mocksville 1 

Lane. Janice Lee. 213 Crestland .\ve.. Charlotte 6 
Lang, Sarah Frances. Route 1. Walstonsburg 

Langston. Betty Palmer. 4613 W, Market St.. Greensboro 1 

Lassiter. Diane Carol. RFD 2. Box 14. Ahoskie 

Lauder. Joann. Box 4. Ruflfin 

Lauglion. Diane. 707 Lipscomb Rd.. Greensboro 1 

Lavine. Barbara Gail. 403 Sycamore Rd.. Portsmouth, Va. 1 

Leak. Mary Frances. 3332 Selwyn Ave.. Charlotte 9 

Leatherman. Willa C. Route 4. Franklin 

Leatherwood. Patsy M.. Route 3. Box 260, Waynesville 1 

Leconte, Elizabeth N.. ih(im e. 6th St.. Greenville 1 

Lee. Hilda Wright. Route 2. Polkton 1 

Lee. Linda Mariam. Rt. 2. Box 93. Polkton 1 

Lee. Linda Mozelle. Box 232. Polkville 1 

Lee. Margaret Faye, Rt, 2, Box 125, Ellerbe 

Lee, Rebekah Christine, 1106 S, Main, Kannapolis 

Leek, Geneva Leona, Route 1, Box 26, W, Jefferson 1 

Leiler, Harriette, Route 1, Box 384, Norwood 1 

Leggett, Nellie June, 302 East loth St., Lumberton 

Leggette. Blanche E.. 324 East 4h. Savannah. Ga. 1 

Legum. Rosalind Dee. 2309 daddy Dr.. Raleigh 1 

Leigh. Emilv Ann. 601 Entwistle St.. Hamlet 1 

Leinbach. Phyllis C. Route I. Box 286. WinstonSalem 

Lemons. Jane Carolyn. 942 Holland St.. WinstonSalem 

Lenderman. Paula .\gnes. 201 Henderson Dr.. Wilke.sboro 1 

Lenning. Dorothy Jean. 207 31st .\\e.. N.E., Hickory 

Lenhardt. Peggy V.. 624 Lamar Ave., Charlotte 1 

Lennard, Elsie Claire, 1112 Second St„ S.E„ Moultrie, Ga, 

Leonard, Bertha Joan, 1916 Merritt Dr.. Green.sboro 

Leonard. Betty Jean. 1916 Merritt Drive. CJreensboro 

Leonard. Brenda Marie. Route 1, Box 134, Kernersville 

Leonard, Ruby Delores, Route 4, Box 33. Lexington 1 

Leonard, Rebecca L., Route 1, Box 43, Thomasville 1 

Ueonard, Sarah K.. 709 Elwell .\ve.. Greensboro 1 

Lerner. Svlvia Kath. P. O. Box 20h. Orange. Va. 

Lester. Linda .^nn. 307 Redd St.. Reidsville 

Lester, Margaret .\nne, 1409 Oak St.. Greensboro 

Lester. Sandra Dawn. 544 Melbourne Ct.. Charlotte 

Levin. Ellen. 4502 Carleview Rd.. Baltimore. Md 

Levis. Joan Regina. 205 Ashburton .\ve., Vonkers. N. Y. 

Levivch. Svdnev Fran. Isareva PI.. .Asheville 

Lewis. Bettv Burke. 3822 Summerset Dr.. Durham 

Lewis. Edith Ray. 1033 Sunset Drive. Asheboro 1 

Lewis. Frances Jean. 3410 Country Club Rd.. WinstonSalem 

Lewis. Mollie Russell. 422 Hidawav Cove. Hendersonville 

Liles. Jane Bryant. 1710 Bragg St.. Fayetteville 

Liles. Mary Charlotte. 718 W. McLean St., Laurinburg 

Liles, Mary Frances, Rt, 4, Pineview Hills. Raleigh 1 

Lindner. Barbara L.. 2112 Pender A\e.. Wilmington 

Linkhaw, Marilyn. Fayetteville Rd.. Lumberton 

Little. Barbara Rose. 1022 Blair St.. Thomasville 1 

Little. Cathy Heath. 1856 Runnymeade Rd.. WinstonSalem 

Little. Nancy Williams. 5 Lenark Road, Chapel Hill 

Littman. Betsy Jane. 6120 29th St., N.W.. Washington 15. D. C 

Lobdell. .Anne Nugent. 2309 Vail Ave.. Charlotte 

Locke. Julia .\nn. 25 Longview Rd.. Asheville 1: 

Logan. Linda Rebecca. Rt. 2. Rutherfordton 1 

Lohr. Linda Jane. 518 Kildee Dr.. Lexington 

Lomax. Judith Green. 2332 Commonwealth. Charlotte 
Long. Barbara Elizabeth. 409 Tyler Place. Alexandria, Va. 

Long. Bernice. 313 Hawthorne Lane. Charlotte 

Long. Brenda. 313 Hawthorne Lane. Charlotte 

Long. Mary Jane. 1124 S. Edgemont Ave., Gastonia 1 

Long, Sarah .\nn. lOOO E. Sprague St., Winston-Salem i. 

Long, Sara Patricia, 16 Caledonia Rd.. Asheville 

Loren. Elaine Rita. 436 Thole St.. Norfolk, Va 

Lott, Marilyn Harbin, 1512 Brandy Court, Falls Church, Va. 1. 

Loudermilk, Betty Jo. Box 272. Southern Pines 

Lovelace. Jerry .\nn. 625 Colonial Dr.. High Point 1, 

Loverin, Barbara J.. 101 S. Lindell Rd.. Greensboro 

Lovings. Lillian Belle. Ill S. Elam Ave., Greensboro 

Lowe. Catherine Jane. Box 793. Spruce Pine 
Lowe, Rebecca Alice. 827 Forest Hills Rd.. Wilkesboro 
Lownian, Janice Faye. Rt. 4. Box 831. Morganton 
Lowry. Nelle Gwyn. 127 Lowry St.. Pineville 
Lowry, Yvonne. Rt. 2. Box 4. Elizabeth City 

Lucas. Elizabeth B.. Box 91. Stony Brook. Glen Gardner, N. J. 

Luce. Ellen Marie. Box 387. Rt. 2, Greene, N, Y ' 

Luchs, Joan Carolyn, 3343 Chesapeake St., N.W.. Washington 8, D, C. 

Luck. Dorothy Marie. Route 2. Box 302, Seagrove ; 

Luck, Ruth Ellen, 1611 Ward St., High Point ■ 

Luther, .\nnie Louise, 422 W, Virginia Ave,, Draper li 

Lyles, Linda Annette, 286 Charlotte St., Roanoke Rapids 

Lynn, Mary Elizabeth, 4813 S. 29th St„ .\rlington, Va 1; 

Lytle, Helen Ruth. 4005 Henderson Rd., Greensboro 

— M— 

Mabe, .Mice Faye. Box 345. Madison : 

Mable. Jesse Sue. Box 44. Davis St.. Diablo. Canal Zone 
MacDonald, Sandra .\,. 2405 Princess .Ann. Greensboro 

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Robert Rollins Blazers, Inc. 


NEW YORK 3, N. Y. 










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greatly prized in the years ahead. 

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Macrae. Agnes P.. 108 Elmwood Ter.. Greensboro "0 

Madren. Sandra Bertie. Route 2. Elon College l.iO 

Mahatrev. Mary Lynne. 124 Augusta Ct.. Greenville. S. t. 188 

Mallonee, Barbara Jane. X3 Beverly Apts.. Asheville 40 

Malmros. Linda Karen. 9 Murray St.. Binghamton, N. Y. 70 

Maltbie. Gail Gorden. 628 Summit Ave.. Westfleld. N. J. 70 

.Maness. Mary Ellen, Route 5. Burlington 40 

Mann, Carol Ann. 842 Bruce. Flossmoor. Ill 7ii 

Mann. June Carolyn, 511 Circle Drive, Burlington l.'i2 

Manning. Dell Scott. 403 S. Maple St., Graham 40 

Manning. Mary Elizabeth. 1308 Rand Drive. Raleigh 152 

Mantiply. Jean Cynthia, 2445 Old Sardis Rd., Charlotte 70 

Marcus, Beverley, 945 East 53rd St., Brooklyn 34, N. Y 189 

Marcus. Carol. 900 Harrington Ave.. Norfolk. Va. 189 

Margolis. Sandra Lee, Franklin St., Williamston . - 189 

Marks. Diane Judith, 4545 Connecticut Ave., N. W.. 

Washington. D. C 40 

Marlev. Jennie Sue. Box 403. Bobbins 56 

Marlev. Rebecca Rose. 642 Bridle Path Trail. Gastonia 152 

Marsh. Jo Ann Asliljurn. 153 N. Cherry St.. Asheboro 70 

.Marsliall, Ellen Sue. 2943 159th St.. Flushing. X. Y. 70 

Marshall. Melinda. Box 303. Balboa Hts.. Canal Zone 152 

Marshall, Sandra Page, 1010 U St.. N. Wilkesboro 40 

Martin, Alice Victoria. Rt. 6. Meadow \'iew. Raleigh 70 

Martin. Alma Jo. Rt. 1. Pageland. S. C. 190 

Martin. Carolyn June. Rt. 1. Box 79, Whittier 70 

Martin, Frances L„ 4 Randall Ct.. Alexandria. Va. 40 

Martin. Marilou. 3805 Country Club Rd.. Winston-Salem 40 

Martin. Mary Elizabeth. 303 N'aveda Dr.. Knoxville 18. Tenn. 40 

-Martiner. Anne C. 401 Park Blvd.. Winston-Salem 152 

Marvin, Susan Teresa, 907 Onslow Dr.. Greensboro 40 

Masinter, Enid Renee, 1867 Blenheim Rd., S.W„ Roanoke, Va 70 

Matheson, Evelyn Marie, Box 163, Vilas 19o 

Mathis, Louise Gladys, 811 La Roque Ave., Kin.ston 40 

Matkins, Judith Grey, 1201 Barnes St.. Reidsville 40 

Matthews. Alma Louise. 2915 Spring Garden St.. Greensboro 190 

Matthews. Betty Louise. Route 2. Nashville 40 

.Matthews. Elizabeth Jo. Route 1. Box 164. Wade 40 

.Matthews, Linda .Mae. Rt. 1. East Bend 70 

Mattison. Alene. 1047 Bilbro St.. Greensboro 40 

Mav. Mary Nan. Box 35. Maury 4ii 

Mayo. Ellen Westbrook. 1401 Heather Lane. Charlotte 40 

.Mavfield. Kilith L.. 911 East 12% St.. Winston-Salem 71 

McArthur, Ituth E.. North Main street, Robersonville 151 

McAulaj-. F.dna Watts. Box 327. Huntersville 40 

.McAulay. Sarali R., Box 327, Huntersville 151 

McBane. Rebekah Gray, 403 Hillsboro St., Pittsboro 40 

McBrayer, Frieda Kaye, 304 Morgan St., Forest City 50 

McCain. Donna Phyllis. Route 1. Matthews 151 

McCall. Betty Ann. 1512 Thomas Ave.. Charlotte 18n 

McCall. Carina .Ann, 1101 Cypress Drive, Wilmington 70 

McCallum. Harriet Eliz. 339 Maple Dr.. Lenoir 40 

.McCallum. Patricia A.. 19 6th .\ve.. \. E.. Hickory 40 

McCarthey. Sue Vaughn. Indian Waters. Nev%- Canaan, Conn 188 

.McConell. Janet G., 128 Oak Lane, Cranford. N, J 71 

-McCorkle, Lynda Coleen, 308 West Park Dr.. Fayetteville ISl 

McCormick. Cynthia Jan, Route 1, Lilesville 40 

McCormick, Frances Ann, 1710 Willowmore St., Greensboro 71 

.McCotter. Sallv Parker. Alliance 151 

.McCraney Grace Maxine. 1212 Huntingdon Rd., Winston-Salem 40 
.MeCullen, Alma Jo„ Rt. 1. Faison 71 

McCullen. Sybil Joyce. Box 155. Faison 40 

McDaniel. Jan Lyn. Wliitsett 188 

McDaniel. Jo Carole. Ill King. New Bern 71 

McDaniel. Linda Dean. 1209 Eastover Ave.. Kinston 4ii 

MacDaniel. Sylvia .•\nn. 209 Leftwich. Cireensboro 50 

McDevitt. Susan Jane. 1 Pine St.. Weaverville 71 

McDonald. Candace L.. McRevnolds St.. Carthage 151 

McDonald, Kitty W.. Rt. 1. Cameron 71 

McDonald Linda Sue. 386 S. Union .'St.. Concord 5o 

McDonald. Mary Louise. 650 E. Ohio Avenue. Southern Pines 71 

McEwen. .Mary Katherine. 1244 Providence Rd.. Charlotte 40 

McFalls. Carolvn .Mae. Box 623. Glen Alpine 40 

.McFarland. Linda Chloe. 1016 Euclid .\ve.. Charlotte 71 

McGee. Elizabeth B.. 351 N. Main St.. Harrodsburg. Kv. 4o 

McGee, Linda Rae, Box 653, Carthage 71 

McGee. Patricia Louise. 101 Windsor Rd.. .Asheville 71 

M.-Opp, Pris.-illn Ann, Rt. 1. Mehane 71 

\I((mIh-,v v.iini.i Jean. loi Forest Lake Rd.. Jamestown 50 

Mri.ill, lin.i, \Mn. Rt. 1. Maxtoxi 188 

M.i.ihiN^, Aiii.'lia Ann. lOs Boyd St.. Maiden 188 

.\li(;iii]iis. .Majv Lee. Rt. 4. Box 531 B. Greensboro 50 

McGresor, Linda Moore. 201 East Hendrix St.. Greensboro 71 

Mclntyre. Gloria Ann, Route 1, Box 245, Ellerbe 40 

Mclntvre. Louise Kav. 466 Leak St.. Rockingham 188 

Mclver. Betty Nash. Gwyn Street. N. Wilkesboro 151 

Mclver. Linda Gayle. 2626 Roswell Ave., Charlotte 50 

McKee. Margaret Joyce. 533 Sunset Drive. Madison 189 

McKeithan. Maud Lee. Bolivia 71 

McKenzie. Linda Cash. 11 Springdale Ct.. Greensboro 151 

McKinney. Marguerite B.. 1310 North Roan. Johnson City. Tenn. 40 

McKinney. Doris Jean. Marshall 4o 

McKinne^". .lo -Anne. Yancevville 71 

McKinney. Saundra Ann. 1313 Cooke St.. High Point 71 

McKnigiii. Phyllis. 421 Gaston .Ave.. Belmont 40 

McLaurin. Doris Ann. Box 94. Gib.son 71 

McLaurin. Gwendolyn V.. Rte. 1. Box 423. Fayetteville 40 

McLean. Mary Jane. Rt. 2. Box 1x2. Gibsonvillc 151 

McLeod. Gail Perkins, 307 W. 6th .Ave., Lexington 189 

McLeod. Katharine. 2224 Creston Rd.. Raleigh 151 

McLeod. Marion Kelly. P. 0. Box 136. Norwood 40 

McLeod. Nancy Lucille. Route 2. Carthage 40 

McLester. Sandra P.. 223 S. Randolph St.. Rockingham 71 

McLester. Virginia. 300 Rockingham Rd.. Rockingham 189 

McMeans. Laura Eliz.. P. O. Box 102. Asheville 40 

McMillan, Judy Ann, P. 0. Box 286, Liberty 50 

McNair. Bobbie Jean, Box 179, West End IJl 

.McNeely, Mary Ann, 3110 Church St.. Greensboro 189 

.McNeil. Mary Jane. 309 East 14th St.. Lumberton 71 

McPherson. Virginia L.. 314 Mosbv Ave.. Littleton 189 

.McQuague, Patricia J., Box 630, Wadesboro 189 

Mcyueen, Bonnv V., Route 1, Florence, S. C. 40 

McQueen. Rebecca Jane. 209 Burtner St.. Greensboro 71 

McSwain. Marth Jo.. 606 E. Graham St.. Shelby 40 

Mc\ey. Marian Roache. Snow Camp 40 

Meacham. Susan Hunter, 2246 Ferncliff Rd,. Charlotte 40 

.Meadows, Nancy C. Rt. 1. Garner 71 

Meadows. Julia Carol. 108 Clyde .Ave., Wilson 40 

Mecca. .Anatheodora .A.. 2505 Cascadilla St.. Durham 71 

Meed, Frances, 634 Elk Spur St., Elkin 40 

Meed. .Mar>- Louise. 346 Elk Spur St.. Elkin 40 

.Memory, Flora May, 134 N, Main Street, Randleman 152 

Memory, Catherine Gail, 1786 N. .Akin Dr.. Atlanta. Ga. 40 

.Merrill. Jacquelyn. Rt. 3. Kings Mtn 

Metzger. Lucy Connor. 1505 Walker .Ave.. Greensboro 

Mewborn. Josephine S.. 208 Battle .Ave.. Tarboro 

.Meyer. Susan M.. 1202 Hill St.. Greensboro 

.Michael. Dorothy F.. 2219 Lane Road, Greensboro 

Midyette, Terry M.. 1816 Trent Blvd.. New Bern 

.Midyette. Nancy Karen, Rt. 2. Neuse Rd.. New Bern 

.Miles, .Martha Alice. 18n Country Club Rd.. Asheville 

.Miller. Betty Sue M.. Route 2. Pink Hill 

Miller. Carolyn Marie. 411 North Road St.. Eliz. City 

.Miller. Constance C. 2401 Myrtle .Ave.. Sanford. Fla. 

Miller. Diana, soo .Mocksville Ave.. Salisbury 

-Miller. Elena Diane. Box 236. Black Mountain 

Miller. Frances Ann. 2029 Woodleaf Road. Salisbury 

Miller. Freida Jo.. K3 Blalock St.. Canton 

Miller. Gloria Louise. 1013 Country Club Dr.. High Point 

-Miller. Judith Lynn. 115 Borden Ave.. Wilmington 

Miller. Martha Ellen. 202 Chestnut St.. Lexington 

Miller. Patricia .Ann. P. O. Box s3S. Hickory 

Mills. Emilie Ward. South Woods Road. Svosset. L. I., N. 

Mills. .Mvrna Mc. 1739 Charlotte Road. .Albemarle 152 

Mills, Martha Ruth. 206 Foy St.. Richlands 
Mills. Nancy Lee. 1500 .Morningsidc Dr.. Charlotte 
Mincey. Man- Sue. 3620 Central .Ave.. Charlotte 
Mines, Mary Elizabeth, 8 Hillside Ave., Newport. R. L 
.Minich. Lvnn E.. 1607 Wolfe Rd.. Greensboro 
.Mintz. Alice Jeannette. 1709 Market St.. Wilmington 50 

.Mi.senheimer. Gloria F., 204 Wiley Ave., Salisbury 50 

Mishoe. Patricia Gail. 107 Church St.. E. Rockingham 40 

.Mitchell. Barbara .Ann. 2200 Greenbriar Rd.. Kinston 190 

Mitchell. Barbara Fra. 727 S. Garnett St.. Henderson 50 

Mitchell. Beverly B.. 921 E. Marion i^t.. Shelby 40 

Mitchell. Jean Burton, P. O. Box 102, Hickory' 71 

.Mitchell. Linda Kay. Rt. 2. Box 225. Hickory 152 

Mitchell. Nancy Doris. 2309'74 Guess Rd.. Durham 71 

.Mixon. Carolyn Faye, 217 E. 4th St.. Washington 152 

Mock. Marianne Louise. 29 .Albion Road. Wellesley Hills. Mass. 19o 

Moffitt, M.artha Sue, 20 Sunset Drive, Canton 191 

Moffitt, Mary Lou, 20 Sunset Drive, Canton . 71 

Mondy, Judith Nell, 4626 Fairbluff PI., Charlotte 40 

Mooney, Eileen Willner, 534 Highland .Ave., Greensboro 191 

Moore, .Allie Marie, 909 W, Second Ave., Gastonia 191 

Moore, Catherine T., 503 E. Fifth St.. Greenville lo 

Moore. Constance G.. 320 Dixon .Ave.. Pittsburgh 16. Pa. lo 

Moore. Fay Clark. Rt. I. Box 50. Fountain 191 

Moore. Frances Stroud. Rt. 1. Pittsboro 152 

NIoore Jean Watson. 305 W. Pine St., Graham 191 

Moore, Linda Caroline, Route 1, Rural Hall 50 

Moore, Linda Jcanette, Hq. USAFE DCSMAP0633, New York 71 

Moore. Marj' Jane. P. O. Box 141. Cleveland 4o 

Moore, .Mary Lou. 205 Walnut. Farmville 191 

Moore. Mary Margaret. 12os Park .Ave. B. Gold-sboro 4o 

Moore. Mary Newman. 32 Crestview St.. Granite Falls 71 

Mitore. Nancy Brown. Roseboro 71 

Moore. Nancy Poole. 210 Parker St., Smithfield 152 

Moore, Sue Von, Rt, 3, Matthews 191 

Morgan, Jane Carolvn. Rt. 1. Box 824. Greensboro 71 

Morgan. Marilyn B. Rt. 2. Box 464. High Point 152 

Morgan. Mary .Alice. Route 2. Marshville 152 

Morgan, Nanjv Elaine, Rt. 2. Marshville 40 

Moring. Patricia .A.. Route 6. Box 140. Durham 40 

Morris, Bette Fay, Rt. 1. Walkertown 191 

Morri.s. Jane Dimling. RED 1. Owings Mills. Md. 71 

Morris. Madge Etta. Route 2. Box 114. Columbia 40 

Morris. Mary .Alice. 1404 E. Elm St., Goldsboro 71 

Morrison. Frances C. 123 S. Green St.. Statesville 40 

Morrison. Mvra Neal, 4965GlenbrkRd„ N,W., Washington 16. D,C. 71 
Morrison. Patricia Z.. Rt. 8, Box 44 Statesville 191 

Morrison. Rebecca J.. 1204 Summit -Ave.. Greensboro 40 

Morse. Catherine E.. 1905 Craig St.. Raleigh 191 

Morton, Patricia Jean, 1818 Lombardy Circle, Charlotte 71 

Morton, Treva Joyce, Route 2, Box 187 .A, .Albemarle 50 

Mo-selev. Leila .Adis. 237 Davie .Avenue. Statesville 191 

Moselev. Sarah C. 1518 Forrest Dr.. Mount Airy 40 

Moser. .Sylvia Jean. 325 Hartle St.. Winston-Salem 192 

Moses. Cecile Maxine. 5709 Woodcrest .Ave.. Baltimore 15, Md. ... 71 

Moskal. Charlene. 3702 isth Ave., Columbus, Ga 152 

Motsinger, Catherine L., Route 5, Winston-Salem 40 

Motsinger, Kathryn M., 1205 Ebert St.. Winston-Salem 40 

Mulkv. .Ann Louise. 150o N. Long St.. East Spencer 192 

Mull. Laura Lynn. P. O. Box 736, Hickory 40 

Mull, Mona Kay, Route 6, Box 97 .A, Morganton 40 

Murdaugh, .Agnes R.. 1613 Fountain View. Charlotte 40 

Murphy. Carol Diane. 407 S. Kinimeridge Dr.. East Point. Ga. 40 

.Murphy. Patty Rose. 114 Ford St.. Thomasville 50 

Mustian. Peggy Louise, Box 308, Warrenton 192 

Myers, Lois Ann, 502 W. Main St„ Wilkesboro 40 

Myer.s. Marilyn Jane, 106 C. Thomas Drive, Wilmington Del 71 

Myers, Martha Ann, 1102 S. Hawthorne Rd.. Winston-Salem . 71 

Myers, Martha Selwyn, 2217 We.stminstr. PI.. Charlotte 40 

Myers. Mildred Lee, Hoffman 71 

i i - 











— N— 

Naliikian. Marta Alice. 68 Galax St.. Aslieville 

N'akuti.s. Reginn. Rt. 1. Box 936. Waynesville 

Nash. Charlotte H.. 55 S. Griffing Dr.. Asheville 

Nathanson. Marcia Sue. 5601 Utah Ave.. Washinston. D. C. 

Xeedels. Martha. 1710 Surrey Lane. X. W.. Washington 7. D. C. 

Xeedham. Juditli Andrea. Route •:. Box 294 A.. Graham 

Neinian. Gwendolyn W.. 1930 Providence Kd.. Charlotte 

Nelson. Linda Jean. 302 Circle Dr.. Burlington 

Nenieroflf. Judith Kay. 50S Rockbridge Rd.. Portsmouth. \ a. 

Neville. Cara Ellen. 4 Oakwood Dr.. Chapel Hill 

Newbv. Sarah Charlott. 2706 Robin Hood Dr.. Greensboro 

Neweil. Patsy Anne. 800 Elwell Ave.. CJreensboro 

Newland. Margaret E.. 5040 Pine St. Wilmington 

Newton. Alice J.. Route 1. McColl. S. C. 

Newton. Anne Lois. 1616 ReynoHa Rd.. Winston-Salem 

Newton. Deana Lee. 1430 Uth St.. N. W.. Hickory 

Newton. Ger.ildine M.. Route 6. Burlington 

Newton. Laurie Ann. Rt. 2. Box 77. Creedmoor 

Newton. Marjorie Eliz.. 320 N. .\ycock St.. Greensboro 

Newton. Nancy King. Finley Park. N. Wilkesboro 

Nichols. Carolyn Jean. 912 Columbia Ave.. Rocky Mount 

Nichols. Rebecca Jane. Millers Creek 

Nicholson. Edith C. 1203 Summit Ave.. Greensboro 

Nikitin. Irina, Rt. 6. Burlington 

Noah Nancy Joy. 420 W. Thomas St.. Milleilgeville. Ga. 

Noble. Martha Adelle. Rt. 1. Deep Run 

Noe. Marv Elizabeth. 1307 Market St.. Washington 

Norman. Clotilda K.. 600 N. Stratford Rd.. Winston-Salem 

Norwood. Margaiet L.. HI Washington St.. Monroe 

Nouel. Bernadette. 5020 Kistler Ave.. Charlotte 5 

Nve. Lynda .\lfreida. Box 97. Derita 

(lakes. Kathryn Eliz.. 1202 Ragsdnle Rd., Greenville 4ii 

oakes. Sara Garrison. McLeansville 152 

Oakley, Nancy Ann. Route 2. Box 51. Hillsboro 40 

oBriant. Jo Ellen, 3806 Walker .\ve.. Green.sboro 192 

Odom. Patricia Jane. 2413 Fry St.. Gieensboro 40 

Odoni. Patricia Olivia. 4865 Oglethorpe PI.. Charlotte 40 

Ogden. Elizabeth Ann. 38 Maryland Ave.. Annapolis. Md 40 

Olesen. Camellia. S. Park Dr.. Box 937. Reidsville 50 

Oliver Donna Dean. 2642 Stratford Dr.. Greensboro 192 

Outlaw. Danielle Susan. 405 W. James St.. Mt. Olive 192 

Outlaw. Dorothy T.. 2342 Hathaway Rd., Raleigh 40 

Overbv. Gladys Marie. 719 W. Morgan St., Raleigh 40 

Overbv. Rebecca Joan. 208 Lawrence St.. Spray 71 

Overton. Nina E.. 606 Elm St.. Greenville 71 

Owen Carolyn Anne. 1210 Westridge Rd., Greensboro 40 

Owen, Nancy Sue. 315 Broad St.. S. W.. Winstoii-Saleni 192 

Owens. Denise Katrine. Mimosa Shores. Washington 40 

Owings. Monta Ethel. 913 Roslyn Rd.. Winston Salem 40 

— P — 

Paberzs. Melita. 540 E. Main St.. Forest City 40 

Pace. Sylvia Kiye. 414 Homewood Ave.. Burlington 50 

Pack. Anna Jeanette. Box 4. Columbus 71 

Page. Brenda Joyce. Mt. Vernon Park. Kinston 71 

Page. Druscilla. 207 Cottage Grove. Greensboro 40 

Page. Marv Roberta. 6720 Greentree Rd.. Bethesda 14. Md.. 71 

Painter. Lynn Copley. 1013 Sedgegrove Rd.. Greensboro 192 

Palmer. June Wilkerson. Rt. 4. Box 177 B. Green.sboro 152 

Pardee. Margaret Jane. Box 1338. kai.uga Rd.. Hendersonville 40 

Pardue. Marv Ann. 332 Forest Hills. Wilkesboro 71 

Parhani. Elizabeth T.. 102 Cheatham St.. Franklinton 71 

Paris. Margaret Lucy. 913 Gardner St.. Raleigh 192 

Park. Elizabeth Jane. 3120 Darien Dr., Raleigh 40 

Parker, Mary Elizabeth. 318 S. Elm St.. Marshville 71 

Parker. Mary Louise. 303 Union St.. Murfreesboro to 

Parker. Sarah Lynn. 844 Opal St.. Statesville 193 

Parker. Sylvia Jane. 2211 Plaza Dr.. Wilmington 193 

Parker. Virginia F.. 2009 Wright Avenue. Greensboro 40 

Parkins Janie Lenora. Rt. 2. Box 436. Brown Summit 152 

Parkins. Sally Lewis. Rt. 2. Box 156. Brov\n Summit 71 

Parks. Lena Belle. Box 5 Rt. 1, Plea.sant Garden 50 

Parks. Serena Rankin, 3736 Meyer Blvd.. Charlotte 71 

Parnell. Bobby Lynn. 307 W. 19th St.. Lumberton 71 

Parr. Maynie Jo Anne. 3136 Dublin Road. Charlotte h 40 

Parrish. Barbara Y.. Rt. 3. Box 111 A. Smithfield 152 
Parsons. Andrea Lee, 4847 Sedgwick St.. Washington 16. D. C. . . 40 

Paschal. Leona Irene. Rt. 2 Box J2. Siler City 40 

Patrick. Wilma Irene. Box 157. Grifton 40 

Patterson. Julia A.. 715 N. Endor St.. Sanford 193 

Patterson. Margaret A. IDS .Arlington Cir.. Lenoir 152 

Paul. Ida Anne. P. O. Box 113. Aurora 71 

Payne. Patricia Ann. 2013 Woodland Dr.. Durham 5n 

Payne. Sarah Jane. 406 Fifth St.. N. Wilkesboro 71 

Pearce. Nancy .Arlene. Rt. 2. Princeton 152 

Pearson. Alice ,\nn. Box 3644. Charlotte 3 193 

Peele. Betty Lou. Box 45. Rt. 4. M.Ttthews 152 

Peele. Marv Kalherine. 334 Golf Course Dr.. Raleigh 4o 

Pegram. Mary Lois. 2024 Greene St.. Charlotte 8 193 

I'elletier. Bessie C. Rt. 3, Box 76A. Jacksonville 57 

Pender. Janice Ann, 415 S. 3rd St.. Mehane 152 

Pendland. Sara Jean W.. 902 Magnolia Ave.. Reid.sville 193 

Pennington. \nn A.. 924 Monta Vista Dr.. Gadsden. Ala. 40 

Penny. Betty I ou Rowe. Route 1. Garner 193 

Peoples. Doris Kay. Route 2. Yadkinville 50 

Perdue. Betsy Ann. 2611 Springvvood Dr.. Green.sboro 40 

Perkins. Carolyn Faye. Rt. 8. Sanford 153 

Perkins. Jean Carolyn. 8159 Langdale St.. New Hyde Park. N. Y. 40 

Perry. Dorothy Nell. 1402 Washington St.. Durham 40 

Perry. Emma Clara. Rt. 2. Box S9. Beaufort 193 

Petcii Lynn Moorhead. 3311 .\von Rd.. Durham 133 

Peters, joce Paulette. 300 Beaman St.. Clinton 191 

Petersen, Mary Dianne. 2300 Farmington Lane. Charlotte 5 
Peterson, Daisy Mae. Rt. 1. Box 212. Elizabethtown 
Peterson. Jean, Rt. 4. Box 47. Clinton 
Peterson. Sue. 2522 24th St. N.. Arlington. Va. 
Petkas. Virginia. 301 Robin Hood. N. E.. Atlanta. Ga. 
Petree. Betty June. 1813 Wrenn St.. Burlington 
Pfaflf. Marion Diane. 319 Mclver St.. Greensboro . . . 

Pfeiffer. Karen .\1., 1321 Kearney Dr.. N. Brunswick. N. J. 

Phelps. Phyllis Jean. 513 Watson Ave.. New Bern 

Phifer. Judy Gail. 316 Watts St.. Albemarle 

Philbrick. Nena Leigh. 201 Walnut St.. Cary 

Phillips. .Mice C. 1307 Virginia Ave.. Durham 

Phillips. Ann Slicrrill. Cameron 

Phillips. Barbara Ann. 210 S. Tremont Dr.. Greensboro 
Phillips. Lorraine B.. 421 Westn. Brnch. Bid.. Portsmouth. 
Philipps. Mina. 207 Spring St.. Charleston. S. C. 
Phillip.s. Nancy Lee. 3700 Garden Dr.. Knoxville 18. Tenn. 
Phillips. Octavia S.. 122 Fayetteville Rd.. Rockingham 
Phillips, Patricia E.. 1510 Madi.son Ave.. Greensboro 

Phillip.s. Paulette. Rt. 1. Liberty 

Phillips. Phyllis R.. 1303 Forrest Ave.. High Point 

Philyaw. Doris Fivelyn. 110 Kirby Circle, Lenoir 

Pickard M. Elizabeth, 531 Jefferson St.. Greensboro 

Pickel. .Ann Eliza. Rt. 2. Clemmons 

Pickel. Cecelia E.. Rt. 2, Clemmons 

Pickup. Lynda Lea. 2314 Beverly Dr., Charlotte 7 

Pierce. Betsy F.iye. 201 Shepherd St., Raleigh 

Pierce. Marian Taylor. 2918 Idlewood Cr.. Charlotte 

Pickernell. Maryanne, 3230 190th St.. Flushing, N. Y. 

Pinkham. Mary Linda. Rt. 2. Box 4S0. Bath 

Pinkston. Sandra L.. 9 Dogwood Rd.. Salisbury 

Pinnix. Donna Gale. 2118 Merritt Dr.. Green.sboro 

Pittman. Janiece \'., 612 Hob.son Kd.. Salisbury- 

Pitts. Linda Elizabeth. 614 N. Main Ave.. Newton 

Plaxico. Patrici.i Lynn. Cole Rd.. Winston-Salem 

Plonk. Bettv Jeanne. Rt. 3. Box 67. Kings Mountain 
Plumber. Peggy .\nne. 208 Forest Dr.. Tlioma.sville 
Pobbv. Joyce Marion. 3501 Bendenieer Rd.. Cleveland Hgts. 
Polhemus. Madaleine. Rt. 1. Fleniington. N. J. 
Poliakoff. Sandra Joy. 2100 Dartmouth PI., Charlotte 
Polk. Gail. 2101 Cloister Dr.. Charlotte 
Polk. Linda Lee. 3815 Plaza Rd.. Charlotte 

Ponder. Glitma Evelyn. Hot Springs 

Pope. Ellen O'Neal. 2815 Randleman Rd.. Greensboro 

Pope. Janice Vernet. 3107 S. Elm SL. Greensboro 

Pope. Katherino Susan. 306 Jarvis St.. Greenville 

Pope. Starlene S.. Route 4. Statesville 

Poplin. Marlene Gail. 403 Wilkesboro St., Mocksville . 

Poteat. Margaret .\nne, 32 Pulliam St., Marion 

Potter. Brenda Katrine. Mesic 

Poulakos. Joanna L.. 1H12 Winthrop Ave.. Charlotte 

Powell. Janice Marie. Star Route, Yanceyville 

Powers. Katherine E.. Stonewall Heights, .\bingdon. \'a. 

Powers. Rhoda Maria. Box 452. St. Pauls 

Prakke. Petronella E. T.. 30 Wemblev Rd.. Asheville 

Presnell. Wanda Sarah. 328 Hillcrest Ave., Burlington 

Preston. Martha Jane. Belews Creek 

Prevatte. Elizabeth A.. 206 N. Thompson St.. Whiteville 

Price. .Anna Lenora. 506 Crawford St.. Monroe 

Price. Barbara .Ann. 4314 N. 26 St.. Arlington. Va. 

Price. Evelyn E.. 121 Lodges Lane, Bola Cynewyd. Pa. 

Price. Hazel Marie. 719 Baldwin .Ave.. Marion 

Price, Linda Gail, 309 S. Audubon -Ave., Goldsboro 

Price, Sarah Jane, Rt. 1. Pineville 

Prince. Barbara Jay. 137 Arthur Rd.. Asheville 

Prince. Karen F... 301 E. .Academy St., Fuquav Springs 

Pritchnrd, Betty Jane. 607 S. Park St.. Asheboro 

Pritchett. Alice Faye. Rt. 1. Brown Summit 

Proctor. Nancy Jane. 3S04 East West H»T,, Chevy 1 

Proflitt. Sarah Ellen. Bald Creek 

Proser. Marsha Rita. 705 Byrd Blvd.. Greenville. S. C. 

Provins. Patricia Jane, 202 Ivey St.. Fairmont 

Pruitt. Carolyn Ann. Route 2, Ruflin 

Pryor, Robbie Howie. 1907 Park Drive, Charlotte 

Puckett. Chichi E.. 215 Early Dr.. Fayetteville 

Pugh. Cynthia E.. Cor. Swannoa Lake Dr., Liberty 

Pultz. Linda Trafton. 307 Woodbine Ct.. Greensboro 

Putnam. Gertrude .Ann. 213 East Pitt St.. Tarboro 
Putnam. Harriette E.. 513 W. Graham St.. Shelby 
Putnam, Sandra Louise, 117 Carnegie Rd., Rutherfordton 

— Q— 

Queen. Peggy Jane. Box 506, Dillsboro 
Query, Patricia Ann. 600 Marsh Rd., Charlotte 

Quinn, Patricia Anne, Rt. 1. Box 191, Asheboro 

Quinn, Zona Gail, Rt. 2. Warsaw 

— R— 

Rabenhorst, Helen Fave. Rt. 1. Box 210. Randleman 

Rabil. Madeleine C, 207 East Fourth St.. Weldon 

Rabil, Patricia Jean, 207 E. 4th St.. Weldon 

Ralbovskv, Stephenie, 2 E. Montgomery St., Johnstown. N. Y, 
Rand. Margaret H.. 124 Perdue St., Garner 

Randall, Nancy E., Lynn 

Rankin, Christina Mae, 212 Overman Ave.. Salisbury 
Rankin. Lynn. 2603 Sherwood St.. Green.sboro 
Raper. Johanna. 406 Rollingwood Cir.. Fayetteville 
Rashkis, Jill Ann, 2371 Rd,. University Hts.. Ohio 

Ratledge. Kermit Ann. Advance 

Ratlifr. Ruth E.. Route 3. Wadesboro 

Raum. Nancy Louise. 1161 Whitaker Rd.. Winston-Salem 

Ray. Bertha Lois. Rt. 3. Box 248, Lillington 

Ray, Edith Lois, 1140 Whitaker Rd., Winston-Salem 

Ray. Jessie Mae Rhodes. 1327 Gatewood Ave., Greensboro 

Ray, Judy .Ann. Burnsville 

^/v, A:'^;h-^y:::. ■?■■■ 



:';. ^>^^ 




Ray. Judy Leigh. 220 Lake Boone TraiL Raleigh 

Ray. Martha Carolyn. 823 Woodcrest Road. Fayetteville 

Raye. Edna Carol. 303 Brent. Wadesboro 

Raymer. Jo Anna. 615 W. Warren. Shelby 

Raynor. Anna Katherine. 306 E. Ninth St.. Greenville 

Reavis. Frances Louise. 564 X. William St.. Henderson 1 

Reavis. Sally Jane. 564 N. William St.. Henderson 

Redmon. Jane Barker. 716 W. Main St., Elkin 

Redmon, Sara Ellis. 716 W. Main St., Elkin 

Reed. Patricia Sink. Route 1. Clemmons 

Reese. Carolyn Louetta. 1095 8th St. Dr.. S. E.. Hickory 

Regan, Mary Brewer, 528 W. Broad St., St. Pauls 

Reid, Barbara Lane. 602 Concord St., Davidson 

Reid, Carolyn June, 2604 N. Fayetteville. Asheboro 1 

Reid. Mary Jo. Rt. 2. Box 326. Elizabeth City 

Reid, Norma Sue. 620 Cherry St.. Statesville 1 

Reimann, Ursula, 1517 Green Springs, New Bern 

Reinbach, Nancy Latham, 605 Church St., Greensboro 1 

Reitzel, Sandra Alice, Rt. 1, Efland 

Reyes, Ana. Jenez 901. Cardenas, Cuba 1 

Reynders, Marcia Beth, 351 W. 6th St., Apt. 23, Erie, Pa, 
Reynolds, Linda Louise, 2521 Greenbriar Rd.. Winston-Salem 
Reynolds. Lucy Jane. 206 S. Hamilton St.. Leaksville I 

Rhodes. Judith Woolard. 3210 Sunset Dr.. Charlotte 
Rhodes. Rebecca Ann. 205 Centers St.. Wilson 1 

Rhymes. Margaret Anne. Rt. 5. Sunset Hills. Hickory 

Rhyne. Avis Hendrix. 2301 E. Leroy Ave.. Gastonia I 

Rhyne. Nancy Carol, 423 W. 9th St.. Newton 

Rice. Joan Carolyn. 809 Oriental Ave.. Kinston 

Rice. Suzanne Elaine. 228 Clearview Rd.. Hanover. Fa 

Richardson. Elizabeth. 216 E. Drewry Lane, Raleigh 

Richardson, Julia Lee. Mills Home. Thomasville 

Richardson. Mildred P.. 320 Montford Ave., Asheville 

Ridhardson, Paula Anne. Rt. 2. Zebulon 

Richardson, Peggy, Rt. 3. Zebulon 1 

Ricks. Elizabeth Anne. 411 N. Chestnut St.. Mt. Olive 1 

Riddell. Marie Louise, 3125 Chain Brdg.. N. W., 

Washington 16. D. C. 

Ridge. Sandra Katherin. 501 Gatewood Ave.. High Point 

Ridout. Roberta Ann. Colonial Hgts.. Chapel Hill 

Riley. Mary Elizabeth. Route 2, Box 343, Durham 

Ripley, Elizabeth, 702 W. Farriss Ave.. High Point 

Rivenbark, Margaret F.. 1819 Market St.. Wilmington 

Rivers. Judithlynne. 4055 Rickenbacker. N. E.. Atlanta 5, Ga I 

Roach, Myra Jean, 520 Westview St.. Lenoir 

Roane, Courtney Anne, 1422 Whilden Place, Greensboro 

Roark. Sarah Janette, 806 Rountree Ave., Kinston 

Roark, Steva Lee. 806 Rountree Ave.. Kinston 

Roberts, Brenda Bvrd. 1406 Clermont St.. Greensboro 

Roberts. Donnalee. 1514 Clair Mel. Crcl., Tampa 4, Fla 

Roberts, Nancy Louise, 20 Main Circle, Shrewsbury, Mass 

Roberts, Virginia C. St. Marys Road. Hillsboro 

Robertson, Gail P., 120 Kentucky St.. Spindale 

Robertson, Janice M.. Rt. 5. Reidsville 1 

Robertson, Marilyn M.. 3700 Normandy Rd.. Greensboro 

Robinson. Ann Taylor. 409 Woodlawn Ave., Greensboro 

Robinson, Elizabeth A.. 604 W. 19th Ave.. Gastonia 1 

Robinson. Frances J.. 639 W. First St.. Newton 

Robinson, Sarah M.. 2002 Marilee Dr.. Valley Station, Ky 1 

Roderick, Helen J.. 405 Baldwin Ave., Spencer 

Rodgers, Laura Ryvers, 107 Woodland. Rockingham 

Roebuck, Barbara Dean, P. O. Box 11, Robersonville 

Roess, Mary Elizabeth, 1201 Harding St.. Winter Park, Fla 

Rogers, Anna Lyon. Tabor City 

Rogers, Helen Marie. 1518 N. Mebane St.. Burlington 

Rogers. Patricia Ann. Route 1. Pineville 

Rogers. Sandra Powell. 4409 Winston Rd., Greensboro 1 

Rogers, Shelby Jean, 1117 Wilborn Ave.. South Boston. Va 

Rogers. Virginia Anne. 230 W. North St.. Albemarle 1 

Rogerson. Betty Anne. Robersonville 

Rorie, Nancy Kathryn. Rt. 1. Box 66, Wingate 

Rose, Mary Patricia, Star Route. Paducah. Ky 1 

Rosefield, Anita Moise. 19 Moise Dr.. Sumter. S. C 

Rosenberg. Jessie Jane, care Fountains. Greenwood, Miss 

Ross, Carolyn E.. 403 S. Walker St.. Cary 1 

Ross. Dixie Ann. Rt. 4. Lincolnton 1 

Ross. Heather Ann, 3m Elm, Badin 1 

Ross, Nancy Josephine. Pleasant Garden 

Ross, Shelby Jean, 230 E. Main St.. Ahoskie 1 

Roth. Frances Love, Apt. H4. Beverly Apts.. Asheville 

Roth, Nancy Pauline, 2713 Ridenhouse, N. W.. Washington 15, D. C. 

Rothrock. Ramona Anne. Rt. 1. Walnut Cove 1 

Rothrock. Sarah W.. 1312 Wake Forest Rd.. Raleigh 1 

Rouse. Louise C. 1017 Arsenal Ave.. Fayetteville 

Rouse. Martha Ann. 807 Pollock St.. Kinston 1 

Royster. Catherine Ann. 235 Ridgeway Ave.. Statesville 

Rubin. June Jacqueline, 3928 Madison Ave.. Greensboro 

Rucker, Dorothea Ellen, 1007 St. Patrick St., Tarboro . . 

Rufty, Nancy Jean, Box 203, Taylorsville ] 

Ruftv, Sandra Louise, 212 E. Eleventh St.. Salisbury 

Rumfelt. Mary Kathryn. Box 96. McAdenville 1 

Rush. Susan Bibb. 1501 West Rd.. Kinston 

Rushing. Sandra Lee. Route 1. Peachland 

Russ. Alice Faye. Box 222. Smithfleld 

Russ. Mary Mildred. 810 Watson Ave.. Winston-Salem ] 

Russell. Nancy Ann. 418 Countrj' Club. Burlington . . - ] 

Russell. Patricia K., 1536 Pierson Dr.. Charlotte 

Russman. Doris Maria. 1129 Oakland St.. Hendersonville 

Rutkin. Arlene Judith. 18 Mistletoe Lane. Levittown. N. Y 

Rutledge. Martha Rea, 617 Oakshade Ave.. Kannapolis 

Sadler. Peggy Jean. Route 2. Burlington 41 

Salko. Judith Jeanne. 498 Wilson Ave.. Beaver, Pa 41 

Sampson. Sylvia Anita. P. O. Box 201, Pembroke 41 

Sams, Robbie Bernice, 3008 Idlewood Cir., Charlotte 51 

Sanderlln. Nancy B.. Rt. 1. Council 196 

Sanders, Elizabeth Ann, 503 Fayetteville Rd.. Rockingham 72 

Sanders, Ethel Linda. 211 W. Virginia Ave., Bessemer City 72 

Sanders, Patricia M.. 517 Simpson St.. Greensboro 41 

Sandlin. Lois Gaylor. Route 6. Raleigh 41 

Sandrone, Dorothy Mae. Rt. 2. Siler City 197 

Sapero. Renee Nancy, 3803 Dogwood Dr.. Greensboro 197 

Sarratt. Ann Ranson. 421 Oaklawn Ave.. Winston-Salem 41 

Sasser. Lillie Dare. Rt. 1. Pikeville 72 

Sasser. Paula Jeanet, Rt. 1. Pleasant Garden 51 

Satterfleld. Kathleen. 2203 South Elm St.. Greensboro 153 

Savage. Norma Frances. 1123 Tarboro St.. Rocky Mount 197 

Schiffley. Harriet S.. 1901 Lvnwood Dr.. Burlington 72 

Schell. Susan Lee. 920 Magnolia St.. Winston-Salem 72 

Schnable, Janet Claire, High Point Rd.. Westport, Conn. 197 

Schneider. Annette. 3508 Liberty Heights, Baltimore 15. Md 41 

Schnell. Harriet E.. Box 57. Pinebluff 153 

Schofleld. Mildred P.. Route 4. Statesville 154 

Schreiber. Barbara A., Glen Mill Road. Potomac. Md. 41 

Schreiber. Liliane. 2041 Norton Rd.. Charlotte 197 

Schroeder. Pamela Lou. 68 Blauvelt Rd.. Nanuet, N. Y. 41 

Schrum. Sandra Kay. Route 4, Box 370. Hickory 51 

Scott, Barbara Ann. Route 2. Pinnacle . . 41 

Scott. Carolyn Jean. 97 Burns Ave.. Cincinnati 15, Ohio 41 

Scott, Kathryn Houck. 502 Sunset Ave.. Madison 154 

Scott, Margaret Ann, 101 Wilson St.. Clinton 41 

Scott. Shirley Ann. Rt. 2. Box 83. Brown Summit 72 

Seals. Karen Jeanette. 328 S. Sec. Ave.. Siler City 72 

Seaman. Frances E.. Lake St.. Altamonte Spring. Fla. 72 

Seaton. Johnnye M.. 202 Adelaide Dr.. Wilmington 72 

Seaver. Virginia Ella. Margarettsville 72 

Sechrist. Jacqueline M.. 945 Fisher Ferry. Thomasville 197 

Self. Carol Ann. 209 Highland Ave.. Burlington 154 

Self. Eleanor Delores. Route I. Lawndale 41 

Self. Janet Leslie. 2515 Chapel Hill Rd.. Durham 1,4 

Sellars, Marilyn S.. 920 Hargrove St.. Henderson 41 

Senter. Ruby Kathryn. 631 Lamar Ave.. Charlotte 41 

Settle. Carolyn Chase. 2043 Chesterfield. Charlotte 154 

Settlemyre. Glenda K.. P. O. Box 273. Drexel 72 

Shaffer. Sally Jane, care I B. Holman. Batesburg, S. C 41 

Shaffner. Josephine B.. 1925 East Eighth St.. Charlotte 154 

Shallant. Judith Selma. 2524 Overbrook Dr.. Greensboro 154 

Sharp. Mary Ellen. 2604 Spring Garden. Greensboro 197 

Sharpe. Rebecca Anne. 1802 Bragg St.. Fayetteville 41 

Sharpe. Sarah Albright. 605 Fountain Place. Burlington 197 

Shaw. Elsie Janis. 902 Lancaster Ave.. Monroe 72 

Shaw. Madeline Ben'l. Rt. 6, Laurel Hills. Raleigh 72 

Shell. Margaret Anne. 1019 Washington St., Roanoke Rapids .. 198 
Shelton. Judith Dean. Rt. 1. Box 445A. Mt. Airy . 57 

Sheppard. Patricia M.. Route 3. Win.stonSalem ijg 

Sherman. Elaine Maxine. 210 Wjishington Ave.. Pulaski Va. 41 

Sherrill. Ann Austin. 1118 Boiling Rd.. Charlotte "72 

Sherrill. Julia R.. 1101 Progress St.. Fayetteville "i98 

Shields. Alice Kay W.. Box 8531. Guilford College 198 

Shipp. Margaret P.. IOIn Raymond Ave.. Bethlehem. Pa " 72 

Shirlen. Margaret L.. Box I2H. Biscoe isg 

Shirley. Cynthia Ann. 405 Lenoir St.. Morganton 72 

Shoffner. Sarah Moore. 2301 Fortune Lane. Greensboro 72 

Shore. Helen Cordelia. 3006 W. Polo Rd.. Winston-Salem 72 

Shotwell. Anne Gail. Ruckersville. Va. 41 

Shotwell. Mary Wallace. 117 Placid Place. Charlotte 72 

Shriver. Esther Jane. 1123 N. Eutaw St.. Baltimore 1 Md 72 

Shuford, Shelabv Jean, Celo 51 

Shurling, Mary Belle M.. Route 2. Box 211A. Granite Falls 198 

Sidenberg. Harrie V .. 72 t S. Main St.. Wake Forest , 72 

Siegel. Glenda Nissen. 517 New Jersey Ave., Norfolk, Va. 72 

Siegel. Susan Dieane. 608 E. Bay Dr.. Long Beach. N. Y. 41 

Sigman. Diane Elaine. 106 Lake Lane Glnbk.. Richmond, Va. 41 

Sikes. Margaret E.. 203 Washington St.. Monroe 154 

Sikes. Virginia Lee. 293 Paliside Dr.. Concord 41 

Silver. Linda Deborah. 821 Fairbanks Dr.. Charlotte 9 41 

Simmons. Florence Ann. 403 W. Maryland Ave.. Bessemer City 72 

Simmons. Patsey Dolor. Route 1. Box 319. Mount Airy 51 

Simpson. Barbara J.. 301 Marine Blvd.. Jacksonville .'. 41 

Simpson. Camilla B.. 104 E. Home Ave., Farmville 19s 

Simpson. Gaynell Marie. Rt. 2. Stokesdale 7-> 

Simpson. Janet Steele. 440 Fifth Ave. PI.. N. E.. Hickoo' 72 

Sink. Margaret Moyer. 305 S. Chapman St.. Greensboro 72 

Sisk. Starlyn Kaye. 215 Oak St.. Forest City 51 

Sizemore. Dorothy Anne. 812 Grove Ave.. South Boston. Va. .154 

Sklar, Susan, 6313 32nd St.. N. W.. Washington. D. C 41 

Slacum. Penelope Lynn. 48 Rosedale Ave.. Madison N. J. 41 

Slate. Linda Rae. Windsor Forest Mid.. Winston-Salem 51 

Slater. Anita E.. 1509 Tryon Rd.. New Bern 72 

Slaughter. Carole Anne. 1225 Ideal Way. Charlotte 41 

.Sleath. Nancy Louise. 919 Maenolia St.. Winston-Salem 154 

Sloan. Sarah Richmond. 212 W. University Dr.. Chapel Hill 41 

Small. Nancy Elizabeth. 228 Valley View PL. Salisbury 41 

Smart. Elizabeth Jo A.. 504 S. Saunders St., Raleigh 198 

Smathers, Doris S.. Rt. 3. Candler 198 

Smith. Alice Evelyn. P. O. Box 22. Pikeville 72 

Smith. Alma Ellen, Route 5. Raleigh 41 

Smith, Ann Lynn. 1415 Lexington Ave.. Charlotte 154 

Smith. Barbara Lee, P. O. Box 203. Liberty 51 

Smith. Betty Jane. Box 111. Stoneville 198 

Smith. Bevelyn Kay, »I5 Woodland Rd.. Statesville 198 

Smith. Carolyn Faye. 317 East Fifth St.. Burlington 41 

Smith. Edna Marie. Black Creek 72 

Smith. Elizabeth Ann. Rt. 1. Troy Highway. Albemarle 41 

Smith. Gladys Marie, 101 Cedar St.. Concord 72 

Smith. Helen Lavane. 411 Forest Rd.. Milledgeville, Ga. 41 

Smith. Helen Sue. RFD 1, Dudley 154 

Smith. Henrietta. 1209 W. Pearsall St.. Dunn 41 

Smith. India. 208 S. Audubon Ave.. Goldsboro 41 

Smith. Joyce Kay. 543 Pinchney Ct.. Spartanburg, S. C 41 

Smith. Joyce Key. Rt. 2. Dobson 72 

Smith, Lavia Rudeen, 223 Liebers St., Fayetteville 72 






14 East Hargett Street 
Raleigh, North Carolina 


Smith, Linda Blytlie. Box 332, Huntersville 198 

Smith, Linda Faye. Rt. 4, Box 172. Clinton 72 

Smitli, Lois Helen. 236 Middleton Dr.. Charlotte 41 

Smith. Margaret Alice, 803 N. Ninth St., .Mbemarle 72 

Smitli, Margaret B., 604 Templeton Ave., Charlotte 3 51 

Smith, Martha .Anne, 1131 Pee Dee A\e., Albemarle 41 

Smith, Melba Donnell. 207 Linville St., Morganton 41 

Smith. Nola Ann Trog, Route ,5. Box 157, A.slieboro 154 

Smitli, Patricia Jane. 1004 Westridge Rd., Greensboro 41 

Smith, Patsy Fae. Box 211. King 72 

Smith. Sandra Lane. 65 Montview Dr.. Asheville 41 

Smith. Suelundy, General Delivery, Black Mountain 41 

Smith, Sybil Lynette, Rt. 3 Rockingham 72 

Smith, Sylvia Ann, 321 Sylvania Ave.. Charlotte 199 

Smith. Sylvia Jane. Route 8. Box 59, Charlotte 51 

Smith, Virginia Davis. Glenn St.. Stoneville 199 

Smithdeal. Harriet. W. Lexington Ave. Ext., High Point 154 

Smither, Carole .Ann. 210 W. Avondale Dr., Greensboro 72 

Snipes, Ann Proctor, 210 Hillsboro St., Pittsboro 199 

Snipes, Joyce Faye, Rt. 1, Spruce Pine 41 

Snow, Brenda Gayle, 824 Finamore St.. Winston-Salem 51 

Snow, Edwina Sue, 2709 Orange St., Green.sboro 41 

Snyder, Judith Ann, 1108 McCormick St.. Greensboro 56 

Snyder, Ruth Helen, Box 84, Franklin 199 

Southerland, Barbara, 1602 Evergreen Ave., Goldsboro 199 

Southerland, Rebecca A., 2303 Wake Forest Rd., Durham 41 

Southern, Jo Anne, Rt. 3. Box 223. Mount Airy . 1.t4 

Sovi'ers, Elaine C. Box 25. Advance 41 

Spake, Joyce Malina, 305 Suttle St.. Shelby 72 

Spangler. Karen Lee. 122 Long Dr., Rockingham 
Sparger, Mary Gardner, Rt. 5. Box 413, Mt. Airy 

Soarkman, Judy .Ann, Rt. 1. Conover 

Sparrell, Susan Lee, 805 Madison Rd.. Guilford College 
Spease, Wanda Gale. 66 Park Blvd.. Winston-Salem 
Speer. Joan Margaret. 301 Marine Ave.. Brooklyn 9, N. Y. 
Speight, Marv Charles, 3834 Warrington Dr., Charlotte 

Soeizman, Judith B., 1309A Walker .Ave.. Green.sboro 154 

Spence. Judy. 1221 Melrose St.. Winston-Salem 
Spencer. Clara Frances. Rt. 1. Box 386, Matthews 154 

Spivey, Elizabeth H., 206 Simmons Ave.. Williamston 72 

Spoon, Dorothy Louise, Rt. 3. Liberty ... 41 

Springs, Jane Welch, Rt. 1, Box 346, Mount Holly 41 

Springs, Nancy Rebecca. Rt. 1, Box 346, Mount Holly 154 

Springs, Sandra C. 1540 Ideal Way. Charlotte 154 

Spruill, Erin Marie, 434 Rowland St.. Hender.son 41 

Spruill, Mary Eugenia, 113 Belmont, Windsor 199 

Stallings, Gloria W., 202 Woodland Cir.. Hertford 51 

Stanford, Nancy Jane, Route 1, Graham 72 

Stanley, Gloria M., 1860 Ardmore Rd., N. W., Atlanta 9, Ga 154 

Stanley, Peggy Jean, Box 187, Tabor City 41 

Stanley. Ruth Mary, 608 Longview St.. Greensboro 154 

Stansbury, Shirley J., Rt. 3, Box 15, Littleton 41 

Stanton, Janice Bland. 1013 Spring Garden. Greensboro 199 

Staples, Nancy E.. Ridge Road. Butner 72 

Stark, Elizabeth West, Amelia. Va. 200 

Starling, Gwendolyn J.. Rt. 1. Box 320, Fayetteville 41 

Starling, Iris Susan, 311 N. E!am .Ave.. Greensboro 41 

Starnes. Norma Sue, Rt. 2. Box 43.A. Granite Falls 200 

Stass, Joan Nancy, 614 Northridge St.. Greensboro 41 

Stassinos, Bessie, 2410 E. 7th St., Charlotte 4 51 

Staton, Edna June, 410 Hayes St.. Ahoskie 72 

Staton. Helen Louise, 603 Long St.. Lexington 154 

Steele, Marv Crawford, 412 Winona, Lumberton 200 

Steele, Myra Lynn. 621 McDonald Ave.. Charlotte 72 

Steinberg. Judith Ann, 1735 Elmwood Dr., New Bern 41 

Stephens. Carolyn J., Box 7423, Raleigh 154 

Stephenson, Patricia A., Rt. 1, Smitbfleld 200 

Stern. Harriet Susan, 2267 Mt. Carmel Ave., Glenside, Pa 41 

Stevens, Linda O'Neil, RFD 1. Box 241. Huntersville 41 

Stevens, Mary Alice. Bee Tree Rd.. Swannanoa 72 

Stevens, Mary Louise. Rt. 3. Smithheld 20n 

Stevens, Nancy Jo, 1 11 Uradilla Ave., Asheville 72 

Stewart, Alice Flovd. fill W. Divine St.. Dunn 200 

Stewart, Lucy. 104 Harvard Rd.. Fair Haven, N, J 154 

Stewart, Marlene C. 432fl University Dr., Charlotte 200 

Stewart, Jo, Box 407, Coats 154 

Stiles, Rebecca Bell, 1811 Evans St., Morehead City 41 

.Stilwell, Nancy C, Box 112, Icard 72 

Stone. Barbara Jean, 1108 Cornwallis Dr., Greensboro 41 

Stonestreet, Lynda J.. 333 W. Wilson. Mooresville 72 

Stout, Elizabeth G„ 3208 W, Market St., Greensboro 200 

Strada, Brenda Louise, 106 Ewart St., Scarsdale, N. Y, 72 

Strain, Elizabeth Lee, 110 Acadamy St.. Waynesville 154 

Straughan, Helen -Anne, Box 56, Warsaw 41 

Strawn, Marv Rebecca, 2321 Ashley Rd., Charlotte 8 41 

Strickland. Betty C... Box .A, Nesmith St., Tabor City 72 

Strickland, Gail Faye, Dillard Dr., Rt. 4, Raleigh 154 

Stroud, Berta Albright, Box 93, Faison 41 

Stroud, Mary Helen, P. 0. Box 87, Wilkesboro 72 

Stubblefleld, Joan E.. 6009 Edmondson Ave., Baltimore 28, Md 200 

Stuhl, Judith Lee, 406 Park Ave.. Fayetteville 72 

Stutts, Carol Lee, Laurel Hill 41 

Sullivan, Anne V.. 18 Cragmere Rd., Wilmington, Del 41 

Sullivan, Mary Rose, 111 Caroline St.. Ahoskie . 200 

Sullivan. Paula Dean, Box 982, Balboa, Canal Zone 200 

Summerlin. Mary Jo, 218 E. Church St.. Laurinburg 51 

Sursavage, Katherine A., Box 486, Andrews 41 

Sutherland, Mary James, Westv\ood, Laurinburg 41 

Sutton. Elizabeth Ann. 610 Cornwallis Dr., Greensboro 154 

Sutton, Elizabeth Lynn, 1202 West Market St., Green.sboro 41 

Sutton, Marilyn Gayle, 408 E. Guilford St., Thoma.sville 41 

Sutton, Mary Ann, Lake Waccamaw 41 

Sutton, Revonda .Ann, P, O. Box 144, Franklin 41 

Swaim, Julia Kay, Union Cross Rd., Winston-Salem 154 

Swart, Margaret Ann, Box 197, Castle Hayne 41 

Sw-eat, Rebecca Anne, 1107 Magnolia St„ Greensboro 51 

Swicegood, Nancy L„ 2008 Van Dyke Ave,, Raleigh 72 

Swindell, Miriam Kay, 325 N, 1st St.. .Albemarle 72 

Swing, Pamela Ann, Box 75, Southmont 51 

Sykes, Eugenia G., 302 W, Avondale, Greensboro 41 

Sylvester, Joan A„ 2943 McKinly St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 41 

Sylvia, Avis Latham, Webster Ave., Bradford, R. I. 201 

Talbert, Gailya Blanch, Box 205, ClifTside 41 

Talton, Angela, 212 W, College .Ave,, Lenoir 41 

Talton, Nancy Carolyn, 401 N. Hawthorne St., Mount Holly 20i 

Tandy, Mary Elizabeth, Box 517, Arden 41 

Tart, Betsy Sue, 106 S. Washington Ave.. Dunn 41 

Tart, Mildred Faye, Rt. 1. Newton Grove 41 

Tatum, Mary Lundie, 1201 Camden Rd., Fayetteville 154 

Taylor, Hazel Anita, 116, S. Marshall, Apt. 4. Winston-Salem 154 

Taylor. Judith Ann, 1914 McGougan Rd.. Fayetteville 51 

Taylor. Marion E.. 915 Mt. Vernon .Ave.. Charlotte 201 

Taylor. Patti Sue, 10 Chestnut St., Lexington 201 

Taylor, Sharon Lee, 2408 Normandy Rd., Greensboro 51 

Teague, Doris Mae, Rt. 2, Franklin 201 

Teague, Emma Jean, Rt. 3, Box 157. Greensboro 154 

Teague, Martha .Ann, 11 J, Edgwd Kn. Apts., Asheville 51 

Teeter, Frances Louise, Rt, 1, Box 139A, Harrisburg 201 

Templin. Louise Ruth. 29 Sunset View Dr.. West Nyack. N. Y 201 

Tenenbaum, Davida M., 308 .Anderson Ave., Savannah, Ga 72 

Terrell, Rena Street, 404 Isabella Ave,, Washington 41 

Tesi, Carol Ann. 4223 Chelmsford Rd.. Charlotte 72 

Tester. Shirley Dean, Rt. 1. Haw River 201 

Thacker, Shirley Ann, Rt. 1. Whitsett 154 

Tharpe, Ro.saline. 2203 Market St.. Wilmington 72 

Thaxton. Patricia Ann, 746 Peaks St.. Bedford, Va. 41 

Thigpen. Peggie .Ann, Rt. 5. Burlington 154 

Thing, Patricia Anne, 666 Lakeshore Drive, .Asheville 41 

Thomas, Alice Joan, Rt. 5. Franklin 154 

Thomas, Deanna Sue, 912 Knollwood St., Winston-Salem 73 

Thomas, Frances B„ 401 Ridgeway Ave,, Statesville .155 

Thomas, Jacqueline E.. 10 Glenwav Dr.. .Asheville 155 

Thomas, Janet Hat.sell, Beachcomber Motel. Atlantic Beach 41 

Thomas. Janice Kate. 4204 Lone Oak Rd.. NMslnille, Tenn 41 

Thomas. Nancy Evelyn, 4418 Myrtle Ave. Charlotte 6 73 

Thomas. Rebecca Ann. 1109 .Ava St., Burlington 41 

Thomas, Slielbv Jean, 420 Jackson St„ .Albemarle 51 

Thompson, Barbara Jean, 220 S. Main St., Graham 41 

Thompson, Belvin Irene, Box Lis. Cliffside 57 

Thompson, Bunny Jane, 190 Victoria St., Elkin 51 

Thompson, Geneva Sue, 1112 Glenwood Ave,, Greensboro 41 

Thompson, Kay Rebecca, Gen. Del., N, Wilkesboro 73 

Thompson, Martha H.. 531 W. Main St.. Forest City 201 

Thompson. Mary Bradley, 505 W. .Airline Ave., Gastonia 155 

Thompson, Mary Frances, 302 Church St„ Martinsville, Va 73 

Thompson, Nancy Hannah, 505 W. .Airline .Ave., Gastonia 201 

Thompson, Patricia Ann, Rt. 7, Box 243. Greensboro 155 

Thompson. Toni Marie. 2005 Pine Bluff St.. Greensboro 41 

Thornburg, Linda K.. P. O. Box 333. .Archdale 155 

Thornton, Barbara Ann, 501 Cutchin St„ Clinton .202 

Thrower, Judith E., Rt, 4, Rockingham 202 

Ti'ler, Lea Aslilev, 209 Church St., Black Mountain 73 

Tillev, Frances De R.. 2K15 W. Cornwallis. Durham 155 

Tillev. Laura Gavnelle. Rt. 1, Box 95, Hurdle Mills 73 

Tillev. Lora Annette, Rt. 1. Hillsboro 41 

Tillman. Bettve Ann D., Box 483. Wadesboro 202 

Tipton, Mary Ilaf, Rt. 2, Box 270, Bakersville 73 

Todd, Beverly Gay, 709 .Arbor Rd., Winston-Salem 73 

Todd, Carolyn Javne, East Bend 202 

Todd, Joanne Elizabeth, 339 Wilson Ave., Wendell 155 

Todd, June Carol, 2633 S. Peachtree St., Winston-Salem 41 

Toenes, Sarah Jane, 809 Fairmont St,. Greensboro 202 

Torrence. Katherine J.. 17 D Arcy Lane, Asheville 73 

Toth, Elizabeth A.. 303 E. Geo. Mason Rd., Falls Church, Va 73 

Tracy, Terry Ann, 58 Brewster Rd., Bristol, Conn. 73 

Travis, Jane Elizabeth. 405 Horace Mann .Ave., Winston-Salem ,73 

Tripp, Barbara .Ann. Graycroft .Ave., Madison, Tenn 155 

Tripp, Svdna Hall, 1509 Walker Ave,, Greensboro 202 

Trivette. Nancv M., 801 Bellview St.. Winston-Salem 73 

Trogdon. Rachel Neal. 416 E. Kivett St., Asheboro 51 

Trotter, Auvilla Ann, 30i Rockingham St.. Robbins 73 

Troxler. Norma .Ann. Route 2, Elon College 51 

Truckennort, Jayne H., 155 Lisbon Ave.. Buffalo 14, N. Y. 155 

Trump. Chrvstelle Lee. 26 N. Main St.. Manchester, Md. 202 

Tucker. Ellen Shaw. 204 .Adelaide Dr., Wilmington 202 

Tucker, Sue Ellen, 302 East Park Ave.. Albemarle 51 

Tucker. Sylvia Bedford, 31 Maple St., Badin 41 

Tucker. Vivian Thomas. West End 202 

Tunstall, Berta Sue, Rt. 1. Willow Springs 73 

Tunstall. Joyce Mae. Rt. 4, Oxford 51 

Turnage, Norma Fave B„ Box 6972, Reynolda, Winston-Salem . , , 202 
Turnage, Rose Marie, Rt. 7. Box 67.A. Greensboro 51 

Turner. Betty. 1302 Echo St.. Greensboro 57 

Turner. Fannie Ruth. Rt. 1, Wadesboro 41 

Turner, Helen Maureen, 715 S. Candler St., Decatur, Ga 155 

Turner. Ina Marie Wray, Rt. 1, Stoneville 41 

Turner, Sarah Merritt, 318 Grove Park .Ave., Winston-Salem 41 

Turney. Nancy Jean, MOQ 2109, Camp Lejeune 73 

Turrentine, Keithlev J., 1512 Colonial .Ave., Greensboro 20.-! 

Tutterow, Harriett R., Rt, I, Mocksville 203 

Tuttle, Kay Eileen, 188 St. Dunstans Rd.. Asheville 41 

Tvler, Margaret Ridley, Roxobel 41 

Tyndall, Mary, Route 1, Sylva 203 

Tyner, Rebecca .Ann, 1101 Parrish St., Greensboro 51 

— U— 

Underwood, Diana Sue, 2510 Pecan Dr.. Fayetteville 11 

Underwood, Evelyn C. 1*09 W. Main, .Albemarle 73 

Underwood, Mary Sidney, 202 Old Lexington, Thomasville 155 

Underwood, Wilna M., 120 Mclver St.. Greensboro 57 


Upchurch. Mary Moore. Rt. 4. Box 932, Clinton 208 

Ussery, Wilma McFayden. 404 S. Spring St.. Concord 41 

Uzzle. VirKinia Louise. Box 56, Wilson Mills 203 

— V — 

Van Cleeff. Ina. 104» Fair Meadow Rd., Memphis 17. Tenn 41 

Vanlioy, Minnie Leyuna, Rt. 1. Blelew Creek 203 

Vauglin. Emily Carolyn. ;i02 Spring St.. Mt. Airv 41 

V'auglm. Sylvia Dale. 416 Dale Ave.. Gastonia 41 

Veasey. Brenda Helen. 3ki6 Haverhill Dr.. Charlotte 41 

V'easey, Linda Mae. Rt. 1. Kuiiuay Springs — 

Vareen. Mary Jane. Rt. 1. Box 796. Dinsmore. Fla. 41 

Vernon, Judith C. 2.')31 Greenway Ave., Raleigh 155 

Vernon. Linda Gertrude, Box 285. Stokesdale 41 

V'ick. Mary Denise. Rt. 1. Lucama , 41 

Vincent, Gail Ann, 930 Hartford .\ve.. Charlotte 41 

Vogel. Susan Harriet. 4541 Oxford Rd., Columbia, S. C 41 

Volante, Carniel Maria, 604 N. .\tlantic Ave., Beach Haven, N. J. 73 

Von Pechy. Ann C. 189 Virginia Ave., Welch, W, Va 41 

Voss, Marilyn Ann, 302 N. Elani A\e.. Greensboro 56 

— W— 

Waddell. Mary Cecilia. Box 268, Princeton 51 

Wade, Carolyn Sue, HQ 782 Mnt. Bn., 82 AD, Kort Bragg 41 

Wagoner. Mary K., 206 ,'ith Ave.. Greensboro 155 

Wagstaff. Edna E.. Box 46 1, lluiitersville , 41 

Wahl. Sheila Lynn, 515 Forest Hill Dr., Wilmington 155 

Wainscott, Judith E., 7 Waverly Ciiurt, ,\slieville 41 

Wald, Stephanie Gloger, 11 Durvea Place, Lynbrook, N. Y. .. . 41 

Walden. Kay Ellen, Charles Rd.. Laurinburg . 41 

Walker. Carolyn C. Box h6. Kings Mountain 41 

Walker, Carroll Lawson, 1405 Garland Dr,, Greensboro 155 

Walker Ella Rae, 1119 W. Webb Ave.. Burlington 73 

Walker. Evelyn Faye. Route 1. Seagrove 51 

Walker. Jacqueline, 1821 Belvedere Ave.. Charlotte 155 

Walker. Jeannette, 1821 Belvedere Ave.. Charlotte 155 

Walker. Judith Kaye. 1204 Wentworth St.. Reidsville 41 

Walker. Patricia E.. Rt. 3. Box 462. Greensboro 155 

Wall, Carolyn Bolin. 1520 Minosa Ave.. Charlotte 5 73 

Wall, Joyce Marie, Rt. 1. Knightdale 203 

Wall. Mary Linda. 1102 Hanimel Rd.. Greensboro 203 

Wallace. Cynthia Kay. 210 N. Main St., China Grove 73 

Wallace, Marian Banks, 104 N. Jackson. Goldsboro 73 

Wallace. Sarah Ann. 8i:i W. Park Dr.. Morganton 73 

Walsh. Patricia Ann. 907 Evergreen Rd.. Rocky Mount 51 

Walston. Betty Jo, 307 Favetteville St., Clinton 203 

Walters, Elizabeth Ann, 213 Langdon St.. Fayetteville 155 

Walters. Marylin Noel. 807 4th Ave.. W.. Hendensonville 41 

Wands, Frances Moore, 10 Marginal St.. Cooleemee 73 

Ward. Gwendolyn Kay. Oak Rd.. .Arden 155 

Ward. Judith Irene. 217 .Middleton Dr.. Charlotte 41 

Ward. Mary Louise. 804 E. .Ash St.. Goldsboro 203 

Ware. Sally Jane. 501 S. Main. Mount Holly 73 

Warner. Mary Carolyn, 109 Berkshire Rd.. Raleigh 73 

Warren. Katherine E.. 511 Oakland Ave.. Charlotte 203 

Warren. Florida E., 210 Rawley .Ave., Mt. Airy 204 

Warren. Helen Jo .\nne. Rt. 1. Box 90, Candler 204 

Warren, Rachel Ann, Box 527, Wadesboro 73 

Waters, Alma Lee, 111 Harden Drive. Jacksonville ... 41 

Watkins. Virginia C. 2401 Ansley Ct.. Charlotte ... 73 

Watson, Betty J„ 320 S. Second St.. Smithlield 204 

Watson. Jean Dale. Box 49. Benvenue Rd.. Rocky Mount 51 

Watson. Zenobia Winnie. Rt. 4. Louisburg 204 

Watts. Brenda Jean. Rt. 2. Newton ' ' 73 

Watts, Karol Kay, 8 Nortbwood Rd„ Asheville 73 

Webb, Sarah Ann, Box 14, Gibson 41 

Webster, Linda Lee, Box 402, Clilfside 41 

Webster. Patricia Ann. Bonlee 73 

Weddle, Roberte Lee, Campbell College, Buies Creek 41 

Weinstein, Deborah Sue. 2716 Newlands St.. N. W.. 

Washington 15, D. C. 41 

Weinstein, Joan Marian, 209 W. Greenway. N., Greensboro 155 

Weir, Carol Eugenia, 1741 Hendersonville Rd., .Asheville 41 

Welborn, Nelda Virginia, Rt. 2. Box 67, Marion 4i 

Welch, Barbara Leigh, Rt. 1. Sardis Rd.. Matthews ' !' ! 41 

Wellborn. Mary Rebecca, Deep Gap 204 

Wellons, Leta Emmogene, Rt. 3. Selma 204 

Welsh. Gloria Faye. 404A Riverside Rd.. Baltimore, Md. ' 204 

Wescott. Barbara D.. 2405 Westminster Way. Wilmington 51 

West. Betty Lynn, Box 248, Roseboro 204 

West, Carolyn Ruth, Marble 155 

West, Douglass A.. Box 292 Coral Point. Morehead City . . ! ! 41 

West. Gayle Antoinette. 5505 Monroe Rd.. Charlotte 41 

Westbrook. Jeanne .M.. Courtland. Va. 41 

Wetherington. Brenda J.. 507 Fisher St.. Morehead City 41 

Wetzler. Elizabeth R.. 77 Sydney Ave.. Deal. N. J. 41 

Whalen. Mary Margaret. 904 St. Dunstnas Rd.. Baltimore lA. Md, 41 
Wheatley, Kay Frances, 1115 Westchester Blvd.. Charlotte 51 

Wheless. Priscilla C. Box lot. llcipkiris Rd.. Raleigh 155 

Whitaker. Anne Lanier. Box ;, 0,1k Kidtre 73 

White. Betty Jean. 501 Richhirid Dr.. Cliarlotte !!^^^^155 

White. Hannah Barbee. 91o Monmouth Ave.. Durham 73 

White. Linda Raye. 218 Raeford Ave., Lexington 56 

White, Mary Carolyn. Box 128. Rt. 1. Huntersville . . 155 

White. Peggy .Anne. 19 S. Marshall St.. Front Royal, Va 204 

White. Pollyanna C. 1118 Sherwood Dr.. Burlington 41 

White. Sarah Ellen. 1909 Greenbriar Rd., Kinston 51 

White. Sophia S.. Rt. 7. Burlington 73 

Whitehead. Phyllis K.. 1604 Sbackleford St., Morehead City 57 

Whitener, Nancy Jane, 817 Blanton St., Shelby 41 

Whitesell. Elizabeth J.. 1101 Council St.. High Point 155 

Whitesides. Beverly .A.. 1708 Merry Oaks St.. Charlotte 155 

Whitfield. Janet Marie, 610 Ridgecrest, N, E., Atlanta 7 Ga. 73 

Whitfield. Nellie Love. Rt. I. Hurdle Mills 73 

Whitley, Alpha Jean, 3700 High Point Rd„ Cireensboro 56 

Whitley, Betty Jean, Rt. 1. Monroe 

Whitley. Jimmie Lee. Rt. 5. Little Rock Rd.. Charlotte . . 

Whitman. Helen E.. 28 Tacoma St.. Asheville 

\\ hitsett. Jerre L.. 1540 Providence Rd.. Charlotte 

\\ hitson. \irginia Lee. 3507 Friendly Rd.. Greensboro 

M idenhouse. Helen R.. 808 Wilmar Dr.. Concord 

v\ idenhouse. Ila Jean, 1809 Brooks Ave Raleigh 

Wiggins. Judith Ellen. Rt. 2. Box 57. Brvson City 

Wiggs, Carol Joan. Rt. 1. Box 202. Princeton 

Wight. Robin Mackenzie. 1011 Wvchwood Rd., Westfleld, N J 

Wigley, Martha A.. P. O. Box 404. Morven 

Wilcox, Janice, Rt, 2, Box 448B. Lumberton 

Wi der, Dorothy May, Rt. 7. Castalia 

,;.!'*'''• ■''"'" Mi'licent, 3219 Poole Rd., Raleigh 

\\ ,hln.aii. Elizabeth B., 1871 Meaiiowhrook Dr., Winston-Salem 

\\i es. .Iiidy Penelope, 3018 Trull Ave. Greensboro 

WiWy. Lily Connally. Rt. 1. Box Ulli. V.iiiceyville 

Wilkie. Judith Sharon. 101 Weathcrspoim St., Sanford .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 

Wilkiiis. Mary Vann, Rt. 1. Box 6(1. Rose Hill 

Wilkins. Sarah Jane. Rt. 1. Box 60, Rose Hill 

,;.'. K'"'*""- Sylvia Jean. 1613 Kent St.. Durham 

\\i hams. .Anne Hughes. Ill Conway St.. North Charleston, S, C. 

Williams. Betty Lou. RFD 2, Beulaville 

Williams, Brenda Joyce, Rt. 1. Clarendon 

Cecilia Gail. 234 W. 5tli St.. Lexington . 
Box 649. Rocky Mount 

me. Charlotte 


Williams. Charlotte M 
Williams. Diana Ray. 4583 We 
Williams, Elva J., 202 S. S 



Glenda E.. 1213 Delk Dr.. Higl 

Judith M.. Asheville Highway. Canton 

June Hoes. 881 Stagecoach Rd.. Little Rock, Ark. .. 

I.iiida F.. 2412 Lawndale Dr.. Greensboro 

Lois Anne. 5011 N. 13th St.. Arlington, Va 

M.ircia Ann. 1000 St. Patricks St.. Tarboro 
Mary Ann, 16 Sabiston Dr.. Swansboro 
Mary Lou. 429 Cave St.. Narrows, Va, 
Minnie L„ Rt. 2. East Bend 
Nancy J., Rt. 1. Elon College 

,„.,■■ >>ancy S.. 117 W. 3rd Ave.. Lexington 

W illiams. Patricia A., Box 501, Mayodan 
Williams, Rachel L.. Route 1. Wingate 

Williams, Sandra Lynn, Box 488, Piedmont Rd., Rutherfordton 
\Vil lams, Sherrill L.. 428 w. Locust St., Johnson City, Tenn. 
Wi liam.s, Shirley Ann. Rt. 1. Newton Grove 
Williams. Sue. 520 Walnut Ave.. Charlotte 
W| hams. Sue Marion, 813 Forrest, La Grange, Ga, . 
Wi hams, Sylvia Anne, Rt. 1. Beulaville 
Wi hams. Virginia A., Deep Hollow Rd., Chester, Conn. 
Wi liamson, Minnie Lou, 623 Branch St., Rocky Mount 
Williamson. Nancy C. Rt. 1. Clinton 
Williford. Marianna. Rt. 1. Favetteville 
Willis. Bronna Yvonne. RFD 2. Box 113. Beaufort 
Miriam Louise. Rt. 3. Lawndale 
Sarah B.. 901 S. West St.. Culpeper. Va. 
Anne Wright. 16 Libby Lane, Darien, Conn. 
Beth Crawford, 600 S. Layton Ave Dunn 
Brenda Joy, Rt, 5, Reidsville 

Camille Stone, 1400 Spring Garden St„ Greensboro 
^-■' Dean, 6O00 Plaza Rd., Charlotte 


Wil.son, Conn 

Wilson. ,lane Hancock, 701 Nance St.." Kannaporis 
Wilson. Judith L.. Rt. 4. Hemingway, S. C. 
Wilson. Linda Clarice. Rt. 2. Apex 
Wilson. Margaret Linda. 521 Hunter St., Madison 
Wilson, Mary .Margaret. 1516 Biltmore Dr., Charlotte 
Wilson. Mary Melton. Box 233. Ellerbe . 
Wil.son, Susaniie L.. Box 40. Lookout Rd.. Montreat 
Wilson, Thelma Elaine. Rt. 3. Box 172. Littleton 
Wingate, Daphne Herron, 1916 Plaza Ct„ Charlotte 
Lucy Guy, RFD 1, Box 203, Henderson 

nces. 618 S. Fourth St., Albemarle 

903 Park Height.s, Baltimore, Md. 

Winn, Sue Fr 

W'inokour, Elaine F., __ _ _ _.„. 

Winstead. Brenda Sue. Rt. 6. Sanford 
Winstead. Louise G.. Box 365. Elm City 
Winstead. Mary Lee. Rt. 2. Box 293, Elm City 
Winstead, Sara Sue, First St., Wendell 
Wise, Dora Annie, 2825 E. Long Ave.. Gastonia 
Wiseman. Doris C„ Rt. 3. Box 87. Newland 
Wi.seman. Priscilla G., Box 395. Spruce Pine 
Withers, Clara Alberta, 1621 Russell St.. Charlotte 
Withers. Elizabeth P.. 1621 Russell St.. Charlotte 
Witherspoon. .Mary K.. 304 N. First .Ave.. .Maiden 
Wolfe. Frankie Sandra. Box 166. Laiidis 
Wolfe, .'^ara Jane, 512 W'. Graham. Shelby 
Womble. Mary Cooper. 112 Washington St., Nashville 
Wood. Bette Anne, 301 Pine St,. Benson 
Wood. Carol Rose. 1001 W. Peace St.. Raleigh 
Wciiiil. KU.i Kenyon, 713 Morehead Ave.. i;reensboro 
Wci„.i:ill. I'atricia S.. Rt. 1. Box 173. Wiiitcville 

\^ I- Naiiij Greer. 765 Williams St.. Roanoke Rapids 

Wood.11,1. Henrietta B., 411 N, Uloo.lworth St., Raleigh 

Woodard, Pauline, 1501 Anne St.. Beaufort 

Woodson. Stephanie F„ 325 Maple Ave., Reidsville 
Woodward. Betty Gail, 414 E Street, N. Wilkesboro 
Woodward, Diane Alyce, 887 Ransom Rd.. Winston-Salem 
Woodward. Joan Sharon. 887 Ransom Rd.. Winston-Salem 
Woodward, Katherine S.. 1020 Minerva Ave.. Durham 
Woodward, Patricia B.. 837 Ransom Rd.. Winston-Salem 

Woodward, Pollyanna, Willow Springs 

Woody, Nancy Jane, Rt. 1, Roxboro 

Woolard, Lola Frances, Rt, 2, Box 456, Washington 

Wooten, Carolyn, 412 N, Mitchell St.. Kinston 

Wooten. K.itlierine R.. Box 808, Kernersville 

Wdrsley. Elsie Rebecca, Box 903, .Mimosa. Washington 

Wrape. Judith .Ann. 308 E. Fifth St.. Burlington 

Wray. Martha Sue. 304 N. Morgan St.. Shelby 

Wright. Jeanne Davis. 1108 Westover Terrace. Greensboro 
Wright. Katherine Jean, 23 Idlewild St., Belair, Md 

^1, please, 

to refresh 

without filling 


Books and Stationery 

S. Greene St 

Friendly Shopping Center 


Art Supplies 



College Textbooks 


High Point Road 

BR 3-1917 

First in Food and First in Entertainment 


Charcoal Steak Restaurant 

900 Summit Avenue 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Tender Juicy Steaks 

Live Main Lobsters 

Compliments of 

freaom 5 


Wright. Linda Sue, Rlioadesville. Va. .73 

Wright. Phyllis J.. 1834 Mt. Vernon St.. Waynesboro, Va. 41 

Wright. Sara Beverly. 2348 Grant Ave.. Raleigh 73 

Wright. Sara Lou. Rt. 3, Candler 156 

Wright, Sylvia Anne, 1701 Dihvortli Rd„ K,. ( liarlotte 41 

Wurst. Judith Ann. P. O. Box 333. Franklin 41 

Wyche. Elizabeth F.. 31I.> Ridge Rd.. Lewiston. N. Y. 41 

— Y — 

Varborougli. Sarali R.. Route 8. Sanford 73 

Yates. Judy Leigh. Farmer Sta.. .\sheboro 156 

Yates. Martha Moss. 3910 Friendly Rd.. Greensboro 206 

Y'oder. Martha Jane, Box 73, Fallston 156 

York, Carol Frances, 108 W. Edgewood Dr.. Durham 51 

Yost. Frances E.. 636 Western Ave.. Rocky Mount 41 

Young. Ann Misbet. 516 Fifth Ave.. Greensboro 41 

Young. Jane Harriet. Rt. 4. Box 317. Marion 
Young. Patty Leigh. Route 1, Box 434, Kernersville 

Young. Rose Elaine. Rt. 1. Darlington, S. C 

Young. Sally Jo.. 507 W. Graham. Shelby 

Young. Shirley .\nn. 21 X. Main St.. Canton 

Yount. Gail Annette. 609 McKnight St.. Belmont 

Yow, Lethe Ann, Box is, Gibsonville 

Yundt, Joanne, 2720 Yacht Club Blvd,, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla 

— Z — 

Zeldon. Carol Alice. 3218 Davenport St.. N.W.. Washington 
Zelley. Nancy M., 287 Fairmount Ave.. Chatham. X. J. 
Zezeflllis. Helen. 308 S. Front St.. Wilmington 
Zimmerman. Ethel M.. 1703 Centennial .^ve.. High Point 
Zwicky, Eleanor Jean. Hio Willowbrook Dr.. Greensboro 


Do Nut Dinettes 

332 Tate St. 51 1 Summit Ave. 

Fresh Donuts — Pizza Pie 


Short Orders, Steaks and Chops 

Soda Fountain 

Film Service 


439 W. Market 

Tropicana Supper Club 

2700 High Point Rd. 
Dininff tinti iPaitcinff 

Oyster Bar 
Steak Room 


f^an eiult ^oJt i^ 

Located on 

Reidsville Road 

Telephone BR 4-9497 

for Reservations 



Student Patronage 
Approved by Student Council 


Greensboro's Most Popular Sandwich Shop 



CYpress 9-0263 


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